Video: Sam Reynolds - Super Slow Mo

Oct 18, 2013
by Scott Secco  

Photo: Aspect Media


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 That bike flip was so crazy and smooth can't wait to see wat sams got for the next fmb season, I hope he kills it
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 I love Sam's attitude as well, such a good guy.
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 such style lets hope he has a good next year
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 has he done one in a contest yet?
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 Usually Id say way too much slowmo but the way its put together it really lets you break down and appreciate what Sam is doing with his bike. Awesome video.
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 the video title says in bold, super slow mo... why would you even consider saying that
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 That's kind of the idea of this video, dat slow mo
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 Well obviously but usually they tend to look overdone is what im trying to say.
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 Fuck the slo mo HOLY BIKE FLIP
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 I mean when you really think about it, slow mo is about the only way you can truly appreciate how insane and complicated biking is, youre able to see so much more that you could normally when things happen in a fraction of a second. I love slow mo, and I honestly think you can never have too much!
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 Its just mind blowing what some people can do on a bike. Cool aspect with le slo mo
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 WOW. It's stuff like this that really makes you appreciate the precise timing, balance and spacial awareness it takes to do those things. Much respect.
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 I was going to make a comment similar to yours so well said and 100% agree with you.
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 What do they eat on the island? So many dialed riders. McDermott´s frontflips,(older people shoul remember itWink Pilgrim´s backflips and Reynolds with his own style and bike flip. Don´t want to forget Harry Main and Mark Webb in BMX. Thumbs up for leftside riders today. 3
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 awesome video, and great to see Woburn Sands trails in action
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 that was the longest cringe of pain i've ever had watching that helmet float into his skull
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 That poor concussed brain...
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 What the hell is that trick at 2:30. Mind blown!
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 bike flip Smile !!!!
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 That. Was. Beautiful.
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 Wow that was sick. Flip no foot can was awesome
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 That last helmet thing.... I'm getting too old, forget it
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 2:35 was new for me :O
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 If I had that much time in the air I could do those tricks too!
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 That double tailwhip looked sick!
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 The video was amazing! The music fit so well in this video. Loved the bike flip,it was NUTS!!!
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 Looking at it from this perspective, music, slow-no, it makes you appreciate how much of an art this sport really is.
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 I wish I had a camera that awesome for filming
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 Ssscchwweeeeeeet edit!
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 Awesome! That is all.
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 Good Chit.. I am amazed weekly with the quality PB brings to the table
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 Reynolds! You da man! Dialed tailwhips and cancans!
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 Why is he wearing 3 t-shirts at once, at the beginning???
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 This is insane
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 Crankworx 2014!
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