Superenduro 2012 Season Recap

Dec 28, 2012
by Matt Wragg  
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PRO 1 - Golfo di Diano Marina, 14-15 April

The season opened with a new venue on the PRO circuit - Golfo di Diano Marina. The small group of towns on the Ligurian Sea have a twisting network of singletrack in the hill above them that proved the perfect place to get the season underway. By Sunday evening Davide Sottocornola had emerged victorious, pushing back 2011's champion, Andrea Bruno, into third and narrowly holding off the young charger, Alex Lupato. Surprise of the weekend was a Brit, Paul Aston, lightning-firing his way to fifth overall in his first Superenduro race. In the women racing, up and coming riders Isabeau Courdurier and Morgane Such soundly beat the Italian girls, Chiara Pastore was the first Italian girl, coming in third.

Superenduro PRO1 2012 Golfo Diano Marino.
  Davide Sottocornola on a low-key (but fast) practice run.

Joseph Murachelli giving it everything in the prologue. Superenduro PRO1 2012 Golfo Diano Marino.
  On Saturday evening riders took to the seafront to fight it out over the brutal sprint of the prologue. Joseph Murachelli giving it his all.
Andrea Bruno starting his 2012 season. Superenduro PRO1 2012 Golfo Diano Marino.
  Andrea Bruno on his way to third place overall.

PRO 2 - Punta Ala, 5-6 May

For the second round, the series headed south to the rolling hills of Tuscany. There among meadows and vineyards riders faced the longest test of the season - 60km in the saddle. There were some big names there, Dan Atherton made his first Superenduro appearance of 2012 and was close to the win in a race where the top four were split by just four seconds. In the end it was Andrea Bruno who stamped his authority on the race, although if Al Stock hadn't gone down on stage three it could have been a very different story. Davide Sottocornola then edged Dan back into fourth. In the womens race Maria Federica Zanotto, ahead of Marianna Uttini and Clare Pastore.

Dan Atherton in practice on PS3.
  Dan Atherton was close to the win in his first Superenduro race of 2012.

Al Stock hucking.
  Fellow Brit, Al Stock, was also charging and was so close to the win, form he never quite managed to find again this year.

The dry river crossing on stage two.
  It was ultimately the big man from Cuneo's day - Andrea Bruno on his way to the victory.

PRO 3 - Pogno, 9-10 June

Round three was the small town with the big-hearted fans - Pogno. Chainsaws, bike frames and bullhorns all came out of the woodwork to cheer on the riders for a race that also doubled as the Italian National Championships, unfortunately so did the rain. After struggling at the first round of the season, ten-times downhill world champion, Nico Vouilloz dominated in the wet conditions. Local lad, Davide Sottocornola tried valliantly to reel in Nico, he couldn't quite catch the legend, but was nearly 40 seconds ahead of third-placed Alex Lupato and took home the green, red and white champions' jersey for his troubles. As at Golfo di Diano Marina, the women's rankings were dominated by Isabeau Courdurier was first and Morgane Such with Marianna Uttini settling for third place.

Davide on the switchbacks on PS1.
  Davide Sottocornola making the best of the soaking wet conditions.

Nico Vouilloz on PS3.
  Nico and winning just seem to go together effortlessly.

Victory sinking in.
  The moment the fact he's national champion hit home for Davide Sottocornola...

PRO 4 - Madesimo, 14-15 July

As the summer drew on it was time to head up into the high Alps and for its fourth stop Superenduro rolled into the ski resort of Madesimo. As Davide Sottocornola took command of yet another wet race, his main challenger, Andrea Bruno fell back with misfortune. Alex Lupato continued his strong season with second and Manuel Ducci got his first podium of the season. In the women's race Anita Gehrig dominated ahead of Maria Federica Zanoto and Marianna Uttini.

  Mark Scott was the surprise of the weekend. He was one of the riders who got left stranded after the Rocky Mountain World Cup team folded last year and decided to come and try a Superenduo race between races. Fifth overall wasn't a bad debut.

Davide ripping through the meadows.
  Davide Sottocornola on his way to his second victory of the year.

Alex Lupato on the slimy ladder drop roll to exposed roots.
  Alex Luapto heading for second.

