Video: Enduro Des Portes du Mercantour

Feb 9, 2013 at 0:10
Feb 9, 2013
by Matt Wragg  
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What better way to start your Saturday than some proper big mountain Enduro racing? Filmed back in September last year, we stumbled on this today and it's far too good not to share. This is what Enduro is supposed to look like: burly mountains, high speed descents and Frenchmen going far faster than you could ever hope to. Forget all the faux-XC nonsense and sit back for seven minutes of the French doing it right.
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 Mental note: Learn French. Knowing French will make you 30% faster... And grow a rough beard.
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 Yes, but make sure it is French from France. My colonial Quebecois French has given me no results. Also, it is vital to cultivate ZERO personality... and don't tell me Cedric is an exception. He's from Andorra.
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 Bah, have you ever met Fabien or Nico? Not everyone is a flamboyant showman, that doesn't mean they're dull. And Cedric isn't from Andorra, he's from France (that's why he raced for the French national DH team).
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 Agree. You have to be cool, and precise. Every french racer EVER was the same, you name it. Nico, Fabien, Loeb, Prost. Cold as ice, calculated and calm. Cedric spend to much time with the Spaniards, they have corrupted him with their marry ways. lol
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 love your comment dude (drakche)
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 @cervo, what can I say. I love seeing Frenchies race. Smile It seems that there is a collective attitude the French have towards racing and committing to it, that makes them very inspiring. Would love to come and live in France so that this attitude will rub off a bit on me (mmmm, Nice and Cote d'Azure), but my french is merde. Big Grin
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 I can barely read french, but honestly they all could have been telling us their favorite cookie recipe for all I care - that race looks super fun! I wouldn't even mind coming in dead last, I would love an opportunity to race something like this at least once in my life.
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 Clements is a pretty cool guy...
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 *clementz damn you autocorrect
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 that gravel section looks gorgeous for riding on
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 fore those who want to no what is in the report.
the first guy said he win 4 time this enduro, but this years big pro are here to. he his happy to do his run white them but he know it gonna be difficult to win.

barel said "the place is amazing white sweet dirt on the rock and the track is like a rollercaster"

nico said "after the first run there is no difference bitween the best and like he is first it's gonna hard for him whit all the best guy on is but"

absalon said " he ride fast and meet nico at the end but he was tired and can't win

I hope that's help you.......excused my very poor english
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 Merci beaucoup pour the translation Wink
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 You speek better english then i do, and i live in the USA... Thanks for the translation
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 you are welcom ^ ^
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 Thanks! Your English is quite good.
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 are we going to get proper coverage of the world enduro races? as its pretty cool to watch
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flag HalfOrange (Feb 9, 2013 at 7:25) (Below Threshold)
 Much better to watch than the DH comps.
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 Minnaar and hart throwing huge whips? Gwin singlehandedly dominating? Holly feniak growing into the sport? Yea pretty boring stuff for sure.
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 I couldn't understand what they were saying at the start because my french is poor but i sort of nodded along with it anyway because i know it's all good enduro related chat
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 That was amazing, I would love to take part in something like that, they really know how to do this.
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 L'Enduro des portes du Mercantour is one of the most beautiful events in France.
The organization is carried out by a group of enthusiasts and a specialist discipline in France: Olivier Giordanengo.
This enduro is everything Olivier loves in mountain biking, pretty downhills on nature trails.
The South of France, and the region of Valberg have any playgrounds available for mountain biking. This starts with the alpine trails and the woods sections, canyons in the red earth, and finally the beautiful lands that resemble a gray BMX track 4km ...
You must know that the Portes du Mercantour Enduro is an event that deserves ...
The climbs are often bike and the lift is rarely used.
The "links" are timed, much time is expected and everyone arrives before the start of their "special", but the physical is important to complete 35 to 40 km with 1500 to 1800m of elevation gain on the first day.
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 All the riders, whatever their level, from pro to moderately experienced, are unanimous from one year to the other : this race is the most pleasant and beautiful that they have raced (the very words of Nicolas Vouilloz himself!). The ambiance is unique, thanks to the kindness of the large numbers of voluntary staff members present everywhere in the mountains (the Giordanengo family), and the quality of the tracks is simply unbelievable. This race, I had the luck to participate to from 2008 to 2012, is just the most beautifull one! In other words, it worth the trip to France for the week-end, even from Australia!
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 Oh yeah!
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 You like the event ? One of the best french enduros ! Here the gallery of the 2012 race :

a href="" target="_blank">>
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 Here are 8 years Olivier and over 80 volunteers organized this concept Enduro des Portes du Mercantour.
L'Enduro des Portes du Mercantour is also the enduro of new concepts, with the completion of the last weekend special in tracking mode.
Competitors soar with the gap separating them in the standings and the first passing the finish line is the winner.
This year, a special was conducted without chain to highlight the qualities of fine control.
Finally, there is always a "special" unknown where only the one who could reading the unknown field can realize good times.
The race become increasingly important in recent years with the presence of the greatest experts on the Enduro race season end.
Nico Vouilloz, Fabien Barel, Remy Absalon, Jey Clementz, Florian Golay, Francois Bailly Maitre, all are unanymes, they had a great time and will return in the Mercantour.
There are two or three years, Mark Weir went with American pilots ride on our trails, his reaction was "awesome" when he saw the old abandoned village of Amen ...
This year we intend to bring pilots of all countries to discover these beautiful trails, this fabulous race and gargantuan meal on arrival.
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 The 2013 edition will take place on 7 and 8 September 2013, the weekend after the Eurobike. For 2013, GIANT become the main partner of the Enduro, and we await the coming of enduro riders around the world. Mavic and Formula partners are always renew their presence. The side of the news, it should be noted the creation of the Enduro Discovery for those who want to try running without chrono, and the opening of the youngest kid Enduro. You will find all information about Hope you will join us!
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 Would have been nice to have sub-titles.
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 Wow! Awesome terrain. Pretty much every video I've seen filmed in France has been impressive. I hope the enduro racing develops successfully in the US and Canada.
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 Those tracks looked amazing. Cant wait till they have races like that everywhere.
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 Update with the correct link (sorry) :

You like the event ? One of the best french enduros ! Here the gallery of the 2012 race :

Link :
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 This is very similar to the group b rally in cars how people enjoy the sport. it has taken off so quick but it wont get band unless people dope like some of the cars back then were running 800bhp in a hatchback car
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 It won't be banned like Group B, no matter what a rider might dope himself with he'll never barrel through the crowd in a gigantic ball of flame. . Unless he eats Vindaloo the night before...
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 Or taco Bell, that shit will fuck you up.
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 Best comment addition ever and it's 100% accurate I'm loling!!!
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 "reportage 2012" Rampage for reporters?
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 So which should I add to my overseas hit list... that race on flat grass across Mongolia... or this?
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 1:30, if you don't wanna lay down and die after an enduro race, you're not pedaling hard enough.
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 french riders knows only one!
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 That looks so sweet!
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 That's mountain biking
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 Amazing race! Anyone know the name of the song?
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 The last day race from inside : !
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 great trails
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 What did he say?
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 Really funny!
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 Looks like a bit of utah rocks lost themselves in the Mercantour.
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 It is a chainless race, isn't it ?
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 only for 1 ES ! the last of saturday
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