Video: Matt Jamieson

Sep 27, 2012
by Julian Coffey  

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 some wicked riding shame he's not wearing a helmet all the time. thought people where past the 'cool' image stuff. apart from that, top riding.
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flag rejean (Sep 27, 2012 at 15:20) (Below Threshold)
 Thumbs down for me just because of the helmet
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flag paulfreakinneumann (Sep 27, 2012 at 15:31) (Below Threshold)
 never mind the bad pants and tatoos for the cool image.. stoked he is having fun, but he should buy a bmx..
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flag RollaMan (Sep 27, 2012 at 15:33) (Below Threshold)
 Well thumbs down for all of you guys^^^ for being homos and caring so much about a damn helmet
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 Extreme sports are as individual as you get, if he doesn't wear a helmet than that's fine and completely up to him. He is fully aware of all the risks associated with it. I wear a helmet and encourage others to also but I totally accept if they choose not to. I notice mountain bikers are particularly sensitive about this. Watch any skating or bmx videos, helmets are the minority. That's terrible but its just how it goes. Pretty lame video btw.
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 sure - someone under 35 who's "fully aware of all the risks" - right... I *known* I'm an old fart but come on - wear a helmet. I've got 3 kids under 5 including a a 3-year-old who rips and the idea of not wearing you safety gear is never even considered. The best in the world already do, so all you bmxers and skaters can too (including the 15-year-old helmet-less bmxer I helped pick off the bottom of the bowl last week!) </rant>
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 I agree he should be wearing a helmet, but really guys? Who are you to tell this kid what to do and beat down his video because the lack of helmet. This isn't Pinkhelmet, its Pinkbike. Enjoy the riding, not what he chooses to wear, or not to wear..
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 yes always wear a helmet because there arent other vital areas on the human body. so lets all wear full body armor everywhere we ride.
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 People wear helmets for what theyre comfortable for. he wore it on the dirt but not for his street because he was pretty crap at that tbh and the risk is minimal
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 I'm not against wearing helmets but a hit by a car, na it wont help. youll still get a concussion and unless you always wear a neck brace your neck will still snap against the windshield. and without an armor vest the impact could still stop your heart. the main purpose of a helmet is to only prevent abrasions...thats even posted on most helmets on the warning label.
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 basically stop cryin about not wearin helmets its not you everyone hears this shit hundreds of times your not going to change anything get on with what you doing its his choice if you dont like the video then dont watch it
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 Not wearing a helmet is like smoking, people know the risks but they still do it. No skin off anybody's nose off here if he fucks himself up at the end of the day and like jamie said, you can say it all you like and there will still be people that do it so just stop spamming up with all the comments and leave them to it and just be happy for the people that have a hobby or interest.
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 I wasn't wanting to start a ranting session over the helmet issue, people put vids/pics up on here so that people can then view them, comment and express there view on it. mine is he should wear a helmet as if doesn't and then falls and hurts him self or worse its his family that picks up the pieces.
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 @KTownRoyster, most of what you said is wrong. If helmets were only meant to protect against abrasions, they wouldn't be made with styrofoam, they'd just be slippery fiberglass and padding for comfort. I would also have brain damage from when I smacked my head on a huge rock. Also, plenty of people get hit by cars and don't break their necks.
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 you know, people are complaining about this guy for riding without a helmet but I find it far more crazy the pros at crankworks aren't wearing chest guards when the majority of their wrecks are hard hits to the chest or back. how does a single helmet prevent your core from slamming the ground? it doesnt. I'm just gonna say when it comes to the human body vs a car, with a helmet or not, good luck!
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 Wow. The initial editing had me stoked, but the riding was sub par. Crummy under rotated 180s and 360s and some big bunny hops. Every half decent BMXr in a 20 mile radius could beat this guy at BIKE. BRB. Headed to The Come Up to watch some real street shredding..
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 I agree, matt usually has awesome videos but he kind of dropped the ball on this one.
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flag Ridetoglory123 (Sep 27, 2012 at 10:53) (Below Threshold)
 Dick ed
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 Ya i'm "dick ed" because I know matt has made way better videos than this in the past.
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flag Ridetoglory123 (Sep 27, 2012 at 12:12) (Below Threshold)
 wasnt really talking to you was i
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 Great skills but terrible example for the younger riders... Wear a helmet for crying out loud!
