Video: Matt Hunter - Loose in Chile

Dec 7, 2013
by Scott Secco  

Matt Hunter, some camping gear, a map, some buddies and his Specialized Enduro explore the trails of Chile.

Video: Solos Productions


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 Just because I know someone's gonna say something along this lines, I'm gonna say it first.

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 Legal or not, no one has any right to "own" words. Specialized, you've already done damage to yourself that you'll never recover from. Do you honestly think that the name of this guy's shop jeopardizes your business? If your business sucks, it's because you sell stupid gimmicky shit junk, which you do. France should sue you since that's where you "stole" it from, you stupid f*cking morons.
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 Roubaix is a common/generic term (name of a city) not subject to trademark. If that guy changes his shop's name, he shouldn't. He should get a decent attorney to fight specialized.
For example "Enduro" is also a common/generic term, theoretically anyone could name their bike an enduro. If specialized is arguing that they are entitled to the word Roubaix or the word Enduro, that is nonsense. That would be like me putting out a shoe calles shoe and claiming trademark over it or in bike related matter bringing out a trials bike called trials anc claiming that I have a trademark over the bike...nonsense.
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 Yeah, no doubt. Enduro Evo was on my shortlist for a bike next year, but not until they stop acting like total jerks. This is Olympic style heaviness the bike industry could do without.
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 Actually my can't "own" generic/common words because they are not subject to trademark...lawyered.
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 Yep, they seem to embody much that is wrong with the present state of business ethics in the US.
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 boycott Specialized. This is not how companies should treat each other. Teach them a lesson.
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 Wish I had known all this before buying my bike haha.. damn..
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 Couldn't you just enjoy a great video of a great rider doing some pretty awsome riding in a country that most people around the world don't know anything about? Seriously my home country barely get's shown in videos and to see an article, where the first comment is about something like this that does not concern Matt Hunter in any way is really awful.
By the way some of those shots were taking at my local trails haha!
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 I understand what you are saying but the subject does concern Matt Hunter because it is the company he is representing and advertising through this video.
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 There's an important bit of clarification to be had on this issue…

Roubaix is a registered trademark of Specialized- in Canada, where this issue is taking place. This give Specialized legal right and OBLIGATION to pursue all infringement of their trademark. Since they hold the trademark (which they were legally granted), they HAVE to sue any company who infringes upon it, whether they're a big guy, or a little guy, or whether it's threatening to them or not, otherwise forfeit their trademark and all associated costs, as well as pay a pretty hefty fine.

Does it suck? Yes. Is it ALL the fault of Specialized? No. A huge part of it is the flawed way in which IP law works- especially around Trademark. At the end of the day, Specialized is just doing their job.

I know I'm going to get neg-propped for this, but those are the facts. Maybe instead of bitching about it on the video of such an awesome person like Matt, you can just watch the video and go ride your bike. If you really want to do something about it, target IP laws, not the companies who are following it. Treat the cause, not the symptom.
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 Excuses. Specialized is a $500M company. Pay the fine and let it go.
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 They can enter an agreement to let him use the name at no cost without losing the trademark. A little creative thinking and less lawyers would make this situation work.
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 Wow! This is the second such story I've heard about Specialized's conduct in recent years. I too was considering an Enduro Evo... Specialized can go eat a bag of dicks! - This from a 37 year old father of two. It takes a lot to set me off.

IP laws are open to interpretation of conduct from the company involved. The conduct of Specialized in this instance is unethical; they are behaving like a bully.

I say again, go eat a bag of dicks Specialized! Norco gets my future business.

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 +1 support a local Vancouver company!12th not a bunch of gready a** holes from cali
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 Stupid auto correct put the 12th in there
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 Maybe because he was a WAR veteran!!
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 whatever, Matt Hunter rules, the Enduro is a great bike, and this is a sweet flippin video. those manuals....
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 was considering a range killer vs an Enduro, I guess Santa Cruz wins this one. P.S. screw you specialized!
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 Gotta add my voice here - Specialized needs to feel the heat for this dumb ass move. If he was making a bike and calling it Roubaix I would get it, but a store named after a place in France - that's a bridge too far. Sweet riding by Matt,- has nothing to do with the bike he is on.
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 I've always worried that money - so important for us to grow - can damage our sport (as it happened with roadies), and Specialized is clearly going in that direction... who cares about the legal stuff, it's about a world leader fighting against a little bike shop whose existence wouldn't be even noticed by most of us without this affair!

