TLD 2008 Air Gloves

Jan 7, 2008
by Simon Paton  
The hottest and coolest glove of (does that make sense??) 2008 will undoubtedly be Troy Lee Designs “Air Glove”. Totally revamped for this year these will be the glove of choice for every rider out there.

O.K maybe that was a slight over statement regards every rider, anyone from Alaska or Siberia click back now and go checkout the “POD” or something. Hold on, does Alaska even have electricity let alone the internet?The Troy Lee Designs Air Glove is really the only glove they have totally re-designed from head to toe (That doesn’t make sense either does it) for 2008. The back of the hand part is made from a super light vented piece of material that when held up to the light shows pin holes of sunshine. Dual purpose this, allows the heat out and the rushing cool air in.

No Velcro wrist straps, remember this is TLD’s entry glove, though there is a small rubber guitar pick sized and shaped tab to help you pull them on. This is located right by your wrist, the part you’d slit if your mates ever caught you clipping in, wearing lycra or rollerblading.

Zero protection on the backside and nothing on the palms either keeps the weight down and your bars in immediate contact, almost giving the feeling of riding bareback without protection. The palms are pebble dashed with over 100 small and tacky silicon squares for plenty of grip. Real leather? No, the “Clarino” leather is synthetic (false) yet is still breathable with a suede feel and is easy care (machine washable).

Available in the following four colours/colors/kerb/curb:

-US $26.99
-UK £16.99
-CDN $39.99
-Kazbakistan 2x Goats

The official Troy Lee Designs website is
U.K based? Try

Flat pedals are for life, not just for Christmas....

Si “Superfly” Paton.


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 I'm not gona buy a pair, I'm happy with my Mace gloves, BUT I love hearing about products for hot summer days. It's not long now, hot summer evenings, biking till 10, BBQs - can't f*cking wait :-)
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 40$cnd and 27$us...
that really sucks today it should be the other way round
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 I hear that - considering most (if not all) of the suppliers have stock based on 'Just In Time' Delivery (seasonal of course) the price should be adjusted.

Poor marketing on TLD's behalf - I won't be picking up a pair of over priced gloves if I can help it.
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 "-US $26.99
-CDN $39.99"

i think this is a joke because the canadian dollar is still really high and nearly the same as the us dollar. i think canadians will end up just ordering from the us and it will still be cheaper than buying directly here in canada. personally if i get a pair i ordering from the us. shipping will still not be more than $10 thus making it better to buy from the states.
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 Nice to hear about new products, but yes, why so much more in Canada???

I have always used my Dirt Bike gloves, a pair of Progrip gloves that I have had for years. They give excellent protection, fit great and still have great grip when wet or muddy.

For example, here in Calgary you ca get a great pair of dirt bike gloves for less than $30.

So don't forget to think of checking old stock at the dirt bike shops. Sometimes you can get great deals for less.
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 I have to agree, I like using dirt bike gloves when it comes to wanting good protection and grip.

Now if you want some good gloves in Canada for a good price. Check out Mountain Equipment Co-op Their gloves are all black/white, no fancy colour schemes, but they are great value for a great price. They also carry a lot of bike gear for great prices. If you can find it there, you will be paying a lot less than at any bike shop in town.
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 haha, i've got a few goats, perhaps we can make a trade, they're on excellent condition, like new!
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 I am suprised that being a 2008 product there is still such a big price difference between US and Canada.
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 nice, but i prefere 2006 modelWink I think they are the best;p I've got pair of them(:
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 only thing i don't like about these is they look like they have no protection at all
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 Ya I personally am I fan of gloves with more to them for DH, hence the GP or SE options from TLD, but when riding XC I love a glove that is super minimalist in feel. I have friends like Kakah though that search out the thinnest, least protection available gloves for DH as he loves the feeling. I guess you could say that there are other activities in life where we want more and less protection for more or less sensation too!
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 ya like this glove is a XC or a dirt jump glove (even thow most of us dont were gloves) but ya there is a reason why TLD makes gloves with padding and soem with out
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 they look like they are going to slide off but they look so sick! i really like the xc gloves to
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 heh goats
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 most of us of us on the site are canaidian and the pricest arent listen in canaidian? Not very good marketing
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 Depending on your local Canadian store, expect to pay $35-40 for a set of these gloves. Si that wrote this article is from the UK, hence the pricing. (but its fixed now)
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 no plastic shielding just plain old glove style like the early 80' im not impress
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 im supposed to slit my wrists because i ride clipless?
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 very nice very nice
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 I love how or dollar is pretty much equal and the price difference between Canada and the Us is like $15, there is something wrong with that.
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 sweet only 2 goats!!
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 there ugly as shit!

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