Video: Fox Air DH

Aug 15, 2013
by Karl Burkat  
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 It might be due to the mustache. It sticks right in the middle between the helmet and the gogles and channels air so the aerodynamics is way improved. Will see what the UCI will regulate on this. ..a new category perhaps..
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 They Know fear, but their massive balls make the fear cower in terror
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 0:48 thumbs up for Adolfo "Parafina" Almarza!
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 odd no comments on the fact that this wasn't won on a full fledged DH bike... personally i think it makes sense these shorter travel bikes pedal better and a line LOOKED relatively smooth and fast soo why need 8 inches?

course i may not have a clue what i'm talking about but yeahh
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 because most people cant afford a DH rig and then an AM rig nice enough to go with it
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flag Trekfueler (Aug 15, 2013 at 10:42) (Below Threshold)
 A bike is a bike. Pedal hard an scrub a dub, you'll get a good time! Plenty a dudes an dudettes on DH bikes throwing down! Remind me again what bike Stevie ride last year? A Wilson full DH right?
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 He rode a Dixon last year...
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 He actually won on a carbon dixon AM bike last year. At least for the air dh
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 Yeah, that track looked really smooth for a DH bike.
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 it is smooth in some sections but alot of the berms are so blown out after days of practice and such on it that if you dont get a good line through the corner the dh bike is nice to suck up all the shit
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 Well I was hoping for his ride being a DH. Oh well. I still believe a DH bike in that event is alright. Sick Mic did well on his.
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 They are definitely not at a serious disadvantage but when your riding a bike that's almost 10 lbs lighter than your dh bike its just that much easier to accelerate, scrub, maneuver throughout the course.
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 I believe that! They got some mad bike skills! Jumping my all carbon Jeykll scares me because its so light. Props.
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 8 inches in my rear no homo
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 I have to give it up for the rider at 53 seconds, really touches my hart strings to see someone that's not held back and just killing it!
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 the speed-o-meter!!! much better than chainsaw fags
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 I want nac-nac, back flips, whips, bigger whigs, huger whips !!!!!!!!!!Again again again !!!!
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 UGGGGHHHHH, all this awesomeness makes me want to get back to Whistler so bad. Awesome ride by Stevie SMITH, and glad to see Ropelato and Cody Kelley having good results too. Great edit fellas!!
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 That scrub at 3:20! Nice and low.

Yeah Jill Kintner. Way to represent SEA!
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 thats Sik Mik i believe
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 nope thats cousinie cause he has the french champion sleeve
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 tippie is the man
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 Whistler is definetly the place to be this week. All the events are awesome!
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 Another sick comp, an another sick edit! Thanks P.B an CRANKWORX!!!!! YEAH
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 Wicked edit pinkbike ! Put together quick too !!
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 Cat Power - Ruin Smile Awesome song.
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 dont now why builders from morzine dont make suck track in les gets or morzine Frown
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 Jill has a Mustache
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 God damn.. The more I see stuff from Whistler the more I want to back there..
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 This is my favorite part of crankworks! such amazing ridding.
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flag jlfskibikesail (Aug 15, 2013 at 8:54) (Below Threshold)
 stevie wouldnt have won if he wasnt on a 650b.....definitely all the bike on this one... :-p
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 @ jlfskibikesail are you tellin this because your bike always arrive before you at the end of the trails?
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 Woah there bikesail. Take that 650b d out of ur a.
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 The new 27.9er Redalp would've made Stevie go even faster!
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 oh look son, people who don't know what sarcasm is
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 What is this sarcasm you speak of
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 oh look son, people who don't understand ishes
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 My post was originally directed at the person who used a derogatory word to describe a homosexual individual. Seeing as that post has been deleted(and rightfully so) my original post may not make as much sense now
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 Nice Stevie
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 Seems like a really fun event to be a spectator for.
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 yeah Jill takes the win on a norco!! Awesome!!
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 That edit was better than the Red Bull coverage!!!!!
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 What a totally boring course!
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 Why this f*cking video is protect with password ????
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 Jill kintner totally has a mustache. Mustache power I guess
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 bubba srubbin
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