Video: A Day In The Life of Cedric Gracia

Jul 27, 2013
by Mike Kazimer  


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 MTB Cribs
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flag booostin (Jul 27, 2013 at 23:57) (Below Threshold)
 maybe he was born with the silver spoon...who knows.
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 or maybe he worked hard..
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flag finnrambo (Jul 28, 2013 at 1:21) (Below Threshold)
 combo of both?
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flag booostin (Jul 28, 2013 at 1:26) (Below Threshold)
 thats what i was thinking
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 Born with a silver spoon he was not..Ced has worked harder than most for what he has, and has done an incredible job building the CG "brand". Massive legend. And whether you're a hater or a fan, he definitely deserves your respect.
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 im a huge fan of cedric, met him at sea otter and had some good talks with him, hes a great guy
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 just shows hard work does pay off!! eventually!
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 CG was around in the 90's when the DH boys got paid shit loads
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 ^ indeed. On one of the biggest teams as well, Volvo/Cannondale. Spesh had Palmer's salary for one year at $750,000. That figure doesn't include his prize money and endorsement deals etc. CG probably made a pile of money back then.
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 i say hard work i mean being one crazy motherplucker!
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 he helped me to pick up a girl, true legend
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 it took 2 of you to pick her up? She must have been a right porker lol
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 @T1mb0 no he already had 2 chicks
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 The contents of his garage make me happySmile Ced has the brightest personality in all of mountain biking, such an awesome guy!
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 Cedric really smashes the shit out of that whole French arrogance stereotype. MTB is lucky to have him. Helps make up for Brian Lopes.
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 He Made 250k a year for 6 years on the cannondale team. Not to mention everything else, I wish his movie had come out!
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 The guy is freaking legend he has built that up around himself through saving and hardworking he deserves everything he has got.
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flag bfalcao (Jul 27, 2013 at 22:07) (Below Threshold)
 sorry, but I can't agree with you on this. He's a fuc***** legend, hell yeah! but deserve it due to savings and hardworking? I believe most of us do it and don't have a sweet ferrari in the garage... the point is he is a unique guy and in the society we live unique people usually are well payed, and that is ok! but not for the savings man...
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 He is the 1% that gets to live the Tony Stark life, with all the toys and gadgets. This life does not come cheap: it takes dedication and commitment. It's not just riding bikes and drinking beers.
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 Your vision of how most people get rich is skewed. All self-made successful people will tell you that you have to save money on a overall general basis and make smart financial + disciplined decisions. Even if you made shitloads of money but blew it all week to week on pointless things, it'd be like trying to save water in a bucket but the bucket riddled with holes that just spill the water everywhere and no matter how hard you tried scooping up water over and over, you would have nothing in short time.
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 meanwhile I am sitting behind a computer screen.
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 Cannot believe the comments posted, a lot of jealousy and negativity!
Come on guys does it really matter how he has got his cash?
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 Sadly that's the way most people are... People are and probably always be jealous bastards. But everyone should make sure they don't belong to those people.
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 where does he get the money for all this stuff?!?! I get being a pro rider and all but pro riders don't make that much.... I think
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 I would agree with you there. I guess we have to realize that he's been in the sport for a "LONG" time and has been very successful. Apparently if you win Rampage, sponsors pay you big!!!
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 Good management, he has a bikeshop too, selling his old commmençal Razz
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 Owning that bar
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 Just listen to him in the vid.... lots of years saving.
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 If i remember right also from the old vid years ago, his family has a vineyard so i'm sure there's a bit of trickle down money also
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 House alone costs at least 1m euros. That's 4166 every month for 20 years if you don't eat.
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 @ finnrambo you were a pro rider but you weren't CG (no disrespect to you).You can certainly put him on the top 5 European of all time so it might be explain some
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 And if you think about it, he pretty much has the personality and sponsor would want their rider to have.
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 Maybe also the fact that you dont pay tax in andorra. It makes you pretty wealthy when you dont have to give most of your paycheck to the government
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 Pretty sure CG made some money investing in real estate.
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 Being a pro rider (with major wins) + having a Bar + don't pay tax = FERRARI
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 i m really surprized that the community never noticed that many of the great worldclass rider come from healthy families... It cost a lot to ride the whole time, to have a personnal trainer etc. You can t actually work like everybody does and get the performance asked to race in WC...
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 Don't forget Andora is a tax haven. If CG stayed in France, he wouldn't afford all this stuff. I'm not considering CG has french anymore.
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 yes!!! = 430 cabrio
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 Why French get jalous of people who do well in life? Makin money is not a crime and by the way CG family not rich from scratch.CG for FRENCH PRESIDENTE!
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 @Daddybear, I'm not jealous, being a pro-rider is a short life, so I understand he has put money on shops and now he can afford a Ferrari. But you have to agree is not french anymore. If he was still in France, he would pay much more tax, like us.
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 @Kanicula so if you win a lot of money you're agree to give 70% of your money to the French Governement? let me laugh ha haha ha hahaha
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 Where the hell do you read I agree with french government ?! What do you want to prove ? I can't go abroad, but France has advantages, especially when you are just a rider.

