Video: Race Run - The Mental Prep

Dec 12, 2013 at 0:05
Dec 12, 2013
by UR Team  
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This third insight into the movie A Racer's Dream is all about the final 24hours before the riders' race runs. What is going through their heads? How are they coping with the pressure leading into the most important race of the year... The race that they have been dreaming of for the past year.

Credits Paris Gore

While Mick tends to photographers, the mechanics get the bikes all set. It seems like they're more on edge that the riders!

Credits Paris Gore

Credits Paris Gore

The final training sessions go down. Timed practice is out of the way now. They only have one thing left to do; pin it as hard as they can!

Credits Paris Gore

Credits Paris Gore

Credits Paris Gore

To watch the entire movie, tune into Pinkbike or next Tuesday (18th of December) from 9pm (CET) to view the whole 52min long movie.

For more info on the team, check us out here.

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 This feeling the hours before your run is so special. You can´t wait to get on your bike to do your job as fast as possible, but at the same time you´re just thinking: What am I doing here? Why am I doing this stressful stuff? But then you remember why: It´s just the for this feeling. I love it. Racing is life!
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 Is anything going to be on dvd?

Do you kids even use those anymore?
F the " cloud"!
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 I'd just like to make a comment about the audio editing. No offense, but it could have been done better. I know how much work it is to put out an 8min long video, without even worrying about the audio, but I also know how well it complements the video when mixed smoothly. Especially in the beginning of the video, with every clip the audio cut off and changed, instead of fading in and out. Still a very great video, and a nice insight into what goes on behind the scenes. Thank you and good job!
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 I really love these clips- it is far more personal and you can appreciate the riding far more than most other videos. It is quite easy to get numb to banger after banger on a video and sometimes knowing what goes in to the riding brings you back down to earth again from playstationtrickland Oh, and Mick is so so smooth on the rollers!
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 "Zay hafv to fight against only wun person......Zemselfs...."
So true. The mental aspect of racing can be the hardest part. In the gate thinking "one shot, do it now or never".
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 "Racing is life. Everything before or after is just waiting." Steve McQueen.
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 " Riding is life . Everything before or after is just waiting "

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 Good to see that morning face....!!! Lovely indeed
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 This all seems very serious...
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 What dh bike is it? its really nice
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 Polygon Colossus to be exact.
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 thanks guys Smile
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 Legend with unique riding style...
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 Thanks Bro!
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 is mick running an enduro wheel up front and a downhill rear?
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 that was his training bike
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 This series is great!
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