Video: Schwalbe 2013 Enduro World Series Recap

Nov 17, 2013
by Matt Wragg  

The Enduro World Series was created with the aim of uniting the world's mountain bike enduro racing community. To cover the needs of our athletes in this new format of racing, we developed a revolutionary tire construction that unite a low rolling resistance with high puncture protection and reliable TL-ready properties, the patented SUPER GRAVITY technology.

The 2013 EWS series was the perfect place to test the new SUPER GRAVITY range and to prove that a SUPER GRAVITY tire is the perfect tire for this kind of riding.

We`re proud to work with outstanding athletes, such as Nico Lau, Adam Craig, Tobias Woggon, Max Schumann, Kelli Emmett or Julia Hofmann, who raced the 2013 EWS and helped us making the best tires!

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 Really would love to see some race coverage of this next year! Doesn't have to be live. Just a few cameramen, some head cam footage from the top guys, a commentary, some stage by stage results graphics and you have yourself a show! Anyone who has seen the WRC coverage in the UK knows what i mean.
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 definitely going to cover it next year sweet that most of it is in Europe so its easier and more affordable to get to
  • + 5
 mm enduro and wrc
  • + 3
 I couldn't agree more - WRC style coverage would suit the progression of events throughout the series well. No doubt that it would also get more people interested in the sport, creating more enduro events for amateurs.
  • + 25
 Enduro is becoming so much more interesting, I like it.
  • + 10
 Im seriously tempted to race and enduro now!
  • + 4
 Absolutely loved that.

Good to know my Hans Dampfs are "enduro enough" too Wink
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 My favorite mountainbike discipline
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 Was it just me or did those Hans Dampfs not hook up all that well? Check out the slow-mo action sequences. Oh wait, the whole thing was slow-mo. Anyway, they seemed to slip and lose their grip under hard cornering; but maybe it was just the trail conditions and most other tires would have fared the same.
  • + 2
 I like the Magic Mary's tread !
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flag matt5311 (Nov 17, 2013 at 13:15) (Below Threshold)
 cool story bro Wink
  • + 1
 I've been doing enduro for about 5-6 years, is now that this sport has become a boom
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 theyre needs to be an official enduro worlds
  • + 17
 No there doesn't
  • + 0
 that song howwwwwwwwwwwww !?!?!?!?
  • + 0
 Lullabies (Adventure Club Remix) - Yuna
  • + 0
 That wasn't a recap, it was a tire ad.
  • + 1
 It's a video from Schwalbe about the Schwalbe riders.... It's going to show you some tyres! More riding than many company videos thats for sure!
  • + 1
 What song is that?
  • + 2
 It's a song that's totally overused in MTB vids!
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 Love it want it live it
  • + 1
 What's the song name?

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