Vienna Air King 2012 - Riders’ Line Up

Mar 13, 2012
by rasoulution Communication Agency  
In less than a month, the 2012 mountain bike season starts! And it starts with a real riding delicacy for all bike fans: The Vienna Air King, in the heart of Vienna is once again the official kick-off event of the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour. Before a postcard scenery near the Burgtheater, the highlight of the ARGUS BIKE FESTIVAL welcomes the mountain bike slope style world elite from March 31st to April 1st. Well known names like Pilgrim, Reynolds, Söderström or Lacondeguy are all set on collecting important World Tour points right at the beginning of the season, in order to stake their claims on the FMB World Tour Champion title from the start.


Besides the FMB World Tour points and a generous overall prize money of 10.000 Euro, there are several other reasons for the best dirt riders in the world to come to the Vienna Air King, at least 120.000 of them. That is the number of visitors who besieged Vienna’s city square last year and created a hell of an atmosphere. The run for the starting places among the pre-qualifying riders underlines the high attractiveness of this event even further. During the application phase, more than twice as many candidates as the 50 riders who will actually ride in the pre-qualifyers applied for a chance to shine at the Vienna Air King. The set riders’ line up is once again filled with the top of the world’s slopestyle elite.

Check out the preliminary line up of the rider at the Vienna Air King:

Niki Leitner (AUT)
Thomas Genon (BEL)
Jakub Vencl (CZE)
Tomas Zejda (CZE)
Bienvenido Alba (ESP)
Andreu Lacondeguy (ESP)
Antoine Bizet (FRA)
Yannick Granieri (FRA)
Lance McDermott (GBR)
Sam Pilgrim (GBR)
Sam Reynolds (GBR)
Amir Kabbani (GER)
Andi Wittmann (GER)
Bartek Obukowicz (POL)
Szymon Godziek (POL)
Pavel Alekhin Vishneviy (RUS)
Ramon Hunziker (SUI)
Teo Gustavson (SWE)
Martin Söderström (SWE)
Mike Montgomery (USA)

The set riders will start on Saturday, March 31st. At 2.00 pm the qualification runs for the finals starts. Each rider has two runs – only the best one counts – to convince the judges who is the real VIENNA AIR KING: From 30 qualifyers (the best 10 pre-qualifyers will also compete in the qualification round) only the best 12 riders will get a ticket for the finals that take place on Saturday, April 1st at 2.30 pm. The final’s modus comprises three runs, the average of the two best counts as final result.

Bartek Obukowicz dropping at the VIENNA AIR KING 2011

The course is set before a picturesque view on the patriarchal Burgtheater and runs at a slight decline, enabling the riders to get some massive airtime. The starting tower is a good bit higher this year and leads the riders with a fat drop into the dirt line featuring three big doubles. All doubles are constructed with a wooden ramp and a dirt landing: the perfect mix for some awesome dirt action.

As a bonus, the most daring riders – we might spontaneously think of Andreu Lacondeguy – can showcase their skills at the Panasonic-Best-Trick Competition and win an extra prize money of 1000 Euro and a Panasonic Full HD Camcorder HC-X909, worth about 1,000 Euro. In the light of this additional motivation, all visitors can expect outstanding crazy tricks and huge jumps at the Vienna Air King.

Vienna Air King 2012 rider s party poster

At 9:00 pm, you can then witness the riders’ party skills. The official after-contest party takes place at the U4 club, in the Schönbrunner Straße 222. And anybody who has already participated in the after party, knows Vienna’s definition of partying.

The ARGUS BIKE FESTIVAL, Austria’s biggest bike-event, located in the city centre of Vienna is the first must-see date of the season 2012. Anybody who wants to spot the newest trends of the year and see a great mountain bike show at once, should already make the weekend from March 31st to April 1st a red-letter date!


