Video: 26TRIX Highlights

Jun 23, 2013
by Fraktiv  
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Harrison Mendel's highlights video featuring the best of the action from this weekend's 26TRIX in Leogang, Austria. Just a shame the weather killed off the finals.


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 Genon got robbed. He did technical tricks like decade, 360 barspin to e.t, double tailwhip and 360-X the roadgap, so he atleast should have got 3rd.
Awesome video though Smile
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 Rheeders always judged high with his 3 and oposite 3 also cant understand why 2nd time after zürich!
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 nah norbs got robed
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 Not many people do opp spins or anything for that matter and a lot of people appreciate, for example, an unnatty 3 over a 3 variation... just sayin.
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 watch norbs win rampage this year
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 What's an oppo ? Is it about the foot's positions or it depend on the rider itself (which is not really fair) !
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 Not foot position, rather spinning one side to the other (left vs. right). Everyone has a natural side to spin on and the unnatty side to spin is insanely hard and awkward to do, although its so strange to see mtbers just catching onto this in the past couple seasons....

BTW natural spinning direction is known by the judges so riders cannot cheat this.
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flag trickadoodle13 (Jun 24, 2013 at 6:35) (Below Threshold)
 thomas did 4 360s in a row, no variety. pilgrim did 4 flips !!!!!! rheeder's run was a banger, he should have won ! and you guys not have seen the whole "finals", actually it was quali, so don't judge on the runs, you've only seen the highlights
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 rheeder should of won, not only was his run better then pilgrims (imo), he has waaay more style then him.
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 Judges were so LAME! Pavel just killed it, Bizet and very many riders... I want to know who were the judges :/
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 @konanemia: they had a meeting afterwards with the judges because a lot of the riders didn't get their score. riders and judges told each other their opinions and they agreed at the end
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 dat mugs explosion
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 Hahaha! The look on Reynolds after his mug explodes! He's completely drenched standing there like "wtf?" It doesn't even phase Pilgrim. He probably has a big gash on his hand or something, but he doesn't give a sh*t. Totally livin' it up! So funny!
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 He actually got a pretty good cut on his neck!
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 Bizet got robbed....frontflip, flatspin x-up, backflip no hander, 360 road gap to flipwhip only gets 64???? -.-
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 WOW WTF at 3:08? thats crazy!
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 Ya, what was that? It was sick! Big Grin
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 i love/hate it when people post these cus i always have to go back and watch that again!!
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 It's called a cashroll
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 Look like a 360 to flat spine
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 Were those takeoffs concrete?
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 yes some of them were
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 I got robbed
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 Sick edit compared to Redbull player! Song?
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 yeah love this band. their music goes so well with mtb vids
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 Genon was robbed for sure! I’d put him in second with the run he had. His tricks were more technical then Rheeder's 360 to switch 360...... I guess thats what we can expect from judging these days. Great riding from the top three, just feel the judging was a bit off.
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 So you take the worst two tricks of rheeders run and compare them to all of genon's run. Seems legit.
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 judging system should change , and soon to!!!
not quite sure how best to do it, but lately judges seem to not be sharing same opinion than most of the biking communitty,
it´s not easy though
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 What bike is Brett Rheeder riding?
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 trek slopestyle bike
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flag skierdud89 (Jun 23, 2013 at 13:12) (Below Threshold)
 Looks like a session...
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 skierdude89.. just shut up. why cant this joke just go away?
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 Don't you get it? The joke's now retro and cool again!
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 Heh, practice tricks were more ermm... uncommon than those in the final runs.
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 finals were canceled because of rain. they took the ranking of the quali runs. what a pitty for Godziek and Soderstrom. want to see Pawel in the finals next time!
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 Pilgrim on a bike that's a nice colour? That was a bigger surprise than him winning. That course looked so good.
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 minus the jump before the step down. almost everyone cased it.
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 I loooove stiegel beer !
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 If I were a judge I'd crown a victor at 2:12. Style on style.
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 Pubsey (Genon) must read the track differnt to the other riders. Mad style!
MASSIVE front flip in there too.
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 That flip turndown!
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 its funny how skinny jeans resemble lycra!
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 that flip turndown though..
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 were is semenuk!!???
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 Filming Hiatus. He'll be at the X-Games.
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 brett should have won ! we discussed it and we both agree that pilgrim's run had no variety, too many flips
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 Pilgrim had way more combos, combos earn you points. Infact his every flip had an other different trick in it, plus a whole new trick for the FMB tour.
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 hahahaha go home ! i think it's way more difficult to oppo your tricks than throwing in a turndown or a tuck no hand! and by the way rheeder is smoother and has more style!

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