Video: Enduro World Series Round 3 - Les Deux Alpes

Jul 8, 2013
by Mike Kazimer  
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Day two of Crankworx Les 2 Alpes is a wrap! The Cannondale Enduro Les 2 Alpes consisted of epic descents, mega technical terrain and a different winner for each of the 4 stages today in both the overall men’s and the women’s races. Congratulations to all of the riders who raced: being competitive at this event was serious business and the day proved to be a huge challenge for many of the world’s best riders.

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 Dan Atherton tells it how it is you know
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 Another awesome video ruined by dubstep. Wob wob wob wob wob wob wob wob!
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 so true!
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 very fun
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 Couldn't agree more. A laptop isn't a musical instrument.
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 And a Boom box is not a toy
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 2:51 If you listen carefully Dan pulls off a double 'you know'!!!!
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 Sick as, dam this is just an amazing series so far,feels like more than 3 rounds, super stoked and there is still four more rounds to go and so far each round has just got badder and better!
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 5:27 Front tires only slow you down!
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 Watching these nice shots and that sweet endurorace track.makes me wanna ride that on my downhill bike with my friends looks like a nice freeride tour in the alps to me. sweet racing from the pros of course,as usual.
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 Methinks the climbing sections make for a less dynamic overall video, and not many people on sites such as PB like to watch cyclists pedaling. If the Enduro race I entered is any indication, there is ample climbing and xc work within the general downhill direction of the timed sections. Enduro is not just about riding DH on trail bikes. I did like the vibe of the race I did, and it looks to be similar at this event, where it was a great day out riding with my friends with the chill ride and recap of the last downhill from section to section and the braaaaaaaap timed sections.
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 bit of purity and flight to brighten the day Smile
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 "I love the smell of brakes pads in the morning. #smellslikeenduro - Lee Trumpore"

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 It's so much downhill that actually they could have raced on DH bikes. Isn't it a bit too much DH to call it enduro?
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 Gravity enduro (as i understand it) is a downhill discipline, so yeh you could ride the course on a dh bike but you would have a hard time pedalling back up the mountain in the untimed stages for the next race. and when there are maybe 4/5 stages over 2 days i think i'd die horribly climbing on a dh bike haha
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 did anyone notice the fork that tracy is running? Looks rather big for being on 29er....yes I am pretty sure that is the 29 inch remedy
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 k nevermind that is a slash
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 Trek's website claims she was riding the 29" Remedy to her first win in the EWS. I did not catch that when I was reading reviews of the first race...interesting though. It seems this course was much more technical than the first two.
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 cedric gracia, finished 7th, on a bike that has 69.5 head angle (tallboy).

how is this possible??!!!
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 maybe it doesn`t matter? give this man a klunker and he`ll finish maybe 8th.
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 Did't you pay attention in class? If you have big balls, head angles and wheelsize don't affect you. You just go faster. That's it.
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 guys, that is what i was indicating between the lines... Smile
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 Its possible because you have to be able to have an agile bike for these events. Today's overly slack steering tube angles are detrimental to that.
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 650B, 63 degree head angle, 150mm front and rear, 1X10/11 drive train... most likely to be a winning combo. or just anything jerome clementz or fabien barel ride...
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 lold at the part when a guy is totally crashing a part and cg goes full speed there Big Grin damn pro's Smile
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 Anyone using anything else than 26" among the top 10? I know Atherton and Vouilloz are on 650B, anybody else?
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 Cedric got 7th on a tallboy lt 29 and Keene got 9th on a specialized enduro 29
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 Fantastic vid, just someone please kill all this fucking dubstep with fire, kthx.
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 Such a great series, UCI can keep promoting XCE if it means they don't get involved in enduro that's fine with me. I'd quite like to see the addition of some timed technical uphill stages, uphill is just as much about enduro riding as going down. All the pro's have the fitness and this would demonstrate the bikes/wheelsize abilities even more.
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 Well (1) the UCI are "involved" in so far as they are implementing a rule next year which will ban folk from doing UCI Downhill and non-UCI sanctioned events such as EWS Enduro :-/ pathetic really

And (2), check out timing for stage 1 and all the various comments from the riders about stage 1 being too "physical". I'm fairly certain there must have been a heavy XC element to it, at altitude.
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 Yep there are definitely climbs in the stages - I was meaning a pure uphill stage to mix it up a bit
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 A pure uphill stage? nah mate, less of that
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 Originally I wondered why the UCI was implementing the 'no unsanctioned races' rule... seemed pretty petty. Now I have a better appreciation for why they are guarding their turf with so many current and former big-name DH racers riding non UCI events such as this Enduro series. Would the UCI seriously disqualify them if the top names from DH went and rode this series next year?
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 Probably not... it would be bad publicity and would mean there would be a whole new admissions system needed most likely. I don't see why we can't have purely UCI events and then UCI sponsored events... does that make sense? I guess its like british cycling really, they have BC events and also there are local xc series near where I live which are BC sponsored. In the end I don't think it's going to matter, people (big names or not) will enter into races they want to enter. In terms of the uphill, I thought the enduro series was allowing 10-15% of each stage to be uphill/climbs? Or is that the Italian superenduro?
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 Maybe not pure uphill, but a huge climb or a teep technical climb making up about half the time of a stage or something like that
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 wouldn't that risk it becoming just a pimped xc race but for longer travel bikes?
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 If it was on the majority of stages yeah it would be bad, but I mean one stage of the round, so its only really one climb per round, but a hard one
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 that would work. or why not just make one of the untimed climbs atimed stage? it would put the endurance in enduro racing for sure!
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 That could be good too, time the trip between two mid way stages or something, and give bonuses or something
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 Anyone know the song at the beginning?
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 found it..

Purity Ring - "Crawlersout"
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 #94 from Chile !
Nicolas Prudencio !!!!

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