Video: OnTheHunt episode 3 - Team CRC/Nukeproof 2013

Aug 23, 2013
by Chain Reaction Cycles  

Team CRC/Nukeproof get wild between races, with Joe and Matt sessioning their local quarry trails, hitting some steep runs and even busting out a few back flips with the help of Al Bond. Meanwhile in Australia, Sam's back with his number one fan, Bam, and pushing things a bit too far on the dirt jumps! Race action from Vallnord sees Sam Hill once again put the team back on the podium.

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 Sam Hill on a trail bike is like V8 big block in a milkvan.
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 Can CRC just resign Al Bond already?
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 totally agree
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 yeah what the hell CRC!! al bond was pretty much the best part of that video.
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 Love seeing Troy and Mitch Ropo cheering for Sam with Pagey near the end!
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flag MrTJ (Aug 23, 2013 at 12:39) (Below Threshold)
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 Sam Hill...proof that riding bikes does indeed help you meet hot girls.
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 I was thinking the same thing his wife is hott
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 Straya, cunt.
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 The funny thing is Al bond looked so much quicker!
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 Awesome video, great production quality! Loved the interview shot of Sam still dirty and dusty that was shown immediately after his crash in Australia. It was cool to see the guys riding the quarry on their trail bikes and enduro style helmets, 10 years ago that kind of riding would have been in the domain of 8' travel freeride bikes with Monster Ts, with the riders wearing full armour and full face helmets!
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 crazy ass Bond flipping onto slate with no gloves
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 1:30 that's me. Cheers guys, appreciate you leaving a hack in a pro movie. Have a great race today Sam, kill us all. That's what we came to see.
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 How fast was he eh ! He started in the 30 second slot behind me for Stage 1 and 2, caught me up near the bottom and I got to keep up with him for a few corners the first time round, then he disappeared off into the distance, humbled to the max !
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 Aww! Yea!! Sam Hill: original king of keeping it pinned !
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 this is unparalleled footage. i think we pinkbikerz be taking this for granted. nigel, keep the rest of the team in line with mr. hill! ps sams crash on that lil jump could've be far worse, doesn't take much to get bent out of shape! rootin for this team.
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 "i got a bit over filming, so, i figured I'd go over the barz... seems like a good way to get outta work!" - sam hill
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 Sam is back! The episodes are ok...bit tooooo much Blabla, miss the times of the "earthed episodes" ...
Why they don't interview the guys who are doing all the work behind the scene? What about brooks? Didn't see him! he is sam's mechanic. There is an interview in the decline magazine, sept 2013. Awesome guy!
Any way, good job....

Good luck for you all guys!
Ride on....
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 Doesn't CRC sell tailgate covers?
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 Sam Hill obviously deals better with the pressure of achieving top spot compared to Danny Hart
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 Danny has a lot less wc experience than Sam Hill of course he's gonna feel the pressure
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 Yeah but theyve both won big then stuggled to repeat for various reasons. I know danny is still young but its just interesting to see the two different mindsets of two family orientated riders who let it hang out. I am not dissing either rider.
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 It isn't even comparable, Hart won World Champs once and is struggling to achieve a similar result, whereas Hill won Champs 3 times senior, 2 times WC series winner winning several WCs and dominated the field for a few seasons stepping the game up until he injured himself and strugled for a couple of years to get back on top form which he is currently on. No disrespect for Hart, he is an excellent rider with a lot of natural skill, but the norm for him is being top 10 and the abnormal result for him was his W. Champs win while the norm for Hill is being top 3-5 with wins and the abnormal results for him are being away from that spots. My opinion anyway...
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 soo sick how sam rides his enduro bike Big Grin
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 It seems so weird seeing Sam Hill on an XC bike, he smashes it though! Great riding in this video!
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 Isn't this the trailer?
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 a 12 min trailer?
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 they changed it I had to inbox them to tell them it was wrong when it was first out
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 Mix British n Aussie is just like watching bushfire while drinking a so wrong but.....WTH!!!! im loving it
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 this bike makes no noise at all..
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 5:50!!!! what a great shot
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 Sam you the man!
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 Great video...I like crc.. where to get the jersey like that?
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 Wherr wqs that quarry in wales? And the first track in Wales? ? Cheers
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 Good paints has the mega nukeproof, seems to me very good machine
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