Video: The Guts Behind The Glory - Micayla Gatto

Aug 26, 2013
by Red Bull Bike  

Micayla Gatto has always been a consistent rider on the World Cup circuit since emerging from the junior ranks, but the 24-year-old truly announced herself on the world scene last year with some stunning form that made seasoned downhill watchers begin to take notice.

A fifth-place finish at Mont-Sainte-Anne in 2012 was followed up with a sixth at Windham and a sixth in the World Championships in Leogang. While 2013 may not have reached the heights of last year, there’s no doubt that this bubbly Canadian has got some serious pace and can challenge the world's best women.

In this episode of The Guts Behind the Glory, Micayla talks about the challenges of being a girl in such a male-focussed sport, the financial restrictions that this brings and the continuing growth of women’s downhill racing.

Micayla Gatto
  Image by Colin Meagher


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 Come on Red Bull, step up
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 If Red Bull can get skydivers to the edge of space, transporting someone to a WC race series should be no problem!
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 I´m proud that i´m the first who gave you props. That´s one good point!
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flag elanto (Aug 26, 2013 at 13:52) (Below Threshold)
 FIT !!!,......the girls alright too Wink
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 its the same with every sport though, maybe with the exception of volley ball... the women always get paid less and win less money
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flag elanto (Aug 26, 2013 at 16:15) (Below Threshold)
 neg probs, lot gay ? ahahhaahha
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flag elanto (Aug 26, 2013 at 16:32) (Below Threshold)
 deffo homo
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 She definitely deserves a better ride to races for how good she is doing
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flag CameronRose (Aug 26, 2013 at 17:00) (Below Threshold)
 Elanto could give her a good ride
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flag elanto (Aug 26, 2013 at 17:06) (Below Threshold)
 oh yes, i think she would ride me tho haha, she's so cute too ^_^
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flag CameronRose (Aug 26, 2013 at 17:08) (Below Threshold)
 Queue more neg propping Wink
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flag elanto (Aug 26, 2013 at 17:12) (Below Threshold)
 oh yes can't wait, deffo some homo-ness up in here tonight, im out
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 Good, thx for leaving, way to be disrespectful elanto.
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 Micayla! 3
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 Better artist than me.
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 elanto show some respect! I would bet that she is a faster rider than you and i know that she is way out of your league!
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 quit while you're ahead elanto; the homo cracks ain't flying
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 he was never ahead tho...
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 more like quit while you are behind
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 sick drawings
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 She's fast, she shreds DH, she races WC's, she is hot, she's my perfect woman!
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 I met her at crankworx and she loved my dog. I'd be willing to rent him out if you need a wingman...
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 worst idea ever mate Smile your dog will receive all of her attention and moreover he won't take away MG friends to leave clarky78 alone with her Salute
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 Honest. Thank you. I can't speak for the current scene, but in the late 90's when I qualified to race at the World Championships as a Junior. I had no financial backing from the CCA, and I also had to make sure all my sponsors that conflicted with the event, were covered up for the race. I think its tough for girls and its also tough for boys. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that in European countries, you do get a bit more financial support from the government. Micayla, you are super inspirational to all the women who ride, including myself. Its pretty cool to see you work as hard as you do, to accomplish what you have done.
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 financial support from the government? why would you get support from the government to be a bike racer?
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 cause of what Micayla was talking about. about working an 8 hour shift and then trying to get up and go to the gym, or hop on your bike, it can be hard day in and day out.
you did know that most pro athlete's got paid money right?
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 Want it or not, athletes represent their country on the international scene when racing. The visibility is some sort of publicity for the governments and some of them give sponsorships to athletes that are good ambassadors that do well on the international scene. Look at the olympics, some countries will hand out 200k$ to athletes who bring back a gold medal... while some countries give next to nothing. Nobody competing on that level would wear a redbull lid if redbull didn't back them up in some way but you can't get rid of your citizenship.

I think it's cool when your government recognizes the efforts you do to be one of the best in your discipline. I remember the story of a female canadian powerlifter who finished 10th in her class at the pekin olympic games. She said she had no sponsors at all, so she had to go to university full time, work, train in her basement with mostly no coach while she competes with people who train full time with full support from a wide array of specialists. Imagine if she had financial support...
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 To win races where you represent your country!