PRO 5 - Sauze D'Oulx, 28-29 July

Round five also doubled up as the first half of the Enduro of Nations competition. That brought a huge international field and the sole 2012 appearance on the Superenduro circuit this year for Jerome Clementz. He won. Nico Vouilloz couldn't quite hold onto his pace after some problems and Nicolas Lau took third. Davide Sottocornola was the top Italian, but could only manage eight and, as Andrea Bruno was again plagued with problems he more or less sealed his series overall title with a race to go. Manuel Ducci was the second Italian, in tenth. In the women's racing Anka Martin dominated, to win here for the second year in a row. She was followed by France's Morgane Such and Pauline Diefenthaler, Marianna Uttini was the top Italian in sixth.

Nicolas Lau on PS2.
  Nicolas Lau made his mark here at Sauze, only being denied victory by a downhill legend and arguably the best bike-handler in the world right now.

Nico Vouilloz on PS4.
  For the second year running, Nico just kind find the luck at Sauze and some small problems denied him the chance to take the race to Jerome.

Jerome pinned.
  Jerome Clementz was a deserving winner, how a man can be so fast, so smooth on a bike and yet so utterly relaxed off it is amazing.

PRO 6 - Finale Ligure, 20-21 October

The season reached its climax in its traditional, and fitting home - Finale Ligure. More than 500 riders from across the world took to the Ligurian hills for this hugely international race. Dan Atherton got everything in line and won by a sizable margin, his first major enduro win. Davide Sottocornola took a solid second to confirm his series dominance and rising American star, Curtis Keene, got an impressive third overall. Anne-Caroline Chausson utterly destroyed the women's field and smoked a good number of the men too. Maria Zannotto took second to seal the women's series title.

Anne-Caroline Chausson
  Anne-Caroline Chausson is still on another level to any other woman out there.

Dan Atherton
  Dan Atherton, heading for his first major enduro win.

Davide Sottocornola
  Davide Sottocornola confidently sealing his series title, although you can bet it hurt coming second to Dan Atherton.

Thanks to the whole Superenduro team for an unforgettable season of racing... and yes, the 2013 dates are already published.
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  • + 38
 This is just so awesome. Enduro racing is growing, and I like that!
  • + 10
 Me gusta
  • + 20
 PB should do a big article showcasing and reviewing different enduro bikes and componenets. Every all mountain bike owner is shooting for an enduro race bike when we dream of upgrades
  • + 3
 Yeh would like to see what parts they are all running
  • + 3
 There was an enduro bike review style thing like what youre talking about a while back, it was a Specialized Enduro Evo in yellow with renthals and a single ring and stuff. Sorry I don't have the link, but its here somewhere.
  • + 2
 I like to see that too... I love drooling over all the pros bikes and the parts they end up running.
  • + 1
 Yep saw that one Pretty awesome bike. I wonder what a pro enduro rider puts the most emphasis on in a MTB frame. I saw a few single pivot bikes in the video and although i dont have experience with, but have heard they dont climb as well.
  • + 2
 I'd like to see what's in their kit, not just components. Always interested in how to go minimalist but covering the essentials. People get such great ideas that should be shared.
  • + 1
 OOH, thanks for that I still hadn't found it...
  • + 9
 Love the Enduro stuff you guys are putting out PB , def keep it up please ! A few people i know that are DH freaks are also doing some enduro racing as well Smile
  • + 6
 Riding without fullface helmet is not allowed in Superenduro, or what?
  • + 1
 Yes I think so. You also have to wear Kneepads and gloves I think Wink
  • + 4
 I was so happy to see Dan take that final.
  • + 1
 Great photos. I especially like the Al Stock, Clementz, and Atherton's last photo because it really looks like they are getting after it.
  • + 3
 How about a write up on the Oregon Enduro series !?!?
  • + 2
 last video, 3:04.... she is beautiful...
  • + 2
 Enduro it´s the way forward.... Amazing recap!
  • + 1
 Enduro is the future of MTB and I'm pumped about that!
  • + 2
 I agree... really nice to see that on PB as it's a lot closer to ridding I like to do and while I enjoy DH most of us don't leave near lift assisted runs, so you have to ride up before bombing down. Would love to see more detail about their setup as well...
  • + 1
 my thoughts exactly.
  • + 1
 Thanks for the recap Matt. Good job!
  • + 1
 Rider without seat in Superenduro whaaat!!!? (last video 2.34)
  • + 3
 He broke it in a crash.
  • + 2
 such an odd thing to break in a crash..
  • + 1
 Dan crushed the the Atherthons do.
  • + 0
 yes broke it in stage one

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