Video: The Future - Anthony Messere

Aug 11, 2012
by Red Bull Canada  

  Title image by Ian Hylands

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Anthony Messere


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 I sure hope he podiums at Joyride...
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flag reignx1rider (Aug 11, 2012 at 17:08) (Below Threshold)
 Why wouldnt he??
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 pilgrim, semenuk, soderstrom, rheeder are just a few reasons why he might not
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 competition is stiff at joyride and there's been plenty of podium's he's missed... that doesn't mean he isn't an incredibly great rider, cuz he is, but there are equally good riders at joyride and not everyone can podium...
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 Your a douche bag up there. Pilgrim could out ride your ass every day of the week.
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flag icarpent7 (Aug 11, 2012 at 21:33) (Below Threshold)
 i have yet to see pilgrim do well at any big mountain riding until he wins rampage bearclaw or joyride, then ill say "Pilgrim shreds big mountain now its sick dude!!
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 Not sure what you're on about with Berrecloth either. He kills it on the big courses.
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 @icarpent7 I am yet to see your grammar be correct, let alowen your knowledge and opinion on professional riders be valid. That is only my opinion.
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flag icarpent7 (Aug 11, 2012 at 22:36) (Below Threshold)
 All I'm saying is that Pilgrim hasn't done well at joyride, bear claw invantational, or rampage. And those are all big mountain comps.
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 anthony's killing it but joyride is brandons comp for years to come. he just keeps getting better
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 well last year didn't he (pilgrim) blow his back tire in both his final runs?
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flag natalot (Aug 12, 2012 at 1:07) (Below Threshold)
 @jeffrupert Why Rheeder? He's been lucky at best this year with the judging; solid but not podium worthy. Even Pilgrim has been annoying with his flip no-handers and safe runs; he's smart and will remain healthy, but he never lays it on the line. Soderstrom and Semenuk are pure balls and skill. Three-double whips in competition and corked sevens? Are you kidding me?? They go big and ACTUALLY are the best. I've been watching for too long to see credit go where it's not deserved. Not saying the others are bad, but this year's FMB will be A SEMENUK AND SODERSTROM BATTLE.
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 You... did not actually just say that about Rheeder... he frontflipped the flat drop and flip whipped the big freebird at Claymore... And he's been doing Oppo threes and oppo tailwhips everywhere... he even flipwhipped the massive trick jump at bearclaw. I really don't think you've been paying enough attention to Rheeder if you think that. And Jordie was doing corked 7s back in like 2007 so I really don't see why it's such a big deal when semenuk does one 5 years later.
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 I gotta go with adam on this one. Rheeder has been killin it this year. Hes definatly one of the upcoming riders to be watching for this year and especially next. Anyone could really take a podium this year at crankworx. Theres just so much talent.
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Jordie landing a corked 7 six years ago...
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 Rheeder isn't just lucky and above all he's on a role right now... he's done his best in the last few comps if he keeps it up, he's definitely a threat for podium... Soderstrom is great and got most of his points early on in the tour, but he's not on the role that Rheeder is right now...
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 Again, not saying that Rheeder is bad. But Soderstrom getting third at Claymore was a joke. He three-whipped a step down, three-doubled whipped, and then double whipped the booter at the end. There's no way a front flip and flip whip beat that, excluding the truck driver off the boner log that Soderstrom did. I understand that Rheeder is way better than I ever hope to be, but he does big crowd pleaser tricks. Not technical big tricks. There's a reason new slopestyle riders do frontflips. Because they look harder than they are. Otherwise everyone would be doing three-double whips and corked sevens.. And I know Lunn did it years ago, but consistently? Never. And how many riders have done it since? Few.
  • 2 1 Semenuk had it dialed over two years ago and only brought it to competition this year. That's what it takes to be the best, practice and repetition. That's why although Rheeder is unreal, he still needs to develop and progress; I love the guy and think his success is near fully deserved. It's like Messere. The kid is a complete BOSS, but he isn't as well rounded as I'm sure he'd like to be. That's why we love this sport. Because anyone who rides a lot knows how much it takes to be as good as these guys are. And Semenuk and Soderstrom will be 1st/2nd.
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 my guess will be semenuk first because he is dominating this year but 2nd and 3rd are a toss up between rheeder and soderstrom, both have been on the podium a lot this year at different competitions. Not only that how can you say a front flip is no big deal, you dont see a lot of riders doing them, in fact iv talked to bmxer drew bezanson about them and he said he wont do them any more cuz they are a pretty sketchy trick, and saying he doesnt have any technical tricks, its not always about tricks, style is a big part of judging and rheeders got a lot of it.
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 natalot, u clearly dont have any idea what ur talking about, especially the claymore reference, coming from experience i can tell u now a flip whip has alot more to it than a double whip. and rheeder not having big technical tricks? hes pretty much doing alot of very similar tricks to brandon in contest, and if you think oppo tailwhips off boner logs and oppo 3s, fronties of flat drops, and flip whips on 40 foot booters arent "technical" then, that proves that u clearly have no knowledge of how certain tricks are performed.
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 You're a dillusional twat mate, get a clue the next time you type a comment
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 why don't we just wait till the finals to see what them podium looks like, everyone on the start list has the ability to podium at joyride, thats why they are there.
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 i love his 25 feet high air at the joyride from last year! its so sick
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 I was spilling beer like mad cheering at that boost!
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 the best angle i've seen of it is just a second long clip in the Whistler section of Strength in Numbers... that sh*t was just unreal, his adrenaline must have been through the roof..!
it's at 1:11-1:12 in the youtube version...
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 and doing it all in Adidas Sambas? kid is awesome to watch hope the best for him
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 addidas sambas have unbelievable grip its insane
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 No need for 5.10's
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 i read a comment that pilgrim plays it safe haha being upside down 20+ foot in the air with no hands on the bars don't seem safe to me and at les 2 alps he he flipped the corner road gap which also doesn't seem safe to me
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 That frame in the last pic looks pretty interesting, like a mix between a skyla and a vimana
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 Pretty sure its the 2012 Skyla. The front end did look more like the vimana than the 2011 model. The DH is also simply amazing. Barely weights anything. Morpheus will be around for a long time.....
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 For how much all of you guys talk shit to, at, or about each other and other riders, I bet none of you would even man up to riding those obstacles, let alone pulling shit off of them. How many of you actually RIDE and not just have a really $$$$ bike that's a trailer queen?
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 Hang on Mr Hypocrite- so you're moaning at people for talking shit about other riders and then in the next sentence you infer that they all have expensive bikes they can't ride... I'm sure that's the case in some situations but you're being as judgemental as anyone imo.
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 If you look at the people who are making the judgmental comments and talking shit...these people seem to be the ones that have umpteen million posts, REALLY $$ bikes, no riding pictures, and no comment they make is constructive on nearly any thread or headline. THOSE are the people I'm talking about. I can see you actually ride...but the majority of the people on this thread talking shit....
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 Some how I knew I'd be liking this video...
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 Only if Red Bull's video player didn't eff up every time for those of us without a powerful internet connection...
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 podium is gonna be semenuk messere and zink
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 @rookie1234 your retarded.
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 The Torin Yater Wallace of mountain biking,
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 that helmet is?
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 fox rampage
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 What frame is that???
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 He rides for Morpheus
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 Morpheus Skyla
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 He's such a good rider although i have heard some rumours about him being a dick, hope they're not true
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 Everybody can be a dick now and again. Just sometimes gets to the wrong person who then tells other people. Like how you "heard" he was a dick. He's a ex bmx kid. What do you expect? Sometimes people are annoying and you just can't help yourself.
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