Video: Robin Wallner Invents a New Discipline in ‘Gravelduro’

Nov 10, 2020
by Ibis Cycles  

With winter approaching, Robin is slowly making the transition from high alpine riding to gravel shredding. Of course his idea of a gravel ride is a little different than most. You can't take the enduro out of an enduro racer! 

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 2011: Morvelo-Ride Everything
2012: Martyn Ashton
2013: Danny MacAskill, Chris Akrigg
2014: Chris Akrigg again
2014: Sam Pilgrim
2015: Yoann Barelli
2020: Look everybody, I've invented a New Discipline!
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 What you need to realize, and this is very important, is that those feats were done on cyclocross bikes. This is gravel. This is nouveau.
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 This is clearly a Tomac era downhill edit remastered to full hd.
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 This is will receive comment gold for sure
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 @heissescheisse: Exactly! I tried using my cross-country shoes on my gravel bike. I could barely turn the pedals. Spend £200 on my gravel shoes. Boom! Perfect.
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 2019-Elloit Heap
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 @heissescheisse: actually the Martyn Ashton and Sam pilgrim stuff was on carbon road bikes. Don’t know about the others.
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 Pffff, he’s just letting his ibis do the work
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 You're right, he's letting his ibis do the job, and as @MisterChow said: it's called Cyclo-Cross. Chris Akrigg explained it in 2014.

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 THIS is how every single tattooed, mustachioed, ironic plaid shirt wearing, cold press coffee connoisseur reader of The Radavist thinks / wishes they could ride like.
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 You’ve pretty much described much of the mtb crowd in the PNW, Sea to Sky haha
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 What if you’ve only got the one tattoo from back in 1999 and it’s barely visible above the collar, the plaid matches my red neck, it’s a full beard and the only coffee I’m willing to pay for is instant? Extra credit for the trail dog? Double for the local trail maintenance and occasional new line build?
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 @DHhack: Extra credit is >always given for trail maintenance.

Lots of riders, regardless of age need to know that
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 "Robin Wallner Invents a New Discipline"
Martyn Ashton: Hol up
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 Right? Have they not seen "road bike party" videos
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flag JSTootell (Nov 10, 2020 at 10:14) (Below Threshold)
 That was a road bike. Clearly NOTHING like this! Martyn only wishes he could be this cool.
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 @JSTootell: I like how people aren't getting the satire
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 @Ilikesheep: I am just assuming the downvotes are just people who get it too much.
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 @JSTootell: I think you got down voted for bashing on Martyn, or perhaps you never saw his videos.
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 I don’t think he was bashing on Martyn@Duderz7:
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flag Duderz7 (Nov 11, 2020 at 7:12) (Below Threshold)
 @CustardCountry: he literally said "Martyn wishes he could be this cool" I'm good with a little sarcasm, poking fun and what not @gnarnaimo, but when it's at the expense of someone who is now confined to a wheelchair after being among the most skilled riders on the planet. That's just poor taste.
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 @gnarnaimo: So loud it sounded like a 747
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 Further proof it’s not the bike, it’s the rider!
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 But a wrong bike limits it somehow
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 The mountain biking community really is a haven for kooky nerds. Which is why I like it.
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 Here come all the haters....who probably couldn't do most of this on ANY bike.
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 I'm not hating. That is scary AF on that type bike(or a similar breed called road bike)...but also pretty fun...the skatepark is sketchiest...I do know, I've tried pretty much everything he did in this video.

What really blows me away, and I think all the people who maybe come off as haters, is how effing crazy Martyn Ashton was. His videos stand alone in my eyes. All the others listed in the first post seemed a little ballsier/more skill or more time spent than this also.

But, this was still fun to watch, and remind myself of when rode a road bike in a skatepark and on dirtjumps. It's just good fun...childish fun...less serious just like this video. I also was able to view the title and video as satire, not a real credible claim...
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 Reminds me of the time I entered the Tour de France on a skateboard. Nearly as pointless too.
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 Now where is that little "Gravel" button I can click, like "E-bike", where I don't have to see these stories anymore?
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 Reminds me of Yoann Barelli bombing downhill on his cx bike, I need more of that
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 But it’s not a CX bike, it’s a gravel bike. Totally different thing. ????
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 @CustardCountry: CX+ bike? What will they think of next!?
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 Suspension is overrated anyways.
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 Exactly. That's what knees are for. And Cascade Components have just anounced their new CNC'd upgrade patellas. So we can smash the bike park with all the urban cool of a city commuter.
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 Oh great a new bike genre
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 Wait for @mikelevy 's Downgravel bike reviews in 2021.
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 @rrolly: and super boost rear end spacing on gravel. Oof.
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 Funny how much easier putting flat bars on makes all of this.
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 When he gets off his bike to tackle those three stones on the ground it's really sad! Then he invented hot water, Vittorio Brumotti is a life that does things like that, indeed much better.
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 There's something really special about these gravel bikes, just acquired a Kona Libre, I've never ridden a bike that wants to charge harder on boring-ass cross country trails. So fucking fun, it's like the Major Jake and the Honzo had a bastard love child that's on speed.
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 Is there anyone at PB that reviews content before it goes up and asks "Should we?"

If so then "Step into my office...because you're f#@king fired." (Something about Mary)
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 Ah, Pinkbike comments. Where everyone who isn't like you or rides their bike in a different way is stupid, wrong and must be shamed.
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 If only Robin Wallner were German, then his native tongue would already have a word for the groinal pain he must have put himself through doing all that jumping and hopping on a bike with a high cross bar and no dropper post. Something like "Gesamthodenschmerzkeinfahrvergnuegen."
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 Thank goodness, it's been at least 2 weeks since someone in the cycling industry has invented a new discipline, I was beginning to worry there wouldn't be anything to drop my money on.
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 Dear Ibis Cycles, please Google "Gravduro" and "Grinduro" before making bold proclamations.
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 We all complained handlebars are too wide on some bikes, but these are too damn narrow - everything is road specs for what he's trying to do. Bahahahaha
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 getting less and less impressed with these kinds of videos , its not a new idea , blake samson from gmbn took his gravel bie to windhill bike park and its better than this , not mtb realted but the 2020 e fise bmx street finalist videos also left me thinking is this it where the next level mind blowing stuff
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 Wonder how long will take before geometry of gravel goes longer lower & slacker?
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 So an Ibis / POC promo vid is passed off as legitimate content? Unless of course the title of the ‘article’ was meant to be sarcastic.
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 Kinda wish there was an ebike version of this..
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 Suddenly I think of a tasty bird in the oven.
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 UCI just created a new discipline, an improved version of the XCE, some kind of urban race not in the country!
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 Amature doing it better
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 That deserves more views.
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 This has been done, guys just wake up under a rock?
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 Don't worry about the haters Robin! You are a star!!!!
hoppas for en fin ride en gang :-)
Ha det bra...
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 In all fairness, if you only have XC trails nearby gravel makes it much more fun because it is more difficult.
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 Can we get a gravel bike filter too?
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 "Them shits are haggard" -Bam Margera to Ryan Dunn (R.I.P.)
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 So my buddy buys a CX bike a few years back because he wants a road bike with hydraulic discs. Puts on 28c slick tires and a compact cassette and boom! Roadcross.

That was already a new genre, isn't it?
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 Skillz! Smile
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 Too dumb for words.
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 Gravel sales going down?
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 Not at all, a year ago I've bought a solid gravel bike with carbon fork and Sram Apex for less than 1k euro. Go find those prices this year. Pandemic makes people go ride further.
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 This is a joke...
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 Let's hope!
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