CG is a great businessman. He has done the good choices at best moment. He left France for a tax haven and now lives comfortably. But, let see, when he got injured, he was back in a french hospital at Toulouse.. Will you bet he payed for the health care ?
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 So to be French you must always live in France?! What utter shite… I guess it that attitude why so many people love your country, but the people, not so much.
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 @T1mb0 Cheers to you! I m french and i m gonna move from this country.... not for tax evasion just cuz people and how it works here is so stupid
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 Really? I'd love to live there.
Beautiful country, great culture, great food… in the mountains anyway.
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 Beautiful country, mad food and lots of mountains (where i live) but the way everything works here is stupid , maybe not if you see it from another country .... move to BC to live my dream
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 "Grass is always greener…"
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 Trails are always better........
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 CG PRESIDENT ! (at least 5 rock n roll years.)
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 Cedric Gracia is not a normal person, he is loved by everyone and by every brand, for example he is not sponsored by redbull and got 9 minutes on redbull tv wearing wild wolf stuff.
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 'Definitely alot better then going to the gym and lifting stuff.' well said Sir Cedric well said
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 Pinkbike is fast becoming THE place to hang out if you're a whiny little bitch!
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 This guy's a legend! Good point he made how being fit helped reduce serious injuries. I've been in a few crashes where i'm sure if my fitness and strength was not there then the injuries would have been very bad.
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 Totally worth it, but not worth it when the police catch you -Cedric Gracia Going to be my all time favorite quote
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 CG rides a scooter....Baller!!
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 Très bon Rideur, Qui as toujours du style malgré la trentaine passé, ...
Juste dommage tout ce bling,bling dans la vidéo, entre " La maison de CG ,L'ascenseur,La Ferrari ..." enfin bref,

