Video: Suche Mountains - Enduro Me Part 3

Aug 28, 2013
by Enduro Me  
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Small place with huge potential.
The Dry Mountains in Sudetes are quite a natural phenomenon. These small mountains could share their curiosities and natural features with a couple of neighbor ranges – castle ruins on the mountain top, historic spa town, charming landscapes and amount of greenery quite surprising in this place. It is no surprise however that this terrain offers great enduro lines!
We plan our trip around Sokołowsko – world’s eldest lung health resort. The air is clean, smelling with damp pine needles and meadows, charging your batteries in no time for some serious mountain excursions and technical descents.

Like medieval thugs.
We start off from Andrzejówka mountain shelter to quickly immerse into fabulous woods. Narrow hogback leads us to the ruins of Radosno keep. On the mountain top among beech forest you’ll find remains of seven centuries old castle – a beautiful tower. A couple of centuries ago locals hid themselves here against thugs that could have been coming here with the same route we took… Today there is a huge hole in the wall and ferns growing out of the cracks between the stones.

Was Dennis Moore here?
The descent from the ruins isn’t long but quite steep, but it wriggles over some rocks and roots and small rock steps making it pretty darn rough to ride clean as it finally drops down into a damp ravine like a thunder. We drop there as well zigzagging between huge and voracious nettles and tens of different forms of gigantic greenery. We leap across a small stream a couple of times and we finally end up riding through a huge meadow overgrown with lupins. We stop mesmerized by the view and instantly think about Monty Python’s great hero – lupin-loving David Moore! After we feast our eyes we pack up and head back to Andrzejówka shelter to plan our next day.

Angry snake.
Another nice line for us to ride – going through Suchawa, Kostrzyna and Włostowa summits. After a mellow uphill we start our first descent this day, fast and fluent ant the start but pretty technical and twisted like an angry viper in the end. To fit into the hairpin turns we need to pivot our rear wheels. Drops hidden between the shrubs make it necessary to stay focused through all time. It is like walking on a line trying to stay alive. Emotions get a bit calmer as we need to put the bikes on our backs and climb like Sherpas to the Kostrzyna summit. There lies a small meadow that offers us a great place to chillout after the effort. The downhill afterwards brings us all we nedd – technical turns, loose gravel, difficult spots mixed with fast flowy lines. The last descent from Garbarka is the cherry on the top of this cake – a washed out gully offers all the speed and breathtaking g-force on the turns we can take.

• Riders: Mariusz Bryja & Tomek Dębiec
• Photos: Kostek Strzelski,
• Camera: Kostek Strzelski, Maciek Stoczewski,
• Support: Ibis Cycles, Local Outerwear, Urge Bike, Cane Creek Cycling Components, Joystick Bicycle Components,, ZEIT

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 Beautiful scenery, nice vid!
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 the only time they had to look at scenery was on the climb up ? the rest of the ride was like an enduro race .
i think most people ride like they are in a race which is ok its great to watch . i just kind of cruse about .
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 dude, do you really, REALLY, look at the scenery while bombing donhills? there is a lot of sightseeing in the vid
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 I wish I could skid my back tire around every turn...then I would be cool Smile
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 Feeling the Mojo, looks like a lot of fun!
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 Very cool, high quality edit and the scenery makes me homesick...makes me want to go back there and ride my bike with my old trusted friends. Thanks guys!
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 great video . great riding
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 good video music songSmile
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 I always look foward to your videos, pretty amazing guys
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 Thanks, mate!
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 Thumbs up!
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 Does anyone know the soundtrack to this clip? wow
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 very nice, loved it Smile
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