The Ultra Bike Bag

Sep 8, 2008
by Simon Paton  
Bike Bags? Discuss.

Discussion time could well be over once you check this little number that would have Mr.Samsonite and Louis Vuitton green with envy.I’ve never had a really good bike bag, I’ve got a heavy plastic bike box which weighs a ton and that is not good in these excess baggage surcharge days is it?

The Ultra Bike Bag used to be known as the Neil Pryde Bike Bag according to their website. Who the hell is Neil Pryde you ask? I didn’t know either, after a quick Google search you’ll find out he’s some sailing geezer.

Anyway back to bikes, first off is this the only bike bag manufacturer in the World that’s actually made wheel bags that fit your DH wheels with a set of Maxxis 2.5 High Rollers still intact? CONGRATULATIONS and about time too. If not then apologies for my ignorance as every one that I’ve had previously meant removing your tires and as if you’d want to do that? You’ve just landed in Whistler courtesy of Zoom Airlines (How you getting home again?) and the last thing you want to do once land is to put tires on your rims is it? Did I forget to say these bags are lightly padded as well? I’d always advise to remove disks though kids during transit through any airport terminal and monkey baggage handlers.

40lbs of bike and a few tools and spare mech, hanger, gear cables, tubes and tires all add up to the likes of Homer Simpson. That’s why every bike bag should have wheels! I wasn’t quite sure what the two zips on either side were for, had to do some research on that. They reveal slots which mean you can hang these up on your garage wall out of the way (with your bike still in there if need be)!

Inside this beauty you will find black 'wipe clean' tarp which after a dirty weekend away with your loved one you’ll be able to remove all traces of evidence to keep the FPO* at bay.

So besides me that uses this bag, if that’s not the only recommendation you need? Ever heard of the Atherton’s? Rachel, Dan and Gee use them as well so you know your in good company.

Full Spec:-
•Tough 600D PVC Coated Polyester
•Interior - tarp, wipe clean inner skin
•Thick (10mm) ‘no crush’ closed cell padding
•Stiff, reinforced, railed base
•All zips are nylon (no rust!).
•Large integrated “odds n sods” pockets
•Unique ‘quatro zip system’ for storage/back of car
•Dual opening zip
•Integrated PU ‘skate’ wheels at one end for easy transport.
•Separate and padded wheel bags
•Separate tool roll
•Fluorescent strips for back-of-car safety
•End grab handle
•Measures (approx) 125x80x20cm, weight just 6Kg
•Adjustable and padded carry straps

On my bathroom scales I made it 5.6kgs, perhaps I’m heavier than I was lead to believe?

Contact details:
Ultra Sport Europe Ltd.
Carnival Way
Castle Donington
DE74 2HP

Telephone - 01332 813 150 / Email -

You can order these bags direct from Ultra Sport Europe for an amazing £99.00. £20 for next day delivery and £10 for standard shipping. Please contact them direct for Worldwide inquiries by e-mail and ensure you provide your full address and post/zip code and phone number on your correspondence.

I think they like grey or for you Yanks “Gray“: Available in Grey/Olive, Grey/Grey, and Grey/Orange as shown.

Today's Tip: Just make sure you don’t check in at Heathrow’s new Terminal 5.
Bonus Tip: Buy your airline tickets on your credit card even if there is a small surcharge.
Note to self: Get Credit Card.

Never, ever clip in.

Si Paton..
RRP Mudguards £12.99 incl p&p.

*FPO - Fun Prevention Officer - aka Wife/Girlfriend.