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 Boring style, boring to watch, stupid haircut, waste of my time. I dont know why people dont understand that you can literally DIE by not wearing a helmet. Especially riding street with the potential of getting hit by a car. Idiots.
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flag KTownRoyster (Sep 27, 2012 at 21:01) (Below Threshold)
 because a little foam helmet will stop a 2 ton rolling hunk of steel. more likely to die from the impact to the chest stopping the heart or the neck snapping in half. helmets only prevent abrasions. dont want to bleed to death. lets just forget to protect the rest of the body and only worry about a fuckin helmet. lets all start wearing full body armor...that'll catch on.
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 There are two kinds of people who don't wear helmets. People who haven't gotten knocked the fuck out and people who have gotten knocked the fuck out way too often.
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 riding street with the potential of getting hit by a car... CALLING ALL PEDESTRIANS, WEAR HELMETS
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 The ignorance on PinkBike is hilarious. How do none of you know that hitting your head without protection can severely damage your brain (regardless of how thin the protection is). It'd be like boxing with concrete gloves. I've had one minor concussion while snowboarding without a helmet and that feeling was scary enough to force me to always wear one. It's incredible how many people think helmets are worthless. Maybe it's just Darwin's Law of inevitably removing the stupid riders off the earth.
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 Yep.. Maybe it's just good if some people don't wear helmets. There are already too much people on this planet. Let's see the positive side of it.
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 a helmet vs a car will only make a difference of instant death or vegetable. i'd rather go with death. but lets all continue to whine about riding with a helmet when people crossing the street get hit far more than bikers. riding a bike makes no difference if a car is going to hit you. its like wearing a bulletproof vest for a nuke. so evo is right lets all wear helmets like retards everywhere we go walking or riding. hell wear one in the grocery store you might slip and fall. i've slipped in the shower before i think i'll wear a helmet there too. and the list of retarded reasons to wear a helmet goes on and on and on.......................
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 and btw i ALWAYS wear a helmet. a full face no less. but the reasons you fucktards are listing make no difference. I've wrecked and never have I been knocked out BUT many times the nose of my full face has gotten hung on my bars nearly snapping my neck so the damn helmet itself could kill you too.
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 You should stop wearing a helmet then KTownRoyster, you obviously don't need it.
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 why is he not running a top cap?
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 to save 20 grams
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 hahaha but you'd think he could fit a new star nut.. that's the only reason I can think of why you wouldn't run one lol other than losing your top cap
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 does anybody remember the days of big stair-flat-stair gaps and roof drops? what happened to that. that was truely taking mtb to the street
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 like in the old 24 bicycle videos
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 man that vid is awsome i want to see some more of that on PB !!
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 Not to dismiss his skills, but any urban/street rider who damages others people's property should not be supported ! There are some great street riders who don't damage property - those are the ones whose videos I want to see.
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 Other than the wall ride what did he damage?
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 everyone bitchin about him not wearing a helmet or saying he should go ride a bmx need to go shut the fuck up and ride their own bike. Especially you MTB riders who are saying he should ride a bmx...come off the DH track and learn to support the other disciplines of your fellow MTB riders.
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 25 years of riding and I've split 4 helmets, all street riding. Once your nuts drop you'll realize what a selfish retard you are to ride without helmet. Kids think you're cool cause you ride with skill and will emulate you. My life has been saved twice because of safety gear. By the way, real women don't like worrying about dudes that don't take life seriously.
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 nice, can't remember when i last saw a street vid on pb
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 sick video, everybody that is bitching about a helmet is acting lame, go run for congress or something, we need more legislation, right? not. I wear a hemet and it has saved my live a dozen times. If he chooses not to wear one, that is totally up to him. Why do some of you worry about what other people do or dont do. Go ride your bike
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 I don't know where this was filmed, but here in New Zealand we have the Accident Compensation corporation (ACC) which means that if you go crack your head open on the curb because you weren't wearing a helmet, the whole population gets to pay the bill for you to get your head sown back together and have a nurse look after you for the rest of your life if you become a vegetable.

