Video: Cedric Gracia Through My Eyes 6 - Whistler Part 2

Aug 14, 2013
by Stanus Lucas  
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My second Through My Eyes from Crankworx WHISTLER. This time, place to the race, for the 5th round of Enduro World Series. 5 stage, a really long race, Cedric finished 12th, with a chainless and a flat tire on the last stage, but he takes the time for a crazy finish. Bryan takes 17th place, a nice top twenty for the team.

Title image by GeeBeeBee.


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 Fix it with a rock . Class
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 As the age-old saying goes..."you go with what you've got". Smile
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 What I love about CG is that he reminds me not to take things too seriously, and above all to enjoy life and live it!
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 Couldn't agree more, he never lost the pure love for riding a bike as well. Love this guy.
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 CG is seriously cool and knows how to tear trails up but that mix of the xx and kanye west is SH*T
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 I concur.
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 I too concur.
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 "Long day" as he rides the lift back up... stud
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 I couldn't help but notice that as well. Old doesn't mean "weak and frail" by any stretch of the imagination!
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 CG has so much style!
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 CG does more with a broken bike than most people could dream of doing on something fresh outta the showroom!
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 Can we somehow arrange for CG to run the planet - all of it - in the near future?
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 Of the pros I've met over the years, CG is probably one of the few that left me with that "what a dickhead" feeling. I've always loved his style over the years and sometimes wonder how dominant he would have been if he took racing more seriously - then I stop wondering and just appreciate the fact I'm fortunate enough to have seen his career unfold. It's amazing how he keeps it real and still manages decent results anyway. Let us not forget that he also won Rampage in his prime, as if his racing/filming wasn't enough.

CG is king!!
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He's one of the few that DIDN'T leave me with that "what a dickhead feeling".

PB needs an edit option for posts, btw.
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 What? Only one flat and a missing chain? Pfff. Let me know when he finishes with two flats, no chain and only one pedal.
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 He is very entertaining and fun to watch. Some may call him immature but truly the guy is having a time of his life and making some serious bank. Can't hate him for that.
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 CG godfather of biking
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 Hes doing what riding is all about - Having an Awesome time!
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 CG Cool Guy Smile
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 what was the blue bike was he riding?
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 CG makes enduro seem more like F1
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 CG is Chuck Norris ...!!! 100%
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 Sic CG!
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 Go pro helmet video is interesting for about two seconds then its boring!
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 CG,you are the man.
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 CG is such a gangster!

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