Video: The Making of In the Woods 2

Aug 30, 2013
by Red Bull Bike  
Director Lukas Tielke employed a number of innovative filming techniques to capture Amir and Thomas in action and this clip is a fascinating insight into how bike videos are planned and shot.

It isn’t always the case of just pointing a camera at the riders as they do their thing.

If you missed In The Woods 2, check it out below:

Following on from his acclaimed first installment, Peoplegrapher's Lukas Tielke is back again to produce one of the best short films of the year so far.

Amir Kabbani's skills on a bike are pushed to the next level aboard his all mountain machine and Belgian wonder kid, Thomas Genon, also makes an appearance to stamp some new school slopestyle riding on proceedings too.

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 this dude knows how to ride. He uses a enduro bike for stuff most people wouldn't do on a DH. He also flips like a boss on such a large bike. if you don't respect this man you're fucking stupid.!!!
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 i thought i was good at riding bikes... till i saw this. nevermind... time to sine up for soccer again...
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 and a spelling course lol
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 Maybe thats what i need, a water bottle under my bottom tube
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 I never do my one footed x up flips without...
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 didnt noticed til you mentioned it....i guess flipping can dehydrate a rider?
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what song at last minutes ? when they with Thomas genon
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 I wonder what year it will be when the GoPro is as good as the Red Epic is now... I'm holding out for GoPro139 Diamond edition
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 That was some fantastic work. Congrats
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 some of the sweetest camera angles i've seen... those ramp shots from above, where the rider just EXPLODES spinning & hurtling up atcha.... not too much other videography I've seen that makes me wanna F*n Launch like that does...
Huge congrats on your work here filmers and riders!!!!!!
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 Awesome, love a good "making of". Shows how much work actually goes into projects like this.
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 Not too bad!! Good riding and edit
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 I hope when I get old and give up DH for a life of Enduro, I can ride with that much style.
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 is that Heli Walkera Ladybird?
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 Was NOT expecting the 360 haha
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 fap fap fap, awesome awesome work guys!
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 Whats the song from the part with genon called?
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 Best 'Making Of..' ever. Practically a film in itself!
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 final song plis, anyone ???
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