The Over-Nighter.

Apr 1, 2013
by Margus Riga  
bigquotesI don't get how you think this is fun - Connor MacLeod
bigquotesIt's not, it's about having fun when you're not having fun. - Margus Riga

  Camp one.

  Campfire one.

  Camp tech 2012...Espresso supremo.

  Fitting rig for the job at hand.

  Equine trail builders do it better.

  Grizzly bear vs. Haven Carbon.

  Beth Parsons vs. the bushes.

  Andrew Baker vs. up.

  Mount Relay providing the views for most of day one.

  Trails for miles provide smiles for days.

  Over-nighter porn.

  There are grizzlies; you watched as your bike tire pressed its pattern in the mud over the paw prints. There are cats; you saw the cougar poo when you stood by the cave. Yet here you are staring at a dying fire somewhere between fight or flight and awe. The Chilcotins expanding out around, wild and black, into the universe." Beth Parsons.

  Cowboy coffee.

  Approaching the pass. Now what?


  "If we have to go up there, I'm 'gonna kick Margus in the nuts."

  Trail-less in the Chilcotins.

  "Got a call asking if I wanted to be part of a backcountry photo shoot on some all-mountain bikes. I ended up borrowing a bike from Banshee. I thought...How hard can this all-mountain thing be? It ended up being the best eye opening of my 2012 season. I will now be getting an all-mountain bike." Andrew Baker.

  Hard times on the ridge.

  Really hard times on the ridge.

  Good times on the ridge.

  Thanks for the memories, see you again real soon.


  • + 37
 Brilliantly epic. This IS Mountain Biking
  • + 1
 I'm not hating, it's awesome report, but that's a lot of gear to carry the whole time.
  • + 6
 you're telling me! I am the guy in the pics Andrew Baker and that 60lb pack had loads of gear in it and made this trek even more epic! especially seems I don't pedal ever! bike parks, shuttles and dirt jumping only till this particular weekend when I borrowed the Banshee Rune and did this last minute! so rad!
  • + 12
 Looks like fun to me! Great shots of some solid riders Baker and Beth. I've seen Grizzlies on that ride's legit wilderness!!!!
  • + 10
 This area looks insane to ride!! Just havin fun of watchin this pictures and try to find sum crazy lines
  • + 9
 Margus' photo epics show what mountain biking should be ...
  • + 2
 As a professional sports photographer, this is awesome in SO many ways... And as a weekend MTB'er, it's something that I'd like to do as well. As the old saying goes, "It's isn't the destination that counts, it's the journey and the people you take it with..." Kudos to all!
  • + 2
 come on up to the coast of B.C. and I would be more then happy to do something like this with anyone willing and able!
  • + 2
 most important thing about the Chilcotins when you're there? sure ain't the bike. a special wilderness that has accessibility by mtn bike (rare in BC) and some nearly pristine wilderness values. also a high risk environment. wilderness travel experience, mindset and skills are the most valuable thing to bring, and maybe a short travel hard tail, this ain't a 'rip the rad lines' kinda place at all for 1) the terrain ain't it, 2) get hurt where these guys are riding and you're in a serious world of danger, and it's going to take a very spendy chopper ride to get you out. best way to see the place is to spend some time with the horse guides, they know it all.
  • + 5
 Wow Margus, such stunning photos. Need to plan a trip up there soon!
  • + 2
 Unreal photos and experience. I couldn't help thinking how hard it would be to ride with a huge pack on my back. I have some work to do before I tackle something like this.
  • + 3
 Ah Connor - its alright. Most people feel the same way.
  • + 3
 Would love a GPS track of this ride. Any info on trail name, zone, etc...?
  • + 2
 Another great Chilcotin adventure in a unique magical place! Thanks for the cool trip report.
  • + 1
 Ha, now I know how heaven looks like, I have to be good so I can go to Vancouver. One of the most amazing AM trails? I've ever known.
  • + 3
 Amazing photography!! Looks like a nice trip!!
  • + 3
 Sick blog bud! love the "cowboy coffee" shot of me!
  • + 2
 nice shots! Kudo's for carrying those packs on those climbs...
  • + 2
 I wish my damn screen couldnt spin so I could enjoy the article.
  • + 1
 This is so close to home - time to plan a trip soon.
  • + 1
 These photos are amazing.
  • + 1
  • + 1
 Yay! This was such a terrible and wonderful trip!
  • + 1
 Thanks for posting, awesome stuff.
  • + 1
 You know whats on my bucket list? THIS.
  • + 1 other words!
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 that looks like a lot of fun! Great pictures, thanks for posting them!
  • + 1
 epic article. I'm inspired for my own journey now!
  • + 1
 Awesome!! So jealous.
  • + 1
 super journey´╝ü
  • + 1
 Great stuff!
  • + 1
  • + 1
 Knolly Chilcotin :OO
  • + 1
 Meaningful journey.
  • + 1
 This is the year to do epic back country rides amazing photos makes me second guess buying the whistler pass ,There is some vast terrain In B.C.
Awesome ridge lines and meadows.Thanks for these photos Margus,great Job to all who carried those top heavy backpacks.
Were there any lakes you could have stopped and fly fished at ?

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