  • + 21
 Mike Montgomery! This outta be good!!
  • + 13
  • + 12
 Pavel Alekhin Vishneviy *.* I can`t wait for this!!
  • + 5
 wow! that was cool! i can't believe it that my friend reached such a perfect result!
  • + 3
 Not to sound too anal here, but the building in the picture is the Rathaus. The Burgtheater is on the opposite side of the park.
  • + 6
 Where is Semenuk ?
  • - 10
flag streetangel13 (Mar 13, 2012 at 6:54) (Below Threshold)
 Where is Steve Peat Smile ?
  • - 7
flag MtBxKinG (Mar 13, 2012 at 7:09) (Below Threshold)
 ^ This guy lol
  • - 8
flag LukeJack (Mar 13, 2012 at 9:20) (Below Threshold)
  • + 3
 Where is waldo?
  • - 1
 Can't you spot him? Second picture down
  • + 2
 Why doesn´t go Semenuk ? I want explanation, please.
  • + 1
 Probably because he has to offset the cost of travelling to Vienna with the tour points he stands to gain/ prize bag. Or perhaps, outside Europe, only riders with certain sponsors get invited?
  • - 4
flag AidenCrocker (Mar 13, 2012 at 13:14) (Below Threshold)
 or because semenuk takes everything too serious and is a miserable c*nt?
Vienna is one of the best comps of the year! everyone has fun
  • + 1
 jeez thats kinda harsh, but i see your point
  • - 2
 dont get me wrong hes a phenominal rider, its just... when have you ever seen him smile?
  • - 6
flag Jean-dirt (Mar 13, 2012 at 15:56) (Below Threshold)
 Heard a lot of shit about 'm. Don't know 'm but that sure ain't good right?
Love the honest guys, important these days!
  • - 1
 talking of miserable c*nts aiden Wink but yeah i've never seen him smile takes it to serious
  • + 2
 @AidenCocker your should probably take that back, have you ever met him, or know what he has been threw in his life? 99.9% of my instinct tells me no, so maybe you should just think about what you call other people out of jealousy. some food for thought
  • + 2
 @AidenCrocker, Maybe if everyone else took it as serious as him they would win as much as he does and be as good as he is. Ever think about that?
  • + 4
 that shit's deep bro
  • + 1
 Thanks all
  • + 0
 Pilgrim. that is all.
  • + 3
 Who is FMB World Champion? Oh, that's right. Not Pilgrim. Nothing against the guy, he's a great rider, but I don't think he has ever won a contest that Brandon has been in. Pilgrim is a fantastic rider, but no one dominates like Semenuk.
  • - 1
 i wasnt saying about riding ability, i was saying about who has loads of fun and isnt serious etc... Pilgrim is the happiest guy on earth when he rides
  • + 0
 @Connor, Pilgrim won at District Ride. And his tyres blew at Joyride on both runs. He's progressing all the time, I fancy his chances in the coming years
  • - 1
 Lance Mcdermott!!! Go Lance!!!

Kidding. Im here for pilgrim. Semenuk = 0% fun.
  • + 4
 Pavel Alekhin ishabe best!
  • + 2
 has anybody noticed the montgomery is the only american invited to the events that have happened so far in Europe this year
  • + 1
 Can't wait to see our russian vishneviy !! All props for me ,he always improve tricks and vienna air king is for him this year.
  • + 1
 dude he is seriously gnarly
  • + 2
 FUCK! if vishneviy is in this im buying tickets to vienna right now!
  • + 2
 Reynolds, 2012 is your year!
  • + 2
 I got my money on Martin Soderstrom and Sam Pilgrim.
  • + 2
 What money? Ohhey
  • + 3
 Aww szymon godziek *-*
  • + 2
 szy and tomas are going to smash it! Big Grin
  • + 1
 just gettin it better Big Grin
  • + 2
 Where is Kirill?
  • + 0
 that event poster picture of Lacondeguy was taken at district ride. I think
  • + 2
 nope. last year's VAK
  • + 1
 i thought marcel hunt and ryan nangle were going?
  • + 0
 if Pavel nails everything he does hes got this! im still routing for lacondeguy!
  • + 1
 That poster is freaking beast!
  • + 1
 Mike reppin USA!!
  • + 1
 nobody from hungary?
  • + 1
 what about live stream?
  • + 0
 i thought danny pace was going
  • + 1
 Can't make it that one, I'll be getting more ripped that weekend. I'll be slaying at rocket air though.
  • + 1
 hahahahah ^^ hero
  • + 1
 this gonna be Mean!
  • + 1
 Mean-as bru!
  • + 2
 if thomas genon does his double whips, front flips, flip no hander,s and 360 whip and double whips he has a chance of winning
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