Video: Danny MacAskill's Imaginate - Episode 5, 'Lifting the Lid'

Jul 2, 2013
by Mike Kazimer  

‘Lifting the lid’ gives an insight into the filming of the clip, which Director Stu Thompson says was a ‘long, long difficult process’ and had so many technical and unique lines that pushed Danny’s riding to a new high; none more so than the mini kicker step up which Danny says took him ‘slightly out of his comfort zone’.

The project that has been two years in the making comes to a close as Kelvin Hall shuts its doors to Danny and his crew for the last time.


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 Dat accent
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 This was probably one of the most original and just awesome pieces of biking that I have seen. Thanks and great work to everyone who made it happen!
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 Just amazing. And ho yes dat axent is just like the terrier of lady and trump haha
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 first time i liked bonus material ..Big Grin
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 ahh to be sponsored by red bull 11:55 the 4 crates!!
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 Just shows what is possible on a bike, and if you put your mind to it, you can do it, Well done Danny
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 surprised that the flair was the most difficult thing for him, given he stomped the backflip 360 onto the train platform fairly well.,
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 aww they missed out the part with the F1 car
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 My missus looks me after watching this together and says:
"dont you wish you could ride as well as him!?"
"...Awkward silence..."
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 NOO!! I dont want to know how they made the magic happen. leave it as it is.
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 So don't watch?
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 I can't imaginate what his next edit will be like... I kind of hope that it's back in urban areas, or possibly trials in the wilderness, like Ryan Leech's one segment in Kranked.
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 I used to sculpt miniature Baja mountain bikes and Bmx's plus the rider action figures out of trash bag twist ties when I was a young boy whom didnt have a good bike of his own. and the things Id do playing with them I see dudes doing now for a living.So imagine how this all now look to me...
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 That's both depressing and awesome at the same time.
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 Unreal!! The actual video didnt do justice to the size of the set and tricks imo. Pitty it could of seamed much bigger and that bit more mental if it was shot differently
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 I could watch hours of the behind the scenes on this. So awesome.
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 Gives me heart palpitations.
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 right im off to play with my bike in my room!
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 I hadn't realised how big that first step up was! Mega props to Stu Tompson for how this was made.
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 The creativity is amazing....and his riding :o. I don't ride trials but I have tons of respect for what this guy can do.
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 I don't know if we can englobe danny's riding into one concept as trial, he definitely is in his own game/league/planet or even universe, the guy is amazing
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 Legends all round, so glad he recovered and killed it Smile

Awesome to see how much respect and congrats Danny gets!
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 Although I am "eight-inch" rider whenever I am watching Danny's riding I want to have some simlar funbike.
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 "... and this is pretty much what I'm doing every day."
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 danny reminds me of seananners lawl
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 MacAskill's a PRO!! Such a fighter! Props to his performance and imagination!
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 Some crazy stuff goes on in his head. Loved it Big Grin
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 Whats NextWink
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 Seriously next level stuff
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 Artist, is right! Danny is amazing.
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 What helmet is the interviewer wearing at 3:40?
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 The fact that Ashton is impressed says it all Smile
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 Brings a smile to your day :-)
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 I would have liked to see the giraffe actually happen.
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 lopty loop
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 does red bull player buffer really slowly with anyone else?
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 awesome...but you shouldn't play with tanks they are bad
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 awesome video
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