Troy Lee Designs SE Winter Gloves

Dec 5, 2007
by Simon Paton  
Brass monkeys! It's December and as my Nan said, "Cold hands, warm heart".. Luckily we ride and have "good hearts" already, even if they don't beat as fast as everyone else's.. Therefore we need to work out how to keep those digits warm whilst out hitting the trails.

Please note this article is not for the consumption of anyone from the Southern Hemisphere. If that's you, then get back to your sunbathing..These gloves are based on the top of the range bike glove from our friends at Troy Lee Designs. The SE (Speed Equipment) glove comes with more padding than Alexis Carringtons dress (ask your Mom who she is..). Therefore all the knuckle protection you'll ever need unless you're in the Octagon.

Anyway all you really need to know is that these are the "Winter" SE model. You get a thicker almost neoprene top layer which means no more white fingers and actually being able to hold on!

What more can I say?

If it's cold by you now, don't wait until January and beat the rush and try and find a pair. Only trouble is they are as rare as rocking horse pooh, not even I can get any, these were samples! Get searching super slouths..


Si Paton


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 Yes your all right, they are the Explorer Glove which is based on the SE glove. As for the bloke trapped under the rocks, we left him there and just robbed his bike (currently on e-bay) and kept his gloves!


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You are right, these are a cool weather glove. Though cool depends on where you live I guess?

I wouldn't count on these in Alaska! They would work great in temperatures 0-10degress or a damn site warmer than your TLD XC gloves!


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 Thanks for the reply and for clearing that up. Cheers!
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 What a poor bloke, trapped under rocks...
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 So are these serious winter gloves a la Pearl Izumi or mainly just for "cool" weather? They don't look all that warm, but I could be wrong...
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 Are you sure these aren't the Explorer model glove? The Explorers look exactly like the ones in the article and it's a winter glove, but I can't find anything on the internet about a winter model SE. A mix-up perhaps?
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 YEah they are actually the Explorer Cold Weather Glove, see here

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 i have that glove i love it

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