Teva and Crankbrothers Collab - Eurobike 2012

Sep 2, 2012
by Alasdair MacLennan  
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Teva Clipless Prototype

Teva have been making serious in-roads to the mountain bike market in the past couple of years with their flat pedal shoes, especially with their high end Link which has fast become a strong favourite for many riders using flat pedals in all genres. So it was perhaps inevitable that the ambitious company would sooner or later look at the clipless shoe market and decide that they wanted a piece of the action, much as Five Ten did a few years ago. As it happened it was sooner, and they had the first prototype available for us to look at here at Eurobike. We took some time to sit down with Giles Cundell from Teva to see what influences had led to the new shoe, and to see when we could expect to see it on the shelves of your local bike store.

Eurobike 2012
  Coming from the world of watersports, Teva had zero experience of the mountain bike market just a few short years ago. Yet they're keen to highlight this worked to their advantage as it allowed them to start with a clean slate and design a shoe from the ground up. As a result of this successful approach they're also keen to highlight that it's exactly the same development route taken with this as yet unnamed clipless offering. To ensure that they were able to design the ultimate shoe they enlisted Crankbrothers in a collaboration which allows both companies to design in mating features to their products for symbiotic compatibility.

  This resulted in some features which we can show you, and a couple which we can't. Firstly, these shoes are going to be targeted at the lucrative all-mountain market although using the same shoes across both downhill and all-mountain regularly ourselves we feel that these would hold up well as a gravity shoe should you be that way inclined. Secondly, the shoes are stiff. This is thanks to a fibreglass shank stretching virtually from toe to heel on which the rest of the shoe is built. This unit also incorporates plastic plates on which the shoe rests when clipped in to reduce the wear on this part of the shoe and thus ensure that the shoe doesn't start to feel baggy over time. Also of note in this area is a stainless steel plate which came from the Crankbrothers side as the wings can often dig into the plastic of other shoes in this area.

  As with the Link and other shoes in their bike range this will have a Spider rubber sole, their tacky rubber interpretation, still useful here for when you inevitably end up riding a section unclipped. A priority was to keep the visuals associated with their existing range, and a key part of this was a totally flat sole when seen in profile, as with any skate shoe. But, determined to keep traction high when off the bike, lugs were inset to the sole to do so. We'll be keep to see how these work on the trail. One surprising aspect to come up in the conversation was the incorporation of technology from basketball which is down to alleged similarities between the way feet move around in shoes in both sports.

• Designed in conjunction with Crankbrothers for all-mountain use
• Stiff shank, unique plastic anti-wear section around pedal & stainless steel wear plates
• Lightened construction compared to Link: less padding around the tongue and less EVA in the midsole
• Spider rubber sole with inset lugs to provide off-bike traction while keeping strong visuals
• Unique cleat attachment method
• Available July/August 2013

Crankbrothers Mallet DH

Crankbrothers also had something new on display at Eurobike 2012. After a season of testing the Mallet DH, first shown at Sea Otter, the production versions are now ready to be released. Having created the Mallet Mk3 Crankbrothers found that their sponsored gravity riders were wanting a wider body than the low profile mk3 could provide, citing that wider downhill shoes felt a little unsupported on the edge of the pedal. To counter this they went back to the drawing board and using the outline of the old mk2, they filled it with the engineering elements of the mk3 while also removing every last trace of unnecessary material. What this means is a much stronger axle, 5mm longer on this Mallet DH, and a needle-roller bearing inboard augmented with a DU bush at the outboard end of the body combined with weight not much greater than that of the standard Mallet. This increased Q-factor provides greater clearance to cranks when using bulkier DH shoes. The seals employed are also improved which should reduce the frequency of servicing for downhillers and their regular jet washing.

Eurobike 2012
  Also carried over from the Mallet 3 (the top tier mk3 Mallet) are the stronger cast wings which form the clipless mechanism. Larger diameter springs are reverse wound over earlier pedals to prevent binding on the axle and are slightly stiffer on the DH to provide a sharper feeling entry and release.

• Wider body apes larger dimensions of the earlier Mallet pedals
• Q-factor is increased by 5mm on each pedal thanks to longer axle
• Needle roller bearing and bush are protected by improved sealing
• Stonger cast steel wings
• Available now

As we now have a set of these to test out we’ll be fitting them to a bike just as soon as we get back to home shores. We will of course provide an update on they’re performing once we’ve had some meaningful time on them.

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  • + 39
 pedals look great, tevas dont this, shouldnt need a collab i have to say...all spd pedals should fit perfectly all spd shoes and vice versa.
  • - 1
 I think its more to do with the colour scheme
  • - 8
flag ascurtis (Sep 2, 2012 at 6:48) (Below Threshold)
 Probably good that these aren't SPD's then.
  • - 1
 These aren't SPDs
  • + 9
 SPD stands for Shimano Pedal Dynamics. Where the Mallet's are a clipless pedal with their own cleat design. I don't see why either of these won't be compatible with any shoe or pedal design
  • + 2
 @Ollie-J, ascurtis, langleyi, being too ambiguous for you i think....5.10s and Shimano are the most common shoes in the mountainbiking world for a very good reason...and 5.10s are SPD compatible. I have both, i wouldnt mind a pair of mallets or tevas, but i want things to be compatible with what i already have.
  • + 3
 I agree with you completely. What I was pointing out is that SPD is a specific Shimano term, e.g. same as Stealth Rubber for Five Ten. But most people just call all clipless pedals/shoes SPD's. When they're not.
  • + 2
 Did anyone say they weren't SPD compatible? No. It is the same two bolt pattern. They just designed them with crk bros, because perhaps a pedal manufacturer might have something to say about shoe design.