One thing that I like about BMX culture is that they treat each other as a member of a big family, and when a brand or a shop is being too bossy and bussiness-oriented, they can truly unite against the brand. That's what happened with one of the biggest polish BMX stores some time ago.
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 what a Fxxking scumbag company, I'll look forward to seeing this brand sold at walmart soon (of course I don't really shop there). Never again, step one for this Sunday is to sell my daughters hotrock, now she gets to pick out a new bike..
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 Specialized are total dicks and need get of this mans back,they need to stop acting like a bunch of bully's but 1 thing is for sure I will never ever buy a Specialized bike in the near future.
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 oops I meant Norco not Santa Cruz.
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 Thanks for that insite.
F*ck specialized.
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 "Does it suck? Yes. Is it ALL the fault of Specialized? No. A huge part of it is the flawed way in which IP law works- especially around Trademark. At the end of the day, Specialized is just doing their job."

Of course it's their fault. They shouldn't have trademarked the name in the first place. It's the destination of a race that started in 1896, and probably the second or third (certainly most infamous) road race on the planet. I'm maybe slightly biased but I can't even think of a famous US road race.... The name has so widely been used in the biking community over the years that it's a joke that they even applied for a trademark. 'Epic' fail.
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 If you bring them to can beat em.
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 It gets worse, folks: a href="">Epic Wheel Works Issued Cease and Desist/a>

The Big S also put the screws to a company that sells a "Stumptown" model of bicycle, stating possible confusion with the STUMPJUMPER model that has fattened their bottom line for thirty years. Anyone who knows about Portland knows that Stumptown is a nickname for the city.
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 Real talk.
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 Put Matt in charge of the dispute. He'll get it all settled down with an outdoor bar-b-que, some brewskis and a sweet little trailride. No need to call in the heavies.
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 I usually don't boycott companies, since I usually choose bikes based on cost and local shop availability lol but this is too much. I was looking forward to possibly getting a p.slope or enduro in the near future, but not anymore. Rocky mountain will probably get my money next instead, even if I have to go a shop a ways away.
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 I don't think anybody should be attacking Specialized as a whole or a any of their riders. Just because someone from their legal team has decided to be an ass doesn't mean everyone at Specialized shares the same opinion. I'm sure a lot of people working for Specialized think that using this guy is plain wrong but what can they do about it? Not a lot.
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 eh, I don't think avoiding their products is "attacking them". There's tons of people who will still buy their bikes. I'm probably never going to buy a YT tues, not because I dislike them, but because of the hassle of getting a hold of their frames.

Deciding to give thousands of dollars to a company/shop is a big decision. and I take EVERY factor into account when I'm buying a bike.
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 I stil want an enduro evo
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 all of us pissed off cyclists want to see him fight and win, but he dose not have enough money to take them on. where can we (the entire cycling community) donate money to the cause?
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 I like how the article references (repeatedly) that this fellow is a war vet. This has very little to do with the issue at hand, and, in fact, should be left out. It seems like it's been included only to get the reader's sympathy. When I'm talking about biking, or bike trail development, I don't reference people's profession unless it's relevant. Has this fellow fallen on hard times with his dispute with Specialized? Quite possibly. Does this have anything to do with the hard times he may, or may not, have had in Afghanistan? Unlikely.

I don't have an opinion on the issue at hand either way, but I don't particularly care for the reporting skill of the Calgary herald.
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 Corporate evil. Spec - backtrack immediatly - eternal image damage in the making. You better make up to him, leave his name alone and compensate him with a dealer contract and discount-priced inventory. The right thing to do.
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 as the song goes

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 Whatever, Matt Hunter, every video you put out makes me want to ride my bike more than anyone else! Thanks for the vid!
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 Seconded. Even if Matt Hunter was riding a department store bike, his magic touch would still make me want to ride.
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 It's such a shame we don't see matt in vids more, or see him at Rampage.. but anyways! Matt, make this about 25 mins longer and i'd pay full DVD price!
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 INB4 Specailzed Ed sues us all for using the letter "S"
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 And the color red...
Waiting for them to come out with a patent for 650b…they are waiting for the legal team to finish up before they release the bike and sue everyone.