Clubs and associations sometimes have subventions from the goverment/province to promote the sport and their best athletes... Taxes are also used for that.
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 Yes of course pros get paid and they should they are making their sponsors money but she isn't an Olympic athlete so no I have not heard of a country paying people to play sports. That's what sponsors are for. You chose to make that your life. I'm not sure I'm a fan of the government subsidising athletes or spending tax dollars on that.
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 It's not because you have not heard of it that it doesn't exist. I've seen plenty of athletes sponsored by their country/state/province. A lot of athletes don't make a lot of money, so any help they can get often makes a major difference for them. Hell, banks and other corporations get massive subsidies even if they make billions in profits, so why not help out people who represent your country worldwide if it helps them do so?
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 I guess it is what it is and cool if countries are willing to do this. I just feel that they, the government, could invest money on more important things like better k-12 education cheaper or free higher education. Feeding the hungry, health care...
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 Yeah well I wish they'd do that instead of spying on the entire planet and dropping trillions on the defense budget but it ain't happening...
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 true true.
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 this is one cool chick, It's to bad like she mentions though, its tough to get the money together, cause I know all that shit aint cheap!
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 Awesome video Micayla! Keep on shredding hard and representing the female biking community! It's girls like you that show this isn't just a sport for men. Your representation and great attitude towards the sport have given confidence to all the girls that come on my tours! We have had more girls join our biking tours this year than any other year so far! So thank you! And keep up the great work!

A picture of my class of awesome ladies from this weekend at Kicking Horse!
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 Sneaky plug right there...
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 She should start selling her drawings in t-shirts and make some extra money that way. I would buy some awesome drawings!
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 I think being an artist pays less than being a pro mountain biker. She's got skills fo sho!
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 Its such an injustice that girls struggle to get paid for riding. There are so few compared to the guys why wouldn't the sponsors want to make it an incentive for more girls to get into the sport. Sure i guess less girls ride therefore less product is sold when compared to guys but the market share is growing and this is the time to invest and really get girls into riding. Sweet video!
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 There are far less girls riding and as such it is less competitive. It's easier to win a race if you are female just on the numbers. I'm sure they work just as hard, but the less competitive a sport is the less funding it attracts.
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 What about market growth? Micayla sponsors should be using her as not only a brand spokeswoman, but also as a way of getting bigger bikes into the hands of women. Unlike road cycling that seems to market every female rider as slim and perfect fit for lyrca, mountain biking is a much less "image" focused industry.
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 More nice trails would mean more people biking so potentially more money in the pockets of bike manufacturers but you don't really see them sponsoring trails all that often... I don't think they care unless an accountant can prove that sponsoring a particular person/event/place will give them a net return or an advantage on the competition.
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 I agree with you Matt. However if there is no money invested in paying female athletes there are less likely to want or be able to do it full time. That means less female athletes for girls to look up to so less product sold and a much slower staler growth in the market. Plus they really work damn hard to do what they love doing putting themselves on the line every event, they really deserve it.
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 I have been scratching my head on this one; I wonder why she is not sponsored by Red Bull. As it stands (at least from what I know), we have 2 ladies sponsored by Red Bull in the DH Scene

Rachel Atherton - UK
Jill Kintner - USA

Another one wouldn't hurt (female/Canada). I really think she would be a great brand ambassador!
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 Miriam Nicole - France!! Didn't you notice her new red bull lid this year?
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 keep puttin yer heart into it Gatto!!! sucks that yer having to work so hard to keep it goin but your paving the way for the future of the sport for the next crop of female racers, every race you kill it at, every gap you send is gonna bring the sport that much higher!
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 Give it time, the sport will grow for women and so will sponsorship, funding, etc. As it stands I think women account for about 35% of the road market and there are plenty of girls around on my local trails too.

I hate the attitude that no gives a shit about girls racing. Girls give a shit and they buy lots of stuff from my shop.
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 if you wanna see something amazing check the hastag #gattobooty a++
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 Damn she can shred! Definitely need to get more girls into the sport. Come on sponsors step up we need more girls in the sport!!
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 Two months ago one I was talking to a friend of a friend about dh and she told me to follow her friend Micayla on instagram. I've been so stoked on this girl ever since! Super good to see her and all girls for that matter getting some well earned recognition in this sport! Seeing girls rip only makes me more stoked! Plus putting an end to the bike-park sausage fest would be nice, especially when the girls look like Gatto!
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 I had no idea who she was until a few weeks ago at Whistler--I was gettin ready to ride Dirt Merchant when this blonde,with a long ponytail hanging out, pulls up. I remember thinking "who is this little,local blond ripper showing all these dudes down Dirt Merchant?" By chance,about a week later I notice a cute blonde on Instagram in the same kit. Turns out it was Canadian DH champ micayla Gatto. And thus my obsession was born...

