Video: Specialized-SRAM Enduro Series #1 - Treuchtlingen

Apr 30, 2013
by Matt Wragg  
Here are the highlights from this weekends first race of the 2013 Specialized-SRAM enduro series in Germany!


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 I hope enduro doesn't turn into just a DH event.
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 Specialized-SRAM Enduro Series has one day of training. Some of the pushing footage is from the training.
The series features the style of enduro from the host area. Treuchtlingen was a combination of local DH trails to flavor the stages with rocky terrain, technicals aspekts of riding plus parts to use the pedals. Stage 4 was a good example. going from flat with some sprint pedaling into steeper and faster terrain.
Finaly the riders where pleased a lot with the race. We had riders from Portugal, Swiss Alps, North of Italia, Dutch and even Columbia. Overall 13 Nations and we never had any complaining. Local track builders used the terrain pretty well.
The series loves to see riders going in groups and keeping the sports soul, conversation on the transfers like in a weekends ride of a bunch of friends. But the challenge in the stages. After all the result was clear and proofed the track & concept was a challenge. Nico Lau won by a propper margin.
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 I'm having a hard time understanding enduro , from this video it looks like they push to the top and get timed on the way down?
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flag Questrails (Apr 30, 2013 at 7:05) (Below Threshold)
 Which way to the closest ikea?
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 Every rider has a different start time for each stage. So long as you make it to your start time on time you can ride or push your bike. They are not full DH runs. There are normally a few flat areas and even a few small climbs on each stage. The video would be boring if they filmed those sections.
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 this video is boring without those sections.
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 It seems like its just the downhill section of a XC course...
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 Is the time between stages short enough that it makes you push it a bit to make it on time ?
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 Just realised ' push it ' was the wrong term to use in my last comment .

What I meant was , is the time between stages short enough so that you have to still get there in quite a short time? as in you can't just conserve energy and take ages to get the next timed stage ?
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 The Enduros I've done I only had a couple of min to spare once reacing the top of each start and that was riding at a good clip to get there.
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 thanks mtxandy
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 Eh Nico il va falloir bosser l'anglais pour les interviews vu que tu gagnes souvent !
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 Any1 knows the name of the "born to die" remix that sounds in the video?
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 Ok, I`ve found it ... (Manilla Killa Remix)
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 Joe Barns!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 nice work Lars!!
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 I love the warmth my computer creates on my lap.
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 Are you sure its your computer Wink
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