Video: GoPro Dirt Diaries - Event Recap

Aug 15, 2012
by Scott Secco  
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1. Leo Zuckerman,
2. Mike Gamble / Michael Sousa, Shegnarnigans,
3. Andrew Santos,


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 HOLY CRAP ANDREW SANTOS!??!! I KNOW HIM!!! Does that make me famous by association?
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 If you look closely you can see there is a guy behind him, moving the hands!
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 Really!??..... and there was me thinking he had four arms....
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 watching it again tonight, the camerawork was stellar and the shots were awesome - always good to watch it more than once. Was a close call but it was a very slick allround production, especially the shot where the camera is above the rider and spins 180 degrees as he passes under it.
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 I was really happy with the results, Leo Zuckerman definately had the best video imo and had such a great mood and atmosphere, they were all great though.
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 Hold your breath should of won i think. Good job to the top 3 though
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 Shegnarnigans should've taken it. Not enough night riding shots in videos. Lazy of the winners to use the same song as Messere's segment from Strength in Numbers.. it's a sick song but find something else awesome!
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 Not to mention help from Goldstein Productions, I hope they get their share of the cheque!
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 Oh, I wasn't aware that you supervised the shoot! Please, why don't you share some of the details?
In the future, why don't you show a little more support for the guys putting in work to bring new films for the bike community to enjoy. Credit goes to all 6 filmmakers for each of their respective videos, and for each doing something different and creative with their available resources.
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 So a professional film making company didn't help with your entry?
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 I think you are sadly confused with the extent of that help. On a different note, that happens to be Leo in front of the camera. Though, it was very much appreciated having Mike help out with a couple of shots.
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 Spouting off in public about HDD failure and losing all your footage, doesn't make you look good at all, more like incompetent. Some things are better left in private.
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 Seriously dude. Don't you have anything better to say?
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 Mike, you should ask the same question before the interview. Like maybe spend a bit more time giving credits to the riders and people helping.
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 Those corn rows are off the hook!!!
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 you guys serious?
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 hahahhaaha did u see the guy who won in his interveiw he moved his right arm like 30 times hahaha
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 andrew santos!!

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