Aug 7, 2011
by James Visser  
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At Sea Otter I took an unfortunate crash on the speed and style course and hurt my hand.. Initially I thought it was just a small break and I would only be out for a couple of weeks. I was correct it was a small break but unfortunately it was on a very bad bone, the scaphoid. Known as one of the most diffacult and slowest healing bones in the body I wasn't sure what to expect, as the doctor came in I was nervous of what I was going to hear.. The verdict, I was to spend 12 weeks in a cast and then some time in a brace after that. With contest season right around the corner I was bummed to say the least I thought I was out for the whole season.

Contest after contest went by and all I was able to do was sit and watch, Crankworx Colorado was set to be a week after I got my cast off. I thought briefly about riding it but then it set in that this was a crazy idea. I got my cast off and went into a brace, however I was feeling super good so I began to ride a bike some. I also just finished building up my 2012 Ellsworth momentum and began riding it, it rode amazing and I felt great so with only 4 days on the bike I decided to take a gamble and ride Crankworx Colorado. Not expecting anything from being super rusty do to all the time on the bike I took it easy and was super stoked to come away un-injured and in 30th place out of 43 riders! With only four days on the bike and two days on the bike I was riding I couldnt be more pleased with how the contest went! Congrats to Sam Pilgrim, Brandon Semenuk, and Cam McCaul for getting up on the podium! It was a great time and I cant wait to make it back out next year!


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 Tough break dude. I also fractured my scaphoid but unfortunately my doc missed it in the original x-rays. It went unnoticed for almost 6 months until a surgeon found the fracture and informed me there was nothing he could do because it had already healed improperly. Yup, I got f*cked!! So here I am just over a year later with a mangled thumb/wrist and arthritis in both. I am glad they at least found yours and fixed it properly. Clearly you guys have a better medical system than us. Sorry you missed contest season, but at least you didn't get f*cked for life. Apparently it is common for docs to miss small scaphoid breaks because of location and the way they angle your hand to take the x-rays.
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 killing it

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