Teva Best Trick Showdown - Kokanee Crankworx 2011

Jul 26, 2011
by Tyler Maine  
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Jamie Goldman goes huge over the finish gap out of the Kokanee Cabin.

cam zink winning trick on the second stunt at crankworx best trick contest

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 Step 1: Read Dusterr's comments Step 2: Shake your head Step 3: Press red arrow
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 haha awesome
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 this is the best edit ive seen this year...
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 the joy ride edit is unreal, give it a look at. but yeah crank works makes just about every one happy.
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 1:47 whaaaaaaat
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 Its black already.. haha
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flag Dusterr (Jul 27, 2011 at 18:03) (Below Threshold)
 hahahaha, oh no! stab, that wasnt nice of you! i just said my opinion, i dont like his riding style. Sure he tricks good but the style? no...
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 just followed steps 1-3 without noticing
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 the video was really lagy for me. dont know if any one else had problems but overall sick riding i drove up to whistler for the joyride final and andreau landed his double back flip and anthonys flip off the roll in drop was amazing!
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 Phillips is easily the best unknown rider out there. He's hit the double downside 360 tailwhip, frontflip tailwhip, and the cashroll, all on an MTB! This guy has the talent to win some of the big FMB events out there if he got sponsored and went to them! Congrats to you Benny!
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flag Dusterr (Jul 26, 2011 at 11:15) (Below Threshold)
 The only thing i dont like about philips is he's bike, the handlebar is to high and to low positions of the cranks so if he gets another bike i think he's riding style and tricks would look awesome!
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 He broke some ribs so he'll be out for a bit, but I was talking with him and he said he would be ready for AT Showdown, and a few more in a few weeks.
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 I'm gonna take a wild guess here and say that based on the caliber of his tricks, his bike is set up properly for him. I garuntee you that 90% of you would hate my bike set up, High bars, spacers under my stem for more height, and no sag on my suspension. But it works for me, and that's what biking is, personalizing your bike for you.
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 i didnt see the first part of the best trick, but Philips was pulling off a cash roll??
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 @Filip, no, he wasn't doing any cashrolls at Crankworx, but he did do one in his home town in Australia! LINK: Cashroll is at the end.
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 I guess people didnt like my comment, holy shit! 134 neg props ;O i was like shocked when i saw it, did i win a price for most neg props? I just think hes riding style isnt that good, thats just my opinion (:
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 which one is philip?
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 Benny is an absolute hucker with some MAD skill to boot, i just can't stand the way he holds his grips, y'know like bmx style... Oh and Dusterr he is technically riding an mtb so...
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 Who is the guy tuck no hander -flipping the red/white hardtail? Smile
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 Sam Pilgrim... just a boss!
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 Sam Pilgrim
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 sucks that he didnt even get to throw down a run at joyride. blew the tire off the first hit on both runs and was finished. i really wanted to see him shred.
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 I had to watch benny phillips's trick so many times before i could get it , awesome!
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 p.s.- who ever was before benny should have won
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 that was tyler mccaul, he was throwing out some insane stuff
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 i really wanted to see him nail a bike flip
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 Warrior Concerto - Glitch Mob
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 would be more impressive if they were all tricking in teva sandels!
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 That was some sick riding!
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 so sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 warrior concerto by the glitch mob... awwww... yeeesssss.....
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 WHERE WAS THE BACKFLIP SUPERMAN??? that was the best one
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 Tippie lol, always cracks me up
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 Tippie, u da man!
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 i was there!!!! i got pretty much all the riders autographs! Big Grin

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