Video: The Full Red Bull Joyride 2013 Story

Aug 28, 2013
by Red Bull Bike  

Pushing the boundaries of slopestyle mountain biking once again, Red Bull Joyride descended the Whistler Mountain Bike Park today as the exhilarating, gravity-defying anchor event of the Crankworx Whistler Festival. Big tricks and plenty of clean runs blew the judges away, but it was 23 year-old Brandon Semenuk of Whistler, BC who reclaimed the podium’s top step after his first win in 2011 with the highest score ever recorded at this event and a cool $25,000. Martin Söderström of Sweden took second place, followed in third by Sam Pilgrim of the UK.

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 Feel so bad for Soderstrom, such a gnarly break. That dude is a class act. Heal up Martin!
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 hope he reads all the messages wishing him well!
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flag extremeNZ (Aug 28, 2013 at 17:42) (Below Threshold)
 im at 0:09 on the kona stinky
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 Had it been a Trek Session you might have got props
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 i feel bad for you, you have a kona stinky
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 Not cool they didn't show his final run, they just skipped from Semenuk's final run to the podium. Come on red bull, show the man some support!!
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 If he would have landed it, he would have won, hands down!
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flag dennis9 (Aug 28, 2013 at 20:42) (Below Threshold)
 would of bein close
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 "The Full Brandon Semenuk Joyride 2013 Story..."
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 That made everyone double check the title after that comment^^^
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 i didnt...
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 Fun Fact : Andreu decided not to ride on the morning of joyride... Again!!! I'm not hating on him, just think its kinda weird. No reason either.
Thanks to all my sponsors for paying to send me here to ride this event, but I'm not going to...
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 does anybody have some info on soderstroms' leg? links?
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flag Fadednegour (Aug 28, 2013 at 23:58) (Below Threshold)
 kona stinkys are nice bikes
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flag Icculus19425 (Aug 29, 2013 at 8:59) (Below Threshold)
 So was Brandon on a Carbon Trek Slope Bike? He only rode it for Joyride...then back to his old one for Claworx
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 they dont have a carbon slope bike
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 Love seeing all of the other riders getting stoked on each others runs, love this sport!
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 I want to see Brendan's reaction during Soderstrom's final run... Shit was crazy!
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 You could tell he hated seeing Martin go down as any fellow rider did
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 @paulclarke, Andreu had one of the gnarliest crashes I have ever seen in practice last year and ended up getting ambulanced out. Get your shit together.
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 Not talking about last year. The year with the monster drop he had his bike on the mountain the day of slopestyle and then decided not to ride last minute. The reason he told me personally was that he didn't want to get hurt. That's a fine excuse except he rides stuff that size all the time. Like I said, just raising a point saying its kinda weird like so many others do. And I've got my shit together. Thanks for the concern though.
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 Wasn't really the FULL story
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 i was thinking the same, no triple whip from martin or anything from bizet.
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 there was bugger all really from Martin seeing that he still got second....
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 Ya no kidding. Bizet killed the top of the course but he may as well have not run at all according to the videos.
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 Yeah disapointed. In the whole footage of the Joyride, There is maybe 2/3 pics of him, nothing on videos, no pic of him with his bike(in an article where they put nearly all the Amateurs oO )... It's not like he got 2nd at rampage last year, 5th this year at Joyride, and top 10 overall ranking...
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 not the FULL story but still enough to give you shivers EPIC!!!
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 I love how Yannick rushed down to check and see if Thomas was alright after that gnarly crash, gotta love the support that these guys have for each other!
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 Yeah, I think the same. All the riders happy when the rider on course finished his run, Brett congratulating to Brandon at the end, the camaradery of this sport is really awesome.
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 Really weird that they completely sidestepped Martin's crash
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 not a lot of people can handle watchin his leg break in slow motion, seein the video reminded me of that college basketball guy
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 Love seeing the other riders reactions
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 That was an awesome video! I really liked how it showed the friendship between all of the riders and how much they all support each other, its truly great to see that in a sport, let alone a competitions Salute
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 rheeder is a beauty
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 I'm still kinda disappointed that they didn't pour champagne onto the 2nd place spot to recognize how much respect they really have for sodestom. One for my homies kind of thing. Anyways I'm always confused at the friendly competitor thing and who's part of who's friends hahahah
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 As far as I've ever seen they're all buddies. Its a friendly canadian sport Smile
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 canadian sport? yeah..right
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 The Full Brandon Semenuk Red Bull Joyride 2013 Story
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 Awesome! I found they skipped some important parts though:/ like Brayden and all the others. Also Martin Soderstrom's amazing run and his gnarly crash... I was wincing for the lower section of the run, since I forgot it was another run he crashed on.
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 Man that gives me chills
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 I feel so lame right now...
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 nice... but not the fll story. where the F#$%K is Martin's final amazing run??????
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 Good perspective on the contest vibe
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 Semenuk is 23!? Looks 17
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 It's all that BC riding....
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 I think he's 22
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 Everyone is so stoked to see everyone shred! Thats it right there!!
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 i will be there next year! Nån från sverige som är sugen på och hänga med?
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 it didn't really portray the story of martins crashes and stuff, but was still good.
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 You can't call it the full story without showing Soderstrom's possible first place run ending in that scary crash....
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 I like Brandon Semenuk.
But this video title is "The Full Brandon Semenuk Joyride 2013 Story..."
Its fun title.
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 Yeah Semenuk!
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 Semenuk won, because söderström´s crash IMO. Cam McCaul FTW! He plays guitar too LOL. i´s say it was zoo close. Semenuk was best! So solid.
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 martin for the win!!!
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 semenuk is king!
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 Brandon Semenuk and brett rheeder is beautiful 3 !
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 So siiiick!!!
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 No Martin(i), no party.
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