Video: Vallnord World Cup

Jul 29, 2013
by Tyler Maine  


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 gee looks like a douche on the podium.
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 well you know.. i would be pissed too if i didnt get first every race too.. hahahaha
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flag LavenderGooms (Jul 29, 2013 at 17:50) (Below Threshold)
 Sam and Troy act the same way...
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 Sam Hill never shows emotion
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 Haha gee
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 Gee's Twitter: ‏@gee_atherton 6h "Actually pretty stoked with today! I know it wasn't a win but couldn't get on with the bottom section of this track...Stoked for Remi to win" I think the sunglasses are messing with you all. Listen to that....he's stoked with 2nd. Smile
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flag Gawdodirt (Jul 29, 2013 at 22:04) (Below Threshold)
 Ya, because he tucks his ears in his hat like a douche.
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 On the hot seat Gee was all smile congratulating Thirion.
All of these guys on the podium are usually pissed with anything else than first, at least those used to win or targeting to win.
Considering Sam Hill I remember having seen him smile I think in 2010 Wink
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 minnaar is THE gentelman always smiling and give respect to the riders
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 Look at this "Douche"


Gee's actually a stand up guy. Sam is incredibly humble considering his legendary status. These guys just smile when they feel like smiling. The fact that anyone makes a deal about how someone *looks* on a podium is douchebag material if you ask me....... They're probably just kicking themselves for the mistakes they made.
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 Watch the CG day in the life vid. His ears are tucked in, and he pretty much makes al the rules!! Great vid though dude, someone sponsor this lad up!!
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 Actually, so far, Troy seems pretty stoked and happy every time he rides a bike, he's always happy looking, anywhere on the podiums
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 love to see that CRC Guy up on the podium! Go Sam Hill!
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 good job salva moreno.great vid.
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 Yeah i was about to say the same thing, really great "no sponsored" video Salva Moreno!
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 And a good soundtrack to boot!
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 Of course none of the guys who have won a race before will ever settle for anything but a win,for you retardeds who keep saying its fun and they should smile if they finish second,third,fourth etc have no clue what so ever about being a pro sports person! Gee don't eat a strict diet,smash hours in the gym,hours on the road bike,hours on the dh bike. Basically sacrificing a normal life where he get drink with mates.out for a curry or a weekend on the town with the lads! These top athletes give everything to win and second is just the first loser. Smile for second lol you idiots have no clue.
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 Neg prop him if you want but its true.
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 What an EPIC season already. Your vid amplifies it. Thx for your efforts salva.
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 Why aren't all the WC courses this steep and gnarly? It seems like they aren't pushing the riders skills as much these days as they are emphasizing fitness
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 Thought I heard another atherton won a race at andorra this past weekend, but if you watched this video in isolation you'd be convinced it wasn't the world cup she won, just some other race... where were the girls!? No excuses, especially when Rach wouldve been 73rd in the men's field....
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 Wa wa wa wa wa
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 Great vid, would love to see a slow mo, side by side of that exit from the woods. Remi made his line look so easy, was interesting to see him crash trying things in practice on that section.
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 Regardless of how Gee, or anybody else acts when they don't win, Stevie Smith is always happy and stoked for the winner, that's why he one of my favorites!
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 he did not look stoked for minaar at the world champs
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 Nice job,..ya agree that wc recaps should show something of top girls...runs or podium shot.
Ya gee is a bit if a jock type but ultra competitive/professional-respect to all of them.
Ears in the hat, beanies halfway on ur head w/bangs stickn out lookn like a condom...silly trends
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 Sam Hill is so cool_____O^O_____
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 This was an awesome vid. good job man. loved the feel. not too much slow mo. the whole thing felt like it was a montage of awesome.
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 Sweet edit. What an awesome course. Inspires me for next season at Pano. Way to go Stevie...4th is another solid result towards the overall,
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 Nice work. Be careful of the audio levels next time. Some of interviews were drowned out by the music.
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 such a sick track... I could watch 30 minutes of this sam just blasted down that steep section at the end there
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 Awesome vid, few slowmo, and lot of normal speed shots. I think too much slowmo kill DH videos nowadays.
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 Good work on the edit but it looks washed out and flat. Could use more saturation to make it look more normal.
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 Cedric is the coolest dh guy around hands down... The way he hug-raped remi shows it..
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 Badass edit! Watching again now
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 nice vid! straight up cinestyle too haha
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 Stop bitching,, sick track sick riding sick edit,,, end of!!
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 Anyone has some news about cam cole?
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 Any news on Cam Cole after his horrific stack?!!
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 just sayin, Gee is not happy at all....who cares,,,,it's a race and it is all about fun,,,He had a great run I thought and it was to me perfect but it happens,,,next,,,Stevie Smith will win next then Hill..
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flag Obeh (Jul 29, 2013 at 17:45) (Below Threshold)
 He almost fell on the steepest part which probably cost him a little bit of time. If it was a perfect run, he would have won
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 If it was all about fun they'd be having a warm embrace playing guitars. They race to win, those guys in particular.
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 It's not all about fun for professional athletes. I'm sure they do greatly enjoy the fact that they get to ride for a living but it is a job for these guys, not just a day at the bike park riding with their buddies. They train and work extremely hard and for guys who can and have won before like Gee ir Smith finishing anything other than first is disappointing. I'm not sure why everyone expects them to look excited up there. They are gracious in their loss. They congratulate the winner, stand on the podium and that's it. Not sure why people expect anything more.
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 Steve Smith looks like he wants to kill every person who finishes above him every time!
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 obeh I'm an atherton fan but saying that is crap, if a rider pushes themselves too hard and makes a mistake/crashes then it's their own fault plain and simple
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 We need a new CG. I don't know what I'll do if I don't see no-handers in DH or backflips in 4x (even though stupid UCI dropped it).
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 Dam well said
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 Mike King (ex world champion) once said "put a bunch of xc racers in one room and you will get a nice get together of people talking a bout bikes, get a bunch of DH racers in a room and you will get a fight or two"
We race to win, not to be nice.
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 naw xcers will fight, they'll just slap, pinch and pull hair instead of punching Big Grin
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 Yeah I see the point of getting paid to race but they still have fun,, perfect example,,Aron Gwinn. One of the greatest riders out there today and he has the best additude about racing. I would never harp on any of those guys at all, to be that committed going that fast down a hill takes big balls, even the girls go fast . Rachel crushed it but so did all the women in her class. It takes a certain type of individual to do this. DH is to me the tuffest sport out there on a bike. XC takes all the above but DH is pure torture on you mind body and soul, you are racing against the clock and you know that the smallest mistake can cause you placeing or cause you to get injured really bad, Cam Cole . That dude was crushing it and he was pinned an so focused in on getting down , it happens and I give prayers to him. He will come back and race again. That is what the love of DH is about. Boys this ain't NASCAR this is DownHill Mtn.Biking and there can only be one standing higher than all. To me they all stand tall. I am 43 and got into this sport 3 years ago and I love it . I sk8brd also but there is nothing like halling ass down a mtn. and feeling every little rock or root or felling the flow of the line you chose.. I am babbling but this is the greatest sport EVER...The End..They are all winners , but Sam Hill is going to take top podium this year just once and Stevie Boy Smith will take at least two. There is only 4 more races and Steve Smith will win at least two of them... I have faith in all of them..
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 just rambling off thoughts on my mind. Sorry for that...Carry on..
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 Woah there baddaaayyyy.
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 Great video Salva.
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 VOD for sure!!
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 good job salva moreno.great vid.
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 good job salva moreno.
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