Video: Scott Voltage Team Dirt Jumps

Jul 16, 2012
by Karl Burkat  


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 Cool vid and edit! @ all injured riders: Get well soon, I know how much it sucks if it is summer and you can not ride! Cheers
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 Peoplegrapher is killin it again with a sick Edit ! Show the World how its goin down here in good ol Germany
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 I love the sound of stokedness in slow motion.

Seriously though, mad respect for competition riders. When I turn up to ride a new spot I have to physch myself up before I hit a set, make myself familiar with it and I'd want to ride it through and through before I consider tricks. These guys turn up, have a couple of goes through it and then have to perform on demand and get there tricks down. I couldn't be doing that. Salute
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 double back flips are getting too mainstream. Hahaha! I wish I could do one...
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 next Video coming soon! ! This time with no Injuries just fun riding and amazing Trails!
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 i ride a scott voltage and i love it...super smooth jumping and on pumptracks also fun on flow trails.
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 Anybody have any info on those tsg helmets? they look like they're molded from one piece.
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 Hey Tpersons, You are talking about the Clear TSG Helmet? They are awesome...and really do the Job when you crash!
Check my Signature Helmet also...Wink check
take care
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 Ahh, the shell and liner are just close in color. got it. I love my current tsg, its just time for a new one. Thanks for the reply!
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 Nice vid. Serious injuries.
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 Not taking anything away from these guys as they're hardcore- but a broken thumb and a Sprained ankle aren't that bad- If I tried half that sh*t I'd break my neck.
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 It can be very scary though when you do not know how badly you are hurt.
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 this is sick!
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 What font do they use for the intro?
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 such a good video. what's the name of the song???
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 yeah, anyone know the artist and the song?
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 now i know its
tripping by paul lisak & after the ice
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 These dudes are so gnarly.

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