The fact is, Fuji had a bike called 'Roubaix' before Specialized. Specialized leveraged the Horst-link patent, which Fuji was licensing, to use the name.

They are truly a scum bag company.
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 I wonder if S will sue the city for using the same name. And the race too...
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 Specialized did not leverage the horst link. Horst Leitner developed the link with David Turner and then went off and sold it Specialized, that is allowed.
Again: Roubaix is a common/generic term (name of a city) not subject to trademark. If that guy changes his shop's name, he shouldn't. He should get a decent attorney to fight specialized.
For example "Enduro" is also a common/generic term, theoretically anyone could name their bike an enduro. If specialized is arguing that they are entitled to the word Roubaix or the word Enduro, that is nonsense. That would be like me putting out a shoe calles shoe and claiming trademark over it or in bike related matter bringing out a trials bike called trials anc claiming that I have a trademark over the bike...nonsense.
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 The thing is because the US doesn't have a system where the losing party has to pay for the winning party's attorney fees... no small shop is going to fight such a big brand...I hope Fuji does fight them to the end.
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 Fuji now does not have to pay the licensing fee for the Horst link, of which Specialized holds the patent, so Specialized can use the name… I would call that leveraging. Regardless of who developed it, Specialized holds (or held) the patent.
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 sometimes we dream and think of how much we want to go to whistler, at least someday, but we don't realize that we have everything in our own country... sick video! and yeah, every single mountain biker is well recieved here...after all, we are just one family
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 bien dicho weon!!!
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 Pablo you are 100% right. Chile are now been discovered and certainly will be a mandatory destination for every mountain biker in a couple of years. You chileans are so lucky ! My next bike trip destination for sure. Cheers from Brazil
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 Mates! 2014 Enduro season will be in your home! 10-19 April, Andes, Chile EWS. The World Circuit stopped coming to South America for some years now, the last race was held in Rio de Janeiro in 2006. It's time for everyone to see the potential in South America, and start including one more race far from everyone's home, I think this would definitely help level out the field for everyone. Suerte hermanos!
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 Chile has beautiful places to ride, people are really kind, I went there two or three times as a backpacker, this summer will go with my bike. All around Patagonia has beatiful places, the true is that it has not been discovered or is not really know for the global mountain bike comunity. Saludos a los vecinos chilenos!
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 He brought eggs! he brought eggs biking! and a melon! As if falling didnt suck enough.
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 *avacado not melon
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 Smooth let matt hunter carry my mommas fine china while he rides
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 Great Vid, LoVE Matt Hunter & Chile but big "S" can suck it!!! Suing WAR VET's!!!!!!!!!!

Me encanta Matt Hunter y Chile, pero la gran "S" que se lo mame!!! Demandando Veteranos de Guerra Canadiense!!! Triste!!
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 See also a href=""/a>Epic Wheel Works in Portland/a>This isn't just a Canadian issue.
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 The fact that this fellow is a war vet has nothing to do with the issue at hand, and seems to have been included only to get the reader's sympathy. Do I feel bad for the guy? Sure - this seems like a pain in the ass. Does the fact that he's a war vet have any relevance to the issue? No.
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 Specialized really threw Matt Hunter under the bus by releasing this just as the anger over their over-zealous business approach was coming to a boil. They now owe him an apology also.

I've never seen the cycling community come together and express anger over the actions of a bike company. It's refreshing to see people take a critical look at the business practices of the companies they might purchase their bikes from.

