Summer Throwback

Aug 5, 2013
by Liam Curran  
The month of June crawled by, every night I would find myself in front of a screen staying up to all hours watching Life Cycles and all the Silver Star Bike Park edits I could find on Pinkbike, only to wake up to the painful sound of my alarm clock every morning and realize I had to go to school. In my spare time I found solitude in biking, and it was a strong reminder for me why I first got into riding and building.

Tools of the trade

My journey as a trail builder began three years ago. In the beginning, I really had no idea what I was doing. I think a blind hippo would have made more progress than myself those first couple of weeks. I felt compelled to build something of my own so one day I scouted an area for around an hour and then decided to build on what I thought was an adequate line choice and so I began to build a trail. Slowly, through trial and error, I began to shape something suitable for a mountain bike to ride on. One afternoon, I was in the middle of the woods with a shovel in my left hand and rake in the right. This afternoon had happened after a recent rainfall, I was caught in awe by the beauty of nature, sun caught every branch and spades of grass illuminated the vibrant colors of the forest. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the forest and hooked on the thrill and pleasure of building, I started to dedicate more and more time to trail building. I envisioned myself as the one of the Coastal Crew. I had my own "Sand Box" and I tried to build whatever came to mind.

Eventually those countless hours after school and on weekends paid off and I had myself a trail. It was nothing special, no North Shore piece of work, but it was mine and I was proud of it. I decided to bring a friend up too the trail one weekend and he loved it. I now had a trail and ridding buddy and I was stoked! I was stoked to ride bikes and I was stoked to have a trail 5 minutes away from my house to ride on. I use trail building as an escape from reality and into a different world where nothing else matters but building that great line that fuels my stoke. That's what mountain biking is about; having fun and finding that little switch in your brain that turns on and says "I am stoked", and when I am riding my bike or building, that switch is constantly on. I love it.

Guinness enjoys the view

Forgotten wood
Forgotten wood

Airing it out

Tools of the trade
Tools of the trade

Sometimes just getting back to roots of biking is what we all need. Get out there and build and ride with your friends.

I can always count on Guinness to come along for a ride

Pictures by Tristin Kenney

Words by Liam Curran


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 Nice work Liam.
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 thanks guys!
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 I like it.

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