Video: Dirt Diaries Winners - Richie Schley & Leo Zuckerman

Sep 2, 2013
by Leo Zuck  

With far less time than the expected two month window, completing our Dirt Diaries video in only seven days proved to be nothing shy of a challenge. With a pretty clear vision of what we wanted and a half-descent plan for how we were going to do it, the whole production became a checklist execution. Five days of shooting, two days of editing, and seven days of anticipation before getting to see our show and the five others at the Dirt Diaries event.

We were up against the big dogs. Mike Hopkins, Geoff Gulevich, R-Dog, Kenny Smith and Katie Holden, and it became apparent as the shows played for the first time. These guys absolutely threw down and put together some incredible pieces of work. Much respect.

From the first time I spoke with Richie Schley, I could tell he was excited about the project. Despite never having even met, Richie brought such a powerful enthusiasm, commitment and an acting sense responsibility to the entire process.

What I find is so amazing about the bike industry is working with motivated and inspired people who love doing what they do. Not only does it inspire me and everyone else around, it makes every moment enjoyable. This time around was no exception. From my perspective there's not really much that compares with the atmosphere of a shoot when things are going well. There really is no place I'd rather be.

Of course none of this would be possible without you guys, the readers, the audiences, the people who care about mountain-biking. Without you, the work we do would be meaningless and couldn't exist, so I sincerely hope you enjoy what we put together. We made it for you!

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Behind the scenes photos:

Wait there s a photo of me Impossible.

Richie Schley the man the myth the legend

Tom the everything man.


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 I believe in earning my descent by going up. I invented A line and love Whistler biker park. Uhmm...
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flag slashnasty (Sep 2, 2013 at 16:39) (Below Threshold)
 I'm not sure if he said that stuff on his own volition, meant it as a joke, or was told to say that by the director, but in my mind it certainly made him look pretty bad.
  • + 36
 what are you talking about? he sounded pretty humble to me? he said it in his own words that the bikepark is a totally different thing
  • + 27
 Cool vid. Like Schley, don't really care what he says - id really don't think he sounded "bad" at all... he's been around since the get go. Give credit where it's due.
  • + 20
 And those Alpine lines were bat$hit crazy
  • + 5
 I think he was talking about All-Mtn riding. You'd have to be a monster to earn your descents every time on a DH bike.
  • + 23
 "A lot of people like to take credit for A-Line. I guess we'll really never know who's responsible for it"

I don't know what video you where watching but in the one I was watching he never claimed ownership of A-line.
  • + 12
 It was implied he had something to do with it - which I tend to believe, but exactly- he never claimed it.
  • + 8
 lol it makes sense that he had something to do with SCHLEYer, hence the name. im betting ten (10) pinkbike dollars that he was in fact a part of designing the trails in the bike park.
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 Maybe he believes to earn his descents by going up... in a chair lift Wink A great video anyway!
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 hes a guy that i would go to if i needed help making my bike park better. What he said on aline was true, i can guarantee that it is the most ridden trial on the mountain. I know people that come up to whistler because they cant ride jumps on the shore (where they live) but can ride all the tech they like.
  • + 0
 its also one of the worst trails right now only for the fact that brake bumps arent bumps, but rather craters. needs to be completely re done (not the jumps, just the flats and berms)
  • + 1
 dude, that trial needs to be redone 5 days after openning day. if you think those brake bumps are bad, do the canadain open stepdown under the chair and then do the corner afterwards, you will understand braking craters
  • + 3
 Or just go to Sunpeaks. FYI Crank It Up is actually the most ridden trail on the mountain. It gets all the gorbs, then beginner and intermediated jumpers, plus all the a-line guys that might do a warm up lap, or just a goon ride.
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 Thought the video was cool, nice colors and lighting. Riding was awesome. Nice break from the current norm/cliche shots.

As far as Richie is concerned: I don't know him, I only know what I see in videos, and what people on the interwebz (who also don't know him) say about him. I do know, without him, the face of mountain biking might be a little different. I also know, not everyone is actually "their self" when on camera. Though, I found him to come across fairly humble here. I actually wished the video were a bit longer to hear more from him, and see more of his riding.

Maybe Anthill (or Zucherman) should do their next big production with just Tippie, Wade and Richie. A now vs. then sort of thing...

*shrugs* I dunno, one of the better vids I've seen lately. I liked it.
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 i still think aline is most ridden, and it still doesn get plenty of joeys. wait on any aline jump for more then 20 seconds and you will see someone who knows they wont clear the jump boost and land on the case pad
  • + 3
 jerryhazard I think a new age fro rider's would be sweet
  • + 1
 hahah and i think hes earned his descent by helping design one of the best bikeparks in the world? sounds like a fair trade...
  • + 3
 how about this....who built A-line?? The waitress doesn't make your food, the cook does!
  • + 12
 Finally a video where I don't have to watch bikes getting loaded, stop motion car ride to the trail the seeing someone eating a burrito on a mountain in slow motion. An amazingly shot video where the dialog is interesting and it is mostly riding......awesome riding at that. Well done sir.
  • + 14
 What an amazing setting for a video, and such sick riding and filming, Richie definitely chose a great film maker
  • + 1
 purely perfect
  • + 10
 schleyble tops!
  • + 6
 that was fucking awesome.
  • + 4
 Wasn't impressed until the Alpine section....color me impressed, those were some sweet lines.
  • - 1
 Hmm, when i start scrolling down the rest of the article when the video is still playing, that shouldn't be a 1st place winner. There would have been a lot of value to having a video of Schley and it wasn't really used. Would have rather to hear how Whistler shaped his career and how he continues on as a 40+ pro rider.
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 holy crap that was good
  • + 2
 Not popping up with the video for me.
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 "Build jumps everywhere" best advice i've ever heard!
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 Australian bike parks - take note!
  • + 2
 all 3 of them
  • + 1
 Top of the world trail is easy, not like some of those lines Schleyer takes in this vid.
  • + 3
 Beautifully done.
  • + 3
 that one line, jesus
  • + 3
 Wow….Kinda perfect
  • + 3
  • + 1
 Who is this guy with the scary moustache I see everywhere???
  • + 2
 Legend !
  • + 1
 Alpine shots of the Schleyman are wiked.
  • + 1
 am ready for the weekend NOW.
  • + 1
 Caution tape at 1:34 middle of screen.
  • + 1
 Zuckerman kills it behind the lens!
  • + 1
 THAT is what I love !!!
  • + 1
 truly impressive filmimg
  • + 1
 Me gusta......
  • + 1
 There was no Top O the World when I was last in the park in '10. Just booked a trip for Otcober.....Dayum..I'm scared Great Vid!
  • + 2
 top of the world is easy, it's a fun all mountain trail in a nutshell, the lines he was taking aren't part of it
  • + 1
 Thanks for that!
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 no problem, have a good one
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 Decent stache Tom.
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