She charges it though. And she definitely ain't bad to look at......... #gattobooty
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 Not had chance to watch the vid yet but i'm guessing that finances are an issue. Didn't tracey hannah struggle with that and had to leave the sport soon after winning junior world champs?
Seems a travesty that top athletes are put in that situation.

i was pleasantly suprised with how few comments there were about her looks.
i'm pretty sure more women would ride dh if they weren't scared of getting abused in the woods after reading some of the comments on here. I wouldnt mind but there are plenty of girls to look at on the internet that are there for that reason. Maybe leave the ones that ride to ride their bikes.
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 seems like a lovely lady, fast too
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 She's a really nice person, awesome rider, great representitive for female racers everywhere. Keep it up!
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 Yeah sponsers step up and support female riders more!
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 They should pay pro mountain bikers the same amount as ball players, if there was money in the business I would prolly try harder and go pro like the camera Her drawings are dope
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 I hear ya. Tough working full time and trying to make every race. Thank you for giving it your best. Your a leader to all the woman that think about getting into the sport of mountain biking.
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 First song?
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 Instead of posting a comment saying you wish the ladies got more support just do a couple of small things now and then that will really help them. Sponsors - gear or $ - want exposure, so give the ladies exposure. Watch the vids posted on PB and other sites, tune in for the women's part of the WC races, visit their fan pages.... every click, every view counts as exposure and helps them attract sponsors.

And, to the same point, riders must promote their sponsors. After this video, considering the topic, I would have expected her current sponsors to get at least a logo flash if not a mention but I couldn't tell you one sponsor based on this vid alone.
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 The problem is you can get gear from companies but not money. You can't live on bikes and jerseys. And no u cant sell it because nobody pays good money for it. Everyone wants to trade a ps3 or some crap as anyone in buy n sell will tell you. The other problem is racers who are covered in sponsor logos when all they get is free stuff. You may think u look cool but you are losing out and it makes it tough for everyone include Micalya.
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 First -- awesome video, Micayla! Killing it as usual. Secondly, I respect the straight up honesty about the struggles of getting to world cups and races and whatnot. Any retail market study will show you that in developed countries, women do nearly %80 of the household buying. If an advertiser or company wants to corner the market, all they have to do is support women like Micayla and Jill and all of the other badass ladies on the circuit, giving them more exposure and pushing market identification. And shiiiiit, I don't even have a degree in marketing or sales!

For as long and as hard some of these women have been riding and racing, there's definitely a lack of support when it comes to the ladies. However, that's going to change as long as women such as Ms. Gatto are around... Nice vid and congrats on your season so far!
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 That "paper-bagger" drawing was amazing lol
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 the reality behind the glamour
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 She needs an agent to get her a shampoo endorsement. Become a household name and role model to little girls.
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 shame on the bike industry for holding back support for female riders..... guess they are too busy with break through innovations like making a wheel bigger.
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 I cant believe that at this level you still don't get a proper sponsor Frown this is realy sad to know the real true story of how hard this people have to work to keep up with what they love to do most, it's no fair
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 ride forever don't let money make your decision !
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 Somebody Pay That Girl!!
  • 3 1
 In my opinion as the girls are riding at the same level as the guys they should be treated equally by there sponsors
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 Definitely not a cheap sport we're involved in, maybe some of the sponsors will see this and step up. It'd be amazing to be able to ride with someone like Micayla.
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 Keep shredding. Props on working and racing but that's tough, for sure. John Lau says hi.
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 girls should deffenitly get there travel expensises paid for if they race world cup, i think we need to start a pitition and send it to all the sponsers!
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 I find it interesting all the complaining about the girls not getting paid as much as the guys, and having to work a job to support their racing. But as I recall, when I first got into mountain biking 11 years ago, only the very top male athletes made enough money to just bike. Most of the top 10 men in the world had to work some sort of second job to make ends meet. Guess what I'm getting at is the girls should try and be patient. Keeping putting it all on the track, and someday you will get the kind of support that is equal to the men. After all, that's what they had to do, they just got a head start on it.
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 I wish my girlfriend could ride like her... wait time yould be zero then hahaha you go girl
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 I feel a Jayne from Firefly quote coming on...
"I'll be in my bunk"... Wink
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 One of fav riders. Keep at it! Make the northshore proud!!!
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 Chicks that ride are awesome!
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 This girl has style for miles, and a really cool spirit! Hope the best for your career!
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 "...She's faster than you, and you, and you too..." Awesome video Micayla!
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 why can't people just respect her as a racer? not as their girlfriend or something!
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 i would have loved to watch it but the fuckin red bull player is bustin my balls again. seriously red bull!!
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 beautiful girl and bike... *___*
  • 5 3
 chittiest video player.
  • 2 1
 So sick! So hot! So sweet!!!!!! Wow what thee ar tist!
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 Nice to meet you Micayla.
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 Oh em gee. She can shred! It's ace seeing chicks ride!
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 Banks can't you see her flyn, girl's so fast!!! and need some $money$
  • 2 0
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 good luck in the future!! Wise words
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 That was so sick! Man do I wish I had her kind of motivation for riding!
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 Just a regular gal that can ride . Cool
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 Sexy cheek micayla
  • 1 0
 shes hawt man! lol
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 good video good fotoSmile
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 No joke it's a nice view haha more ways than one.
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 I mean she's pretty cute
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 #gattocameltoe Smile
  • 1 2
 I like her camel toe. Smile Girl really rox.
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