Spy Shots of Osama Bin Laden!

Dec 14, 2007
by Simon Paton  
Spy Shots of Osama Bin Laden! Our secret U.K agent Si 007 Paton (007 - Licensed to thrill) has been out on secret maneuvers in an undisclosed country to bring you these exclusive Spy shots..It's not everyday you get a chance to shoot Osama Bin Laden either with a camera, in real life or down at the shooting range in Las Vegas with the PinkTaco crew.. Yes for the grand sum of $2 extra you could purchase this poster and take a few pot shots at public enemy number one.

Shame the taxi driver who picked us up didn't see the funny side. When Jordan, Mikey and myself revealed this little number, the taxi driver took great offense and threw us out of the taxi. Not I hasten to add without some verbal abuse and the threat of the 911 brigade from him..

Anyway back to business, everyone knows Spy Optics are as cool as Ken.. Even more so with this new 1980's Electro style which will be down with the kids and the old skoolers out there that are more familiar with Farah Trousers, Pringle Jumpers, Adidas Trim Trab and still carry their money in their socks on the way into town. It was the 80's, times were hard..

The Spy Pro Alloy MX Goggles come fitted with a shatter resistant Anti-Fog Lexan Lense and those small plastic Posts for Tear-Offs. The lens itself is worth ten bucks on it's own..

To ensure you get a crystal clear view, and increased anti-fogging protection you get Spy's Scoop technology (nice vents) that channel the outside airflow into the goggle with the bonus of preventing moisture coming in.

Then there's the "Thermoformed Pro Series Isotron foam" with a moisture-wicking Dri-Force fleece. Pretty sure this is the daddy of features in California, preventing the sweat of your brow dripping down into your mince pies..

Last but not least to keep your goggles firmly in place to your lid whilst descending, the elasticated strap has a super tacky silicon ribbing on the inside!

What more do you want to know? The goggles look trick, just make sure your fast enough to carry them off..

Quick mention to keep you exclusive and standing out from the crowd with this leather Spy "BOSS" Belt, these will keep your jeans in place until the young lady whips them off!


Spy Pro Alloy Goggles RRP £49.99 in the U.K
Spy Boss Belt RRP £24.99 in the U.K


Si "007" Paton.



  • + 6
 hahahaha hey Id wear em they look F*ckin sick dude
  • + 3
 Ooohhhhh the 80s are back!
  • + 2
  • + 0
 the only thing i want is that carling, and its not even that nice of a lager is it.
  • + 2
 ahahahahahah hardcore!
  • + 1
 those are fuckin pimpin. whoever said they suck can fuck off lol
  • + 0
 man fuck these retro 80's hippy googles its all about Adidas Burna googles. ohh baby.
  • + 0
 f*cking osam ! i wana kill osam!`
  • + 0
 I want that nice cold carling i do do you get them over then?
  • + 0
 i just imagine ossama bin laden riding like that lol
  • + 1
 i love the colours
  • + 0
 haha i want those retro goggles!!!!
  • + 0
 i want that belt!
  • - 4
flag jag360 (Dec 14, 2007 at 7:20) (Below Threshold)
 i want thoughs goggles! even if they do look kind of girly!
  • - 1
 I wouldn't be caught dead in those "HIPPIE-GLASSES"
  • - 3
 hmm... they would probably look good with the right helmet. And you would need to be a good rider to pull that look off.
  • - 2
 those arnt new atall. they have them at my local Mx shop
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