My suggestion for the inevitable Monday morning meeting of Specialized public relations employees to figure out how to respond to this: Take your bosses into a room and give them each a slice of humble pie and a fork. Better change cause people will be watching and talking about you now.
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 Matt, talk to your bosses. That warm welcome feeling you make all your followers feel is being exploited by a corporation just using you for sales. I love my Stumpy, and now feel very saddened that this is their approach to selling product but couldn't actually care.
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 Hunter is always fun to watch... Rides for the love of it and is super humble. Sick rider. I think "freeride-forever" needs to stop: selling used tubes, throwing his bike and saying Rampage isn't gnarly. Yawn
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 wait, he does that? what the f*ck?
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 Ha ha, not Matt! "freeride-forever" is a lame pinkbike user with overly negative/opinionated comments...
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 oh, ok, good
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 Selling used tubes where?
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 lol What does that guy even think "gnarly" means? by my definition, 1:Big drops and jumps 2:Chunky, steep descents 3:Chutes 4:High speed 5:Exposure 6:Combo of all of the above. Rampage is gnarly.
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 They really should think about apologising...
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 That screws my new idea for a bike shop name , jonnys ' langster crux alias shiv tricross awol dolce sectuer ruby roubaix shivtt allez amira venge tarmac epic demo stump jumper fate crave jett rumor stump jumper fsr camber rumor enduro status rockhopper hard rock myka fatboy sirrus vita AWOL tricros cross trail Ariel cross roads p series hot rock work daily 'awesome bicycle shop
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 You'll do well in Korea.
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 I could get used to eating Labrador and chips
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 I just cut in half my demo and stumpjumper.. Sure.
If i knew befere they were such dicks, I`d buy some other brand.
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 Chile looks awesome! Thanks Matt and, I guess, Specialized.

I have never chosen a bike based upon IP issues. I realize that SP needs to protect their property; but for Christ's sake just settle this silliness you look stupid. Canada never should have let you TM a place name.
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 All this douchery by Specialized deflected the usual wheel size commentary. What size wheels was Matty on? Looked like good 'ol flickable, lovable 26es to me, and if they were wagon wheels, he sure made them look good. I'd love to see Hunter riding Knolly or something other than the big red S, but I realize the man's gotta get paid a living wage, and only the huge corporations can do that.
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 Yet another great Matt Hunter vid. Keep them coming Matt! On the other topic it would surprise me if Big S doesn't back down from this lawsuit and come to some sort of arrangement. It will probably mean Cafe' Roubaix selling their soul to S and signing a non disclosure agreement.
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 For you hipsters out there, back in the day Cannondale attempted a similar move when they tried to trademark/patent the word "freeride." I recall hearing more than a few legal threats made by Cannondale trying to squash the use of that word by others.

Hopefully it will go in favor of the little guy, but there will come a time when suits like this will favor the corporate leviathans and we will soon be buying our bikes at mega-shops. I don't think it will happen in our lifetimes, but that's the way countless mom & pop shops have gone; bakeries, butcher shops, hardware stores, fruit stands, auto repair shops, restaurants, candy shops, the list is depressingly long.

And we think we won't get the attention of those corporate box stores while we're riding around on $6000 bicycles? Going on bike-oriented vacations to the ski resorts? With $300 GoPro's? $400 carbon fiber helmets? $130 shoes? Wake up guys. Wake up. We're very near the center of the corporate cross-hairs, and it won't be a clean kill. Enough gloom & doom, man winter needs to be over already.
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 Wow, Matt Hunter is one of my fave riders to watch, effortless style and smoothness. Chili looks amazing as well. Matt I am sorry for what comes next.

