Video: Mountain Biking's Biggest Jumps Just Got Bigger - Loosefest XL

Jul 16, 2019
by Eric Palmer  

Nico has been making tonnes of changes to the line and added a few amazing features with the help of Clemens, Sam, Remy, Christof and a few other friends.

The line is definitely looking XL with massive transfers and a completely redone hip at the bottom.

Precision Work

Bikepark Laps

Remy turning it up!

The boys were too keen to get testing underway and yesterday evening after a few warm up runs in the bike park, Damon decided to let loose and send it first. Perfect and smooth, all the other boys followed suit and just kept testing the first jump and as they did the smiles just kept growing!

First Hit
First Hit!

Damon flying on the first

Hand Dangler

Sam dialing the lean in and getting sideways already!

We are in for a treat of a week! Keep an eye out for a course walk with Nico taking us through the line.

Regions in Article
Bikepark Ferme Libert


  • + 60
 Yeah I'd need a completely redone hip if I tried any of these jumps too.
  • + 53
 Vink airlines, first class.
  • + 18
 Vink is that good with the heavy equipment that they don't need shovels anymore? He just smoothes them out with the excavator?
  • + 4
 Yeah he is!
  • + 2
 he is known for it for years.
  • + 10
 Is the video not working for anyone else?
  • + 2
 We've updated it now
  • + 6
 Great to see Remy Morton back hitting the big jumps after his massive crash here 2 years ago. Good luck Remy!
  • + 6
 Can't see the video! Frown
Says removed by user.
  • + 8
 Fest series is going in the wrong direction.Remember all the coverage a few years back?Now barely anything.Well unless you do all the insta face ect. stuff.
  • + 3
 @nug12182: agreed. The dark fest had so many build videos and hype videos. The only riding that came out of it was like two 4 min vids
  • + 2
 @nug12182: I looked forward to the first hits videos.
  • + 5
 no video, update post please
  • + 4
 So they don't even count that first step down hip as a jump? Despite it being bigger than what most people would ever ride
  • + 1
 It’s basically a big roll in. A-line is bigger than that thing. Easy peasy
  • + 1
 @ADGproductions: untill you see it in real life. But I’d like to see you hit it..
  • + 1
 @bonkywonky: hahaha I’ve been riding crabapple hits every year since high school homie...and I’m 30!
  • + 1
 @ADGproductions: well the trail chart said its 50ft long and 20ft down, and crabapple hits jumps are bigger than most people would ever ride, and still not that big
  • + 3
 The photos don’t do it justice!? How much bigger can they be in real life!
  • + 2
 Well can we get some numbers on how much bigger these jumps are than last year?
Is it up from large too XL, BUT glad too see that jumps can still get bigger!
  • + 2
 Anytime I see that MONSTER energy logo KYLE comes to mind.
  • + 2
 Thank you all the kyles in the world for supporting our sport! Also all the fat red bull drinkers. God bless your heart problems in sake of our awesome free sports coverage SALUTE'
  • + 1
 Please, added in posted " Malmedy ferme libert" for support the Bikepark.
  • + 1
 I just want to ride the lift up @ 1:25
  • + 1
 Can't wait to see Kaos and Kade flying out there
  • + 1
 How fast are you going to require a berm that big??
  • + 8
 88 mph :-)
  • + 2
 @locoola: going that fast would generate 1.21 gigawatts!
  • + 2
  • + 1
  • + 0
 Go Theo E from Cape Town SA, home of Dark Fest!

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