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 I did not know what to expect when I first saw the padded bike bag, and on first thought it seems like one of those why didn"t I think of that idea's. I have flown with my bike only five times, and out of those time, i ;have had a bike damaged twice.
The last time my bike was damaged was two years ago, flying Toronto,Helsinki and on to Zurich. I got a bike box from my LBS and painted and reinforced the box as if it were a plastic bike box.
While waiting to board the flight, I was looking out the window watching the dick head of a baggage handle (Toronto Airport is the lousiest airport in the world) roll my box end over end even though I had big black arrow pointing up and big red Caution stickers. When I retrieved the bike in Helsinki, Zurich and then Helsinki on the way home, the bike box was always located in over sized baggage in the proper upright position.However in Toronto, it was laying on it's side and once back at home there was a big dent in the down tube.
My why said don't be so cheap when you are flying with a $5000 bike. I am leaving for another bike adventure in Switzerland in two weeks and this time I have a plastic bike box.However there is a bit of a difference.
For under $100 I built my owe bike box.
I purchased from a sign painting shop two 4'X8' sheets of 1/4" corrugated plastic. You really only need about a sheet and a third. I measured my bike adding two inches to the length, height and width I figured my bike would be in its shipping state.
You will need an X-acto knife and spare blades,some contact cement,a can of aerosol contact cement and some good caulking glue. For the lining foam, the cheapest thing is to buy a queen size foam mattress liner which is held to the sides with the aerosol contact cement.I secure the lid down with 2' velcro strips which are glued down to the box.
I know I am rambling on, but use your imagination and an afternoon with some beers and you can have a strong bike box. I know what it's like if you might only fly with your bike every so years or so, a bike box can cost a lot of bread.
I hope this can help some bikers that might be flying with your rigs.
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 no real world protection in this package. Hmmm sure lets put our 3-8k$$ bike and gear in a pillow case and hope alls well when you get where youre goin. DOnt think so. Pack it right and ship in advance. Travel light and shazam its waiting for you at the hotel.
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 Hey, sorry to bother you but just read what you said about shipping before hand. Are you able to tell me what companies offer this? Cheers, Ben.
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 nice bag but i still like the dakine one better.
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 True, Dakine is da shit!
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 my biggest concern with a poduct like this is that i was turned away from an airline for having a nylong bike "bag" because the airline had a policy of only taking bikes in "boxes." the "bag" was a Sette product from and it had padding and wheels and shoulder straps. the bike packed up neatly in it, but for some "technical" reason it wasn't a box so the airline wouldn't let me use it. i ended up having to buy a box from the airline, which was a flimsy bit of carboard, and it was big enough that i could fit the bike and the bike bag in the carboard box. lame. this looks like a much nicer bag, but i would hate to have that experience again.
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 I got the CRC one on a trip to the UK. It's exactly the same bag but costs £70. The 4 zips (2 each side) are so you can put the bike in the bag on a tail mounted rack. Pretty handy.

Size hasn't ever been an issue with any of my bikes getting in there. Plenty of space even with a large bike and double crown forks.

There's a company called Planet X who do one for £50 last time I looked. It seems to be exactly the same bag but I'm not sure it comes with the padded wheel bags.
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 They really need to make one that is 135x80x25cm. 125cm is way too short, I could hardly fit my bike in a 128cm long CRC bag. It is quite a long bike though.
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 a vida é bella em... (The CRims)

prefiro carregar a bicicleta nas costas, pq eu n gosto de ficar regulando,
mas se eu tivesse condições boas, eu usaria isso ae sim.
Mas apenas pelo espaço, pq se bater ainda pode rasgar e amassar.

isso é bom se for viajar e precisar guardar sua preciosa junto com vc..

mas se for em alguma trilha perto, a carroceria de um carro ta baum

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 How could someone trust there $1000's worth of bike to a soft bag while on airlines? I have traveled for biking a few times. and the only thing people ever used were the hard plastic boxes that clamped together.
Wouldn't your chainstay, fork, disc rotors, and spokes/rim get all bent up in a softbag??
Bike stores around here rent out bike boxes for some $ per week. Much better option!
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 Yeah, good question tommeyeflight89, Im planing on flying somewhere with my bike to and was wondering, how do you quys protect your Frame, Fork,... from not getting damaged? Isnt it easyer to just get a carton box from the bike shop and throw it waway after the trip? or put 2 boxes in eachother to make the walls thicker, im sure its way lighter!

regards chris
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 The plastic boxes could be some what heavy. Some airlines like AC have weight restrictions. So far I've traveled 5 times with a cardboard bike box and protected everything with bubble wrap and I've had no problems.

I'm looking into buying a bag however $300-$450 is making me rethink. But on the other hand $450 is protecting $5000.
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 you should write a book
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 I bought one of these off ebay before I went to France, but I think I got it for about 40 quid! It is definitely a quality bike bag.
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 i like the whole "plastic case" idea then you wouldn't have to take any parts off (with the exception of the wheels) and it would be protected from any elements or retarded baggage handler met.
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 uh yeah what he said... ^
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 but seriously, looks like a rad bag even for people who dont fly. for example sometimes i walk-on the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria and it would be nice to be able to pull my bag around rather than going to check on it to make sure nobody is parting it out while its chained up below. Big Grin
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 you could honestly write a nice book. id buy it and nudge my lbs to sell it too.
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 Bike bags! Of course!
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 aah, the FPO...
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 Chain Reactions sell a nice bike bag for £100 or so. Check it out.
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 Cool I want one, too.
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 i like the dakine one
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 how much is that bag?

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