Video: Hafjell DH Saturday Bonus Video

Sep 15, 2013
by Matt Wragg  

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 That slow mo of danny through the rock garden is one of the best shots i have ever seen!
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 Hit the slo-mo button and watch it in super slow motion, the flex is unreal!
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 I was proper impressed with it until they showed Gee go through the same line!!
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 Same as willaasss, gee's line was so much cleaner ! His hand was less than 2 cm away from that tree ! just amazing !
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 Gee might be half machine, well... the other half he might be machine as well... He might have problems with being happy about others (better) results, nevertheless no one can take it away form him that he is one of the greatest athletes in that sport. Not only recently. And slo-mo of Danny is simply amazing thing to watch, everything is so different when watched in slow motion.
(Those English sentences looks a little bit bizarre to me, so I hope I made my point understandable).
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 Why the funk don't they televise any DH racing, every time I flick on ex or trace its just surfing, snowy sporty ski board type pants or road racing.
I'm sure that there are more people would want to watch some mtb action.(ride guide 2008 doesn't count)
I don't surf or ski or fly about in them squirrel suit thingys.
I live in sheffield which like a lot of places there's no snow or surfable expanses of water, but there's plenty of places to ride bikes.
Give us what we want, and get some biking on the box.......
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 squirrel suit things...awesome had me on the floor laughing Smile
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 Snowy sporty ski board type pants......I just died laughing, but you do have a very good point
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 holy dang shit!!!! Danny in that rock garden,!!!!!!! don't know what was more awesome him or Gee's super smooth line? gonna be great watching this, as the storm brews over scotland this afternoon, beer in hand, waving the miley cyrus finger, twerking my ass off to a hopefull steve smith win wooop woop!!!!
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 Geez gee was cutting it fine with that padding.
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 Gee is so planted when he rides, if Valentino Rossi is "The Doctor" Gee should be "The Surgeon"!
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 Great slow motion work on this vid. The bit were Danny Hart is getting out of shape on the rock garden you can see his bike flexing to one side. Good job for modern DH rigs and their strength
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 So somebody downloaded the new Arctic Monkeys album and likes it's quite a bit by the sound of the last 6 edits! Hope they have afew b-sides as soon they'll run out of music for Leogang....
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 thank you pinkbike for the bonus 3
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 Thankyou DirtTV.
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 When you see somebody doing nosemanual in landing and driftin around in 50km/h, while Warner is shoutin, there is a 99% chance its Nick Beer... totally pinned Big Grin
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 Is it me or does GEE just not look like he's enjoying it ? He does not look as aggressive as per . Same at the last race
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 No, it's you. And it's not the final.
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 Fair does we will see come race . Good luck to all racers
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 He looks quite smooth even though he is probably hauling it.. Might be why?
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 Line choice, Gee vs. Danny vs. Brendan. Gee wins.
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 why cant i ever watch mpora videos??? it never loads!
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 I get the same problem, going to their site helps
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 Sorry for you, you miss a lot! Actually it works fine on my iPad, Android phone and Win PC. - Check on missing system updates, drivers and codecs.
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 On window looks awful. Very pixelated. On my ipad looks fine.
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 I'm on Windows and it works good. What browser are you guys using?
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 looks great on the mac.
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 windows using google chrome
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 Same here and it's working, weird. Which Windows? Maybe it's your internet connection that it's running a bit slow for it.
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 must have been the site.. today loads in a couple seconds.. yesterday 10 mins..
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 Man I wish I had a camera that shot at a higher FPS Frown Damn you 5d3!
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 Sam Hill is back!
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 Watch this vid with "Eyes on Fire (Zeds Dead remix)" playing!
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