bonne continuation
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 CG EST le blingbling.
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 Why people surprised he can afford himself these things. Just because the sport isn't in main stream media, doesn't mean money can't be made. Do you people not see the stupid money that bikes and parts costs? That's because guys like CG pay is also calculated in. When you reach his level, there is no limit to the pimpin you can do. That's if you smart of course.
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 PROPS to CG good too see what hard work and wise investing can do , as for his car he stated he saved a longtime for it , and the house was credited to a REDBULL Rampage win , i,m betting the royalties and product endorsements go along way when put to good use .
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 What a truely super guy, Cedric is one of the greats like Peaty. He has been in the sport since the beginnings when money was thrown at pro riders, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere years ago that he invested his money in property. Good on him!
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 He's just shared a day from his life with you, and all what you guys discuss is his money and the way to his wealth. It's sad. Sorry, had to write it.
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 ^Hey dude, welcome to PinkBike!
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 This guys a nut. Hes crazy rich for a downhiller
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 Let this be a lesson to all the youngsters. Save your pennies and some day you can drive a Ferrari too. Just think of all the guys CG used to ride with and where they are now. Cedric played it smart and gets to enjoy the fruit of his labors now.
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 Well done CG, he's not coming from a wealthy family by the way. I'm glad that so many people from everywhere are supporting this guy. He deserves everything Smile . And btw he's not the only likeable french guy, I'm not saying that we are all like him, which is not the case but some of us are (:
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 Im pretty sure, like most pro athletes. He makes his money from endorsements and investments. More so than getting a check from the bike company he rides for.
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 So sad to hear that he retired from down hill racing today but thankfully he will still be racing Enduro and working on mtb projects. Thanks for staying with us CG you are one of the best!!
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 She said his trophies don't need to be in his house. His trophies. His house. Not only do you rule, CG, you are a tolerant man.
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 One thing i can see from him..
Trophies didnt always make you succeed..
Personality and passion otherwise gonna keep the flame in your life burning for a long time..
You are the true example of ride life (NOT Gi*nt)
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 This dude is such a dude. Like dude! Duuuuuuude.
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 Good for you Garcia! you got two things I want, I bar with a possible dance atmosphere(cheap good beer) and your well known for biking. like the advertisement, just don't sell yourself out.

thanks for that
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 Well, you can find a ferrari for @$100k used...covertibles especially.
Wifes says no trophy in the house...excuse me honey, those got me the house, not you! Lol
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 you never know she might have a high paying job.
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 She is or was his team manager(sure she helps run the bar 2)...but, I'm sure she contributes too. Theyre awesome!
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 im sure she is a trophy wife!!
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 Rob Roskopp needs a little work in the technical skills department....
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 What they didn't show us what was in his fridge?! Shame on you Redbull cribs!
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 wall to wall monster energy in his fridge
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 I fucking love that guy... Anything CG related completely unskipable if you ask me.
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 Most successful, happy dude I've seen! Keep killin it CG!
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 He has things (a Ferrari included) who do not have even those who have won a World Cup
CG rules!
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 God his life sucks! I'd much rather be doing my 12 hour shifts in a factory!!
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 respect to him, what a nice guy, he was close to dying recently great to see him killing it again
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 Ohh that was best video I've ever seen about him.The house is absolutely awesome Nice Cedric,youre the KING!!!
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 "Not worth it when the police catch you" hahaha
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 Was that a glimps of a DVO single crown enduro fork on his bike there at around 6:42??
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 The best and the funniest guy in the world CG you are fucking awesome !!!!
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 Absalute legand met CG twice he's awesome he's one lucky man with all that money but he worked hard to get it
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 Ahh thats nice. All the stuff i wont be getting
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 I. Am. So. Jealous. Better win Rampage then....
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 I noticed the San Miguel Beer he was drinking, made in the Philippines
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 Top guy
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 Determination an hard work pays off.well done cg
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 what is the santa cruz bike?? nomad or bronson?
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 CG kicks arse! I hope he hangs around forever.
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 People are jealous of the success especially of those who shown it.
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 c'est pas questions d'etre jaloux,
si nous sommes jaloux toi tu est un leche couille ?

Je trouve que c'est beaucou de Bling-bling, c'est tout,
y'a des dizaines d'autres rider comme lui qui gagne aussi bien leurs vies, et qui n'en mette pas pleins la vue lors des vidéos ...
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 Nerd out time. 6:46. Yellow Nomad.
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 Nevermind, definitely Yellow Tallboy LTc
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 Man jealousy is an ugly thing.
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 CG and Rob Warner comentating next year!
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 that sound when he scrapes the Ferrari though...
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 1000 for cedric .. still 0 for me
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 That house oh my Lordy.
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 Where is this?
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 i need to go to that bar
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 Great vid, great guy!
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 dont pause the video, otherwise the video player will stop working
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