As for the Specialized Debacle, I Didn't and still don't know much of anything about the Laws regarding this kinda stuff. But I do think that a company the size of specialized should be a little more responsible in how they handle this. Maybe keep it under wraps talk to the store , and yes pay the damn fine. Having said that, if it is part of the law that they have to sue any one who uses there name, well the people using the trade marked name should have looked into it a bit harder. How long has this store been open with this name? Ive only been hearing about this for a week now, how long has this legal action been going on? The fact that you can trade mark a name of a town in France in another country is ridiculous. Trade mark a product and the technology used to make it not a name.
I feel a bit like a heel for using this as a platform to rant but well it seems every one is paying attention. Cafe Roubaix and Specialized get this done and over with and out of the media. I know neither of you likely wanted this but its on the both of you, to make it go away.
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 Keep in mind, Specialized facilitates the growth and success of small bike shops in many nations. As a popular brand, I am sure Specialized sales generate substantial, much needed revenue for many of the small shops we appreciate. Specialized also produces the bicycles which add depth and substance to our lives, the same substance which we celebrate on this website but take for granted too often. So while Specialized has made a move I personally disagree with, as well as a move many of my fellow Pinkbikers seem to disagree with, it is important to remember the good which large corporations do, that one action is not indicative of the motives of a half-billion dollar company, and that people and corporations make mistakes. Peace
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 Well put. This one article seems to have people on a witch hunt. Am I a specialized fan? Not particularly. But it certainly seems like people have really been offended by their actions - justified or not.
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 If you guys really want to do something, create change!!! Create an online fundraiser that helps pay for the fight for said business owner to take on Specialized., or pick one of the many others...
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 Marvel heroes should make a character named Matt Hunter, Spider man ain't got shit on this guy...
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 Matt Hunter is such a beast
  • 4 0
 Always stunned when I see Matt ride, so crazy awesome!
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 my suggestion to Troy Lee is to stop putting your name on specialized bikes, otherwise I am going to assume you support these lowlifes and I will associate you as such.
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 Boycott specialized!!! If we want to support what is right... Make the call yourself and let specialized know how you feel about their bullying efforts against a guy that is just trying to make a living from what he loves. Actually Roubaix, France should be suing specialized. Exersize your rights- call them now Specialized Canada -(800) 465-8887 and Specialized USA- (877) 808-8154
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 Shred the mts, surf the waves, ride the trails! Chile has it all at the same time. Hunter rips! Keep filming
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 hands down my favorite rider out there
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 Enduro specific prototype left hand drivetrain at 3:30. Estimated cost at 180% of right hand drive
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 Another stomper from Matt Hunter, reckon a trip with Joe barnes in Scotland would be cool ,very similar styles
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 Ok, so now that spech apologized for this bullshit sued, can we notice what a great guy Matt Hunter is and my local trails kick ass!!
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 i hope everyone boycots them so maybe theyll still have a enduros in stock this summer and not be sold out like last year so i can buy one
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 I always thought Chile was a desert hahahaha. Please forgive my ignorance :/
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 Chile, having 4,329 Km long without doubts is a world power for mountainbiking. Desert, snow, forests, valleys and a few more places with different types of weather invite us to connect ourselves and take advantage of where we are living... The city where I live there is Sea, woods and sand... and you can ride all year long and I'm not kidding!
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 Chile's one of the only places I could see myself living besides Canada!
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 Matt Hunter, mountain biking's most well known non-competitor, riding down some hills & talkin' 'bout why he loves it. By beating better riders than him in the UFC thanks to politics, he now rides for a company of douchebags who beat the crap out of better business people, thanks to politics. What a fitting combo.
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 Brett tippie*
  • 3 1
 Matt Hunter is like one of the funnest rider to watch!
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 Huevos duros y aguacate para desayunar!!!!! buenisimo. Saludos Chile.
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 Anyone from Santiago, Chile that wants to give me a good MTB tour?? I will be visiting mid march to early april.
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 contact me, I can show you local trails near to Santiago
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 so is specialized. And I have two bikes with this brand on them ... what a pity. Hopefully, this year I ve bought a rockymountain altitude.
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 That was awesome! That's what I should do. I should travel and ride bikes and shit.
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 So uhh other than this specialized sueing a bike shop for "stealing" the name of one of their roadies.. This was a really cool video. I loved it
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 Go Matt Hunter. He`s back!
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 hey guys does anyone have chromatic bars like matt hunter? Is it a good thing to have or is it just cosmetic stuff?
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 Please go to Specialized Facebook and read Mike Synyard´s letter about this "Café Robuaix thing".
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 "termas del flaco" and then "nevados de Chillán"?
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 Nevados de Chillan, Valle Hermosa, cerro caracol, y un secreto en San Pedro.
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 what he said is all truth Wink I miss chile
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 The hunt is so awesome, he just smashes every trl that he rides!
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 Specialized, you've lost the spirit of biking. Leave Cafe Roubaix alone!
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 hunter is just the sickest rider to watch on any bike,anywhere!
  • 1 0
 Matt Hunter has soo much style.
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 I need money
  • 1 0
 Great riding Matt!
  • 1 0
 great video!!!
  • 1 4
 Let's start the "Double Matt Hunter's Pay from Specialized Committee". He sells them bikes.

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