Video: The Curse Strikes Again - Road To Rampage - Episode 6

Nov 20, 2013
by Red Bull Bike  

The Rampage Curse continues with last year's champion, Kurt Sorge. Taking one of the three riders out of the mix, the preparation for Red Bull Rampage continues even through the competition season.

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 The narrator sounds like he is commenting a documentary about salmon spawning.

" After spawning they generally die within a week, fertilizing the stream and creating a nutrient-rich environment for the new infant salmon that are about to hatch."
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 "As we observe the majestic free rider in his natural habit, shredding his big mountain lines, progressing his spot in the pack. Every year the alpha is wounded in his quest to rule all of the pack, and another steps up to take his spot, during a brutal show of style."
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 or an episode of that creepy show 1000 ways to die
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 "McCaul knows that with only two contests left, it's now or never if he wants to further his genes."
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 There should be a comment of the year. I would nominate angry-sasquatch. That was brilliant writing.
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 Yeah this Series is pretty pointless...
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 It`s not meant for "us", it`s for the "general public" .
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 Who cares? It's footage of people riding, some of it never seen before.
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 Kurt's physio chick is my cup of tea.
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 Sorge is not going to compete?!?! oh no this is not going to be the same! Frown

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 he took a trip to get away from the cameras. here is some footage from that trip.
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 Its cool to see how these guys prepare for rampage though and how much effort they put into getting there.
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 Best footage of Claw's I've seen so far
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 Most of the footage from the pinkbike highlight video...
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 RAD. Can't wait for 2014 Rampage!
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 "Wow Tyler this is like 70 of you"
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 Timing aside it is a good mini series for the wider public. Some of the footage was awesome, especially Claw's comp- really nice clips put together there to showcase the awesome course and great riding. The T-Mac drop clip at the end too is a perspective we haven't seen so hard to fault the actual content. Way better content-wise the Semenuk's series this season Wink

What happened with Sorge? Looks like a fractured tibial plateau??? Bailed from height? If that is what it is it's a bad ass compression injury usually seen in car crashes and the healing/ pain/ function after getting it set is going to be tough. Heal up Sorge!
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 No point cutting the rest of that clip, we all know what happened...
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flag Kimura (Nov 20, 2013 at 12:51) (Below Threshold)
 What happened?
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 why have rampage posts lately been so focused on the negative rather than the positive?
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 Dear Kyle Strait, Please don't do anything dumb before Rampage, I know this is a hard thing to ask of you... Thanks
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 I like this series for the simple fact that for the most of us that aren't able to be there still enjoy being able to see the footage we missed, even though it's old footage. Smile
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 Does anyone else notice the main photo resembles Timmy alittle? TIMMY TIMMY TIMMEEAAAHH!
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 well said angry sasquatch!
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 Sweet vid with the Claw … Lets move to Rampage even though we know!
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 @ 1:24 it starts to become like that show 'trawlermen'
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 just bad timming

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