So I'm going to bloody well tell someone to wear a helmet when riding, I'm not paying for their stupid decisions.

If there is no public healthcare then go ahead and do whatever the hell you want.
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 All the hate on this video is ridiculous, i thought mtb wasn't as stuck to trending as bmx but i was obviously wrong. And would you ride a BMX if you rode for Black Market? Props for matt for such a sick edit!
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 i have riding mtb and bmx and i can never and will never see the point in this type of riding on a mtb! buy a BMX if you are going to ride a mtb like a bmx! MTB are for big narly stuff. BMX are for the video above! also the no top cap was a fad in bmx a few years ago to save weight!
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 1. There were no mountain bikes in this video. 2. Mountain bikes are perfectly acceptable for street riding. 3. Sweet Jesus...conventions.
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 I'm sure Danny Mac' would agree!
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 I really need to stop watching trials videos, one of these days I'm going to try it, killing myself and destroying my bike... on second thought maybe i should stick to mtb...
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 @kiddynick mate ..... go watch a Danny Mac vid, then sell all your biking shit and take up jogging Blank Stare
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 So everyone should ride a tiny little BMX. There's this little think called personal preference. IGNORANT FOOL!!!
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 That's a really big BMX bike. Stay in school kids.
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 p.s. danny mac rides trials with tricks thrown in on the streets, he is a true evo trials rider. (doesn't ride his mtb like a bmx)
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 Where are those dirt jumps? Theres nothing like that near I live! And no where to build them Frown
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 Really don't get why there's so much hate on the no helmet thing, its not like its you and he obviously knows what he's doing so is there a need ? Should he be wearing a back protecter ? Probably more chance of him hurting his back more than the top half of his head.
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 What happens when someone else has to scoop his brains up from the pavement? Or how about the car driver that has to live with having killed him when he gets hit? How about holding yourself up to a standard for the sake of the rest of us? How about setting a good example so people don't have anyone to point the finger at when they want to complain about us riders?

It's not just himself he's being responsible for, you have to think about the bigger picture.
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 dont leave home without the helmet
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 Its not just him that has deal with aftermath of not wearing a helmet. Think of all the stress and hassle the medical staff and his family and friends have to go through. Always wear a lid..........
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 RED ALERT- all you helmet cops, here are a bunch of people not wearing helmets,
Call the swat team.
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 hahahaha Big Grin (y)
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 honestly i would prefer to not wear a helmet in a bike and car collision. at least the impact would flat out kill me not leave me a vegetable because thats about all a helmet will do if hit by a car. i guess when i go for a walk i need to wear my full face too because a car cant hit me when walking.
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 Good to see a new edit from him. You Pinkbike kids should compete in the best interweb haters competition, Guaranteed win!
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 Awesome video! But his tight jeans must have cut off the circulation to his brain! Wear a Fucking helmet...........
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 sick edit that tire thru the fence was pretty fucking tight
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 Sweet little video. Reminds me of the Jib series... need more videos like Jib Smile
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 Doesn't remind me of Jib. I loved Jib. It was about striking out into new forms of mountain biking. A lot of it didn't really take off but it was exciting and fresh. This is just a posery sub par bmx rip off....
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 Awesome vid matty :O)
f*cking lol at all the sheltered ass pussy assed comments haha, how many pro bmx'rs do you see wearing helmets on the street ?
And yes we have a national health service in the UK and I really don't mind paying to save mattys life if he has an accident but its not like we have a choice to pay tax or not ?
We live in a slave system where if you don't pay tax you go to jail, thats Communism dressed up as democracy. Not exactly a good system is it ? Also i'd rather pay for mattys health care over funding illegal wars killing thousands of brown people over seas.
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 what in the hell are you on about mate? 'brown people'. Nice man, nice.
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 do you have a problem reading, what is it you don't understand ?
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 I fail to understand your faulty logic. If this kid's brains end up on the curb, it's his fault. Why should anyone else have to take responsibility for that? I don't feel too charitable towards someone who puts vanity over safety.
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 The people who scrape brains of the flow GET PAID to do it tits their choice. By your faulty logic everybody that crosses a road should wear a helmet ?
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 Don't be stupid. I'm fairly sure you'd agree that there is a significantly smaller risk of injury as a pedestrian than a bike rider. In the end, choosing not to wear a helmet when partaking in an activity where there is an increased risk of injury is selfish.
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 No it isn't selfish its called personal choice, this is what your grandparents fought for during the war against the nazis who were against personal choice in a big way !
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 @ 26street-swaagg Your PB name gave me cancer.
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 he hasn't smacked his his head on a cement corner yet.Put on a helmet and save your family the agony of your stupidity.
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 Big stunts and brakeless...
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 yes matt!
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 yes matt
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 Bit of a poser with the no helmet/brakeless thing, average riding. Still, looks better and rides better than me, tbh.
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 Throughout this video i kept thinking.... Get suspension or a bmx.... Its like he cant decide
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 Props Matt!
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 He could do a lot more of that with a BMX bike. I don't get it.
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 Way to much shakey cam.
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 for someone riding brakeless he did very few barspins/tailwhips
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 Brakeless riding has nothing to do with bars or whips
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 tom cardys edit was better...
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 that was mental
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 nice one matt sik edit
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 ride a bmx man !!
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