The Macduff Extravaganza

Jun 7, 2012
by Scott Secco  
Matt came to Montreal not too long ago and got rowdy. Song: The Cage - Death Grips.
Video by: Louis Lhomel

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 nice moves. bad music.
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 yeah once you get past the weird effects and music, it's amazing riding!
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 ya it was a bit like if you were to get high while watching bike videos
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 The music is kinda groovy!
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 happymarmite- I can say that I am so happy that I did minutes before I watched it. Incredible stuff. Diggin the shirt. The Mountain I presume?
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 The mountain is righteous. many a wolf tee has been purchased there.
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 Yeah and the guys runnin it are the chillest ever. They're printing special edition shirts for my buds to sell. Love em, they send so many shirts.
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 happymarmite, can you see me now?? *cheking web cam* IS THIS THING ON???
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 The music fits so well I think. Reminds me of a manwolf
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 i love this edit its so funny
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 that kid who turned into a rocket ship almost made me piss myself from luaghing, funny ass edit with great humour and riding
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 ya it was a really funny edit wish there were more like this on pink bike. this was original and creative, unlike all the cliché dubstep flipping pedals type of movies. good job
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flag trevor-attridge (Jun 8, 2012 at 22:13) (Below Threshold)
 That was a waste of my time.
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 I just realized who you are @scott-townes haha. I have the 4bi9 cow, I get the weirdest looks at hood.
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 ^ Hahaha that's awesome. Hit up Steve Step(t)p, he'll be down to shred with someone who appreciates the animal shirts... especially if you got it from AJ.
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 I dug the less than polished post production. Reminded me of old skate vids the rocket kid was pretty sweet!
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 haters gonna hate. i loved it. sick edit
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 Same here. Those were some sick moves and im impressed! Wish I could pull some tricks like that! Lastly, it was a fun video to watch!
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 Damn that edit made this video sick. Loved the edits and the riding was good aswell !!
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 i guess its kinda cute
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 Kinda like you.... Wait no.
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 It's like watching a mountain bike edit, while on drugs.
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 Feel the Heat Heat feels Me
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 that was fun
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 Awesome vid, always a pleasure to watch Macduff kill it!

As for the song... not really my kind of thing but it's a lot better than all the hipster electro-pop you usually get in MTB edits these days. Anyway, you can always mute it Smile
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 haha, that was weird
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 If you say you love life more than Matt does, you're lying! One of the best dudes around!
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 fuck i love death grips. tightest shit to see live. DEATH GRIPPIN!
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 all I can concentrate on is them lycra pants he has. lol, classic. None the less good riding despite them :p x
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 I like it. Fun and different for a change.
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 Acid trip music and effects haha, kinda gives me a headache
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 kew edit, wish they had some old beastie boys blasting in this kind of edit
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listen to that and tell me death grips isn't rad as f*ck
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 at least hes wearing a helmet now! macduff has always been one of my favorite riders.
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 Great video. Didn't even bother watching it with the sound turned on. Listened to my own music. So nice.
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 Yeah Dobermann!
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 looks like punk's still not dead Smile
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 good work, i like seeing videos like this on here.
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 please please view and favourite it would make my friends year if this got pod. :-)
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 too many barspins not enough ho's
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 I ♥ MTL
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 everything is good there just messing around!!
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 the music makes it special!
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 is he still riding the the atomlab riser bar?
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 that was perfect
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 ayyyyyyyyye get buck!
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 what exact bar is that??
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 that was golden hahaha
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 still dont see why people choose this bike over bmx for this style of riding. o well.. great riding though
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 Because they want i guess. Awesome vid Matt... again!
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 A mix of preference and versatility. A BMX is far too cramped for my liking, and big wheels open doors off the street.
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