UDUG 2012 - Day 2: Finals

Apr 29, 2012
by Nic Genovese  

It couldn't have been nicer weather for the 2012 UDUG finals yesterday. Jamie decided to skip qualifiers, and just let everyone have a chance for the top spot. Each rider had 3 runs, and best run takes home the cash. I don't think I heard one rider complain the whole day, just smiles and good vibes all day.

Logan peat was a busy guy all weekend. He ended up judging the finals and snapping photos whenever he could.

Mike Dekoning was pulling smooth and consistent runs all day.

Rheeder was destroying the course throughout practice, but ended up going down hard on a oppo-tailwhip on his first run and had to call it a day.

Geoff and Jarrett both laid down some good solid runs.

Morpheus teammates Casey and Mitch snagged 2nd and 3rd.

Dustin Gilding had some fork issues in best trick, but got it all sorted for finals and banged out some super smooth runs.

R-Dog is pretty good at this maneuver.

The view from the judges tower.

Jeff Herbertson had some technical difficulties after a big front flip on the last jump.

Cam McCaul wins UDUG 2012
And thats all she wrote! Video and Full results to come...

1st: Cam McCaul
2nd: Casey Groves
3rd: Mitch Chubey
4th: Carson Storch
5th: Reece Wallace

Photos by Mike Zinger


  • + 54
 looks like a slightly more than a technical issue right there..
  • + 22
 It'll buff out.
  • + 4
 Nothing a duck tape patch wont fix!
  • + 5
  • + 22
 Any body know where the hell Semenuk has been?
  • + 21
 semenuk is the smartest athlete in the FMB, all the other riders burn themselves out and get hurt early in the season on small bronze comps....and brandon is staying healthy and getting ready for all the gold and platinum events, that's where the big points are.
  • + 30
 Brandon is doing frontflip-tailwhips, double tailwhip-backflips, and 720 barspins in his backyard.
  • + 19
 "Semenuk is the smartest athlete in the FMB", that said; "just smiles and good vibes all day", he doesn't sound so smart to me. I though it was supposed to be about having fun riding your bike?
  • + 3
 Think he's got a slight injury so he's mending before all the big events come up
  • + 4
 @webbe He obviously likes to ride his bike because you cant get to where he is at without a huge love of the sport or with out riding your bike everyday. Also it costs a lot of money to go to all these events and it is his job so if the good doesn't out weigh the bad he probably wont go. So dont be so hard on him hes way to sick to hate on!
  • + 7
 He's a great rider, I just want to see him turn into the Shaun White of MTB...
  • + 3
 If i had a yard like his I'd never leave home! hahaha
  • + 1
 His back yard is better than most contest courses, i wouldn't leave home either haha
  • + 1
 Ya, he is hurt, shoulder I think. Hopefully he will make a near full recovery for the start of the bigger events...
  • + 12
 snapped Dartmoor doesn't surprise me, still a bummer for sure though
  • + 5
 i carnt wait for the video of this, looks like it was epic
  • + 2
 it was, the best weekend ive had in a long time
  • + 2
 Must be that new bionic shoulder that Cam has!
  • + 2
 Stoked to see cam win hopefully there is more of that to come this season.
  • + 1
 Way to go Casey! Sick to see you back on the bike!
  • + 1
 that was the most fun comp i have ever been in
  • + 1
 where's cam mccaul pics??
  • + 1
 I want that rocky mountain hat!
  • + 1
 Cam McCaul shralping the competition
  • + 0
 which frame is Mike Dekoning riding ?
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