Video: BMC Trail Crew - Enduro Winter Training

Feb 4, 2013
by Stanus Lucas  
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Follow the BMC trail crew riders on Mont Salève (close to Geneva) as they rip up the local trails on their Fourstroke 29. Fall means nice colors, and good training in the Alps before the first snow.

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 Big wheels look funny
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 I wonder if the next generation will make fun of us for NOT riding 29ers.
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 Wagon wheels do look silly.
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 Its funny how 3" can make such a difference.
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 I remember when "enduro" was called "mountain biking"... Blank Stare
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 I couldn't agree less with any of the anti-29er comments, and I hate to turn such a sweet video comment section into ANOTHER 29er fight, but there needs to be balance haha. I actually love the look of those frames, and I would love to test ride one some day soon.
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 I ve. Owned both 26=more fun. 29= more speed. 29 not as good in fast tight corners and skinnies, and jumps. Just my opinion but 29 does roll over stuff better and great for wide open Xc. Why need there be a debate which is better it just depends on where and what type of terrain u ride. Just my personal experiences so please don't hate.
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 29 = more speed and more fun if you get the right setup. I've been riding BMC 29ers since they came out and the geometry is such that the difference you feel in tight corners, skinnies, and jumps is non-existent with their stuff. The same can't be said for every manufacturer, but BMC has it figured out when it comes to big wheels.
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 Keep up the xc love pinkbike! Not to hate on DH vids in any way, but its nice to mix it up with some XC action. Sick video!
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 I like the low and wide flat bar on big wheels. These guys are ripping. I don't think my next ride will be a 26" Smile
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 the more 29ers like Satoris and Bandits I see around North Van that are sporting fat rubber and caked in remants of what they just ripped up, the more i'm thinking they actually look bad ass.
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 Ok your opinion but I have ridden several 29ers and the big wheel put the gap between your eye level and the ground or skinny at a greater distance and that means less confidence and feel all together. And not even close in tight corners I always feel like I am gonna wash out on the big wheels. I truly think that people either just feel the need to defend their choice in wheel size or they just have. Not experienced the same terrain on both sizes of wheels to compare the difference, but I have and m any many rides and I was a firm believer in the 29er but guess what I was honest with myself and sold my fisher 29er with g2 geo last fall after two seasons and I am awaiting a new tranny covert 26 let the fun begin.... All depends on what and where you ride
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 Someone needs to update the Swedish to English dictionary.

Looks like the definition for "scenic mellow cross-country ride" is mis-translated to "enduro".
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 Geneva is in Switzerland not Sweden.
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 Isn't BMC Swiss? That's what I was going with.
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 Hmm funny that video reminds me of this other video I saw a month or two ago.........
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 Exactly what I was thinking.
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 BMC makes the sickest bikes but i aint got the $$$$$$ for any of themFrown
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 That could've been in Britain I've ridden similar in Wales and Derbyshire just wait for a slightly dry spell...............
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 BMC make some of the best bikes i have ever seen. A true boutique brand.
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 Now i know how to go down these trails! Rode few of these trails, but in comparison its like i was riding them uphill Big Grin
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 I really need to stop watching these vids at work...
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 but sick video.....wish i lived in switzerland
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 oh what Canada not good enough for you?
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 if he was in bc you could say that...
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 Move to BC bro. Just be warned, our easiest "XC" trails are still hell of a lot gnarlier than the ones in those videos.
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 If only I could fave something more than once.
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 This is the new XC. The tire give birth to a tube at the end, disgusting..
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 don't like the musik that much but the vid is nice :-)
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 Just entered my first xc, 90km. 26", full sus and wide bars for the win!
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 I did the gorrick 12 hour endurence xc race on my Nukeproof mega with marzocchi 55's and 730mm bars. 88miles in 12.30 hours. Megas pedal better than any other 6 inch bike geo wise
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 Bobs Mountain Company
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 Sick climbing, dudes!
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 Cool Video... stupid song.
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 how many km downhill ?
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 u dont follow people on facebook
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 29in......just look cumbersome in the dh..
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 euro videos are always better on mute
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 29 big NOOOOOO Smile
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