Video: 15 Year Old Kiwi Local Shreds Rotorua

Jul 13, 2019
by Evo Cycles  
Video,Photos and Text By Liam Brierly / additional Photos By Reuben Bron

Rotorua, New Zealand, has never been short of talent. It’s literally and figuratively coming out of the woods.

Whakarewarewa (Redwoods) Forest is the town’s main mountain bike park, with about 130 kilometres of trails, and some riders who live within a 10-minute pedal of it are arguably the best on the scene. Fifteen-year-old Blake Pittams is one of those riders.

I have only known him for about four months but in that time he’s progressed from a kid who bailed out of a 360 over a trick jump 30 times, because he didn’t think he could land it, to the steezy and stylish rider he is today, executing tricks back-to-back with ease.

most foliage was cover is water droplets creating visualizing stunning surroundings
The first day of shooting started slowly. Most of the vegetation around the trails was frozen and so were our fingers…. however it is easier to shoot in cloud, so that was a bonus!

Winter Mornings always create stunning landscapes.

If it wasn't frozen, it was "thawing".

Blake attempting to Warm his hands before the shoot begins.

bigquotesHonestly man, im just trying to warm up, I cant
feel the grips with my hands!"
- A Rather Cold Blake Pittams

And the next minute it was back.
The run-in for this jump is pretty blind, but that wasn't stopping Blake, who steam-rolled towards the jump and launched himself into the unknown.

This Transfer is usually a pretty chill jump if you take it at the normal speed and height...however Blake wasn t having a bar of any of that and proceeded to go above and beyond so to speak.
Blake was landing in the roller at the bottom of this picture

bigquotesI love riding my bike because it allows me to escape from the real world and any problems I experience to just enjoy riding at its purest, Most of the time I ride in the redwoods with my friends, if were not digging trails at our places then were running laps on the shuttles or smashing sessions at Dodzy's (Jump Skills Park) - Blake Pittams

The amount of bike control this kid has is somewhere between full on free-rider and Pro EWS Racer.

This Kid has a skill for destroying tires and berms a pleasant thought for all bike mechanics and trail builders alike.
Blake is very good at ripping corners to shreds... Sorry, Rotorua trail builders

The Second day shooting the fog had well and truly gone elsewhere and the sun came out too play as we proceeded to Skyline Mountain Bike Park.

bigquotesI think finding your own style is important – to be yourself within the riding scene. It’s very common nowadays to see people jump onto trends, whether it be tricks or a new-release bike. You’re well within your rights to copy people, but put your own twist on it and innovate. The main thing is that it's not a contest to be the coolest-looking rider. We all started mountain biking to have fun and at the end of the day, if you're not having fun then you’re not riding a bike properly. Just be yourself”.- Blake Pittams

What goes up must come down.

Evo Cycles Videographer, photographer Liam Brierly, 23 years old. Photos: Reuben Bron.

Follow Blake and his antics via his Instagram @blake.pittams.
* Liam Brierly @safely_dangerous_
* Reuben Bron @reuben_bron

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 I guess u can get away with no kneepads when u are still made of cartilage and there are no rocks to be seen.
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 And no full face ....
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 Think evo cycles needs to hook that kid up with some protection gear all round!!
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 @ratm54: no worries:probably doesnt have permanent teeth yet
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 its rotorua... no rocks, super grippy dirt etc. not many here wear kneepads or gloves for that matter.
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 "harder than you" of course, he's fifteen years old.
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 Riding Silverstar last Friday the day before Canada cup practice and there was no shortage of 15 year olds that shred harder than I do.
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 First few scenes: "Nah he doesn't.

Next few scenes: "Oh, right"
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 Hard to say, I've never ridden his bike....
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 Right age, right spot
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 I like 15yr olds
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