Shoes look sick, unlike the moon boots that are 5.10's.
  • + 3
 well, im glad they FINALLY WANTED TO BEEF UP THEIR AXLES.. only snapped twice within the same month...
  • + 3
 Wtf.. ofcourse 5.10's are SPD compatable... SPD is the cleat/pedal interface. 5.10 is a shoe manufacturer. Screw a set of SPD cleats into your sandals and bam, SPD compatable.
  • + 2
 mallets arent always the best match for some 5.10 models (its the same effect as the cleat sitting too deep in the shoe) but it isnt the 5.10s its the mallets! weve got a collab with teva...maybe just a coincidence...who knows..
  • + 1
 maybe it depends on far youve got the pins sticking out on the mallets i dont know
  • + 16
 Is there a reason they didn't show the bottom of the shoe without the pedal attached?
  • - 4
flag L0rdTom (Sep 2, 2012 at 13:20) (Below Threshold)
 Because it looks the same as all other spd shoes?
  • + 10
 Why can't we get a picture of the bottom of these shoes without a pedal clipped to them?
  • + 5
 because the cleats are actually baby bunnies that you squish into the pedals. Very graphic for the younger members of the audience.
  • + 6
 Crank Brothers needs to kill the red anodized components. They need to issue their high end stuff in more than just red. If you have a green bike you can't add red pedals = Christmas bike! I like the shoes, just make them black!
  • + 8
 I don't think they should "kill" red, they should just offer all colors for all models. Nothing wrong with a Christmas bike.
  • + 2
 Yeah, agreed. I had a Trek Session that looked dope with red mallet 3s. They just need to release three colors a season at least.
  • + 1
 red was a choice back at the beginning as people thought 'red pedals are spotted the easiest when your trying to get your feet back on them'. but very few freeriders actually sport red pedals and they dont clip in either. so who knows why they do this now.
  • + 4
 And who actually looks down to put a foot back on the pedal?
  • + 9
 "At least three colours a season" what is this? vogue? oh wait. yes, welcome to pinkbike.
  • + 2
 I bought a pair of Teva Links this season and I must say they are super comfortable, probably the most comfortable bike shoe I have worn. Although this really has nothing to do with clipless shoes, the Links arent the grippiest of shoes and I found I lose my footing much more then I did with my Shimano AM shoes, which pretty much never happened. These new shoes will be great if they are as comfortable as the Links and there wont be any worry of losing your footing.
  • + 1
 Well,I have had 3 pairs of crank bros pedals and the are easy to use. The pedals cast bodies should stand up better to wear,but the releases due to pedal strikes will keep me from buying any products from them. I have had one of their headsets and give that a thumbs down along with their kronolog post. Their warranty dept. is sub par also. I just think there are better places and products,too spend your cash.
  • + 2
 I dont know what you ride, but in my 5 years of riding downhill I've only ever hit the center of my pedal body once, I've only really clipped the edges. Not to mention it would have to be a very specific impact to unclip you, you'd have to hit the back tab alone. I think you're making a problem where there isnt one. I'm not saying anything about their other stuff because it has a bad rep. but from my experience mallets are one of the few things they do well.
  • + 1
 you must not have rocky enough terrain, if your a shore guy one run down neds and your mallets are gone
  • + 1
 @Nobel. We dont have rocks in Santa Cruz. Just sweet beautiful loam and organic avocados. The "local" park riding has some good rocks though. Our terrain doesnt allow us to make judgements regarding failures due to rain or rocks.
  • + 1
 @Circes. Northstar has some pretty gnar rocks though, that's what I was thinking of when I made my comments.
  • + 4
 yeah, the strap makes it look like you have the shoe duct taped to your foot
  • + 2
 Two things I look for when buying new shoes: 1. They are not wight, red dirt here kills them. and 2. they have grip to climb up steep bits.
No thanks Teva.
Like the new mallets though.
  • + 2
 i really like the look of the pedals! and have been thinking about these fora while. now they are improved....think ill be on the lookout for a local retailer!
  • + 1
 I absolutely agree to those people that said, " Crank Brothers should have a pedal that is SPD compatible". Not using SPD in the biking world and having your own cleats design is like using english as a 2nd language.
  • + 3
 i wish ... if you buying a pair of teva shoes it comes with a pair of crankbros.
  • + 3
 Could they haved picked an uglier shoe
  • + 2
 No bike part should be named "afterburner", sounds like a Walmart brand bike or something.
  • + 1
 Where the hell is the full work up? IM WAITING lol

I'm anxious as hell to give those mallet DHs a try
  • + 1
 I like the shoes, but in the fourth picture they look like basketball shoes .
  • + 2
 Not sure about the super wide velcro... Marty Mcfly or just McFly? dunno
  • + 1
 those big straps look fuckin ugly
  • + 1
 They should do the teva links shoes with an spd option. I buy a pair!!!!!
  • + 1
 I really like the look of the new Mallet DH pedals
  • + 1
 Man those shoes are an ugly color
  • + 1
 those cranks look exactly like the truvative descendants
  • - 1
 CB needs to make a platform like the mallet but spd. I don't like not having the option of adjustability.
  • + 0
 YEEOOOWWWW!!! Get ya slide on Big Grin
  • - 2
 I don't know what you think and it dosen't matter I'm horny on thos PEDALS!
  • - 1
 you spelt keen wrong
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