Video: Success and Stoke for Hyper Bicycles at Big White

Jul 18, 2019
by eric carter  
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The Hyper Bicycles team recap edit from a fantastic weekend at the Big White Invitational Freeride Days. Film & Edit by Calvin Huth

Bas throwing the DH bike sideways during the whip off competition.
Bas van Steenbergen was having a blast riding so close to home at Big White. Big whips went down on Saturday night.

Raymond George blasting on the Big White Slope Quarter.
Raymond George was loving the size and flow of the slope course. Ray was consistently boosting high airs and pushing himself.

Jordy Scott floating off one of the drops during the slope competition. This was Jordy s first ever slope comp and she placed an impressive 3rd.
Jordy Scott came to Big White to try her hand at slope style. Her first time riding features of this size had her smiling ear to ear. 3rd place on the day and hungry for the next event.

Team riders Bryce and Bas celebrate the top two steps on the podium for the Air DH.
Bas and new team rider Bryce Stroud placed 1st and 2nd in the Air DH on the super fun Joker trail at Big White.

Bas takes his place atop the Hyper Hot Seat after a scorching run during the Air DH.
The speed Bas was carrying on the Air DH course was amazing landing him in the top spot and a place on the "Hyper Hot Seat"

Jordy pushing up for another run on the slope course
Jordy pushing up for another one of her many runs on the slope course.

Raymond and his Hyper DJ bike.
Raymond George posted up atop the amazing Tom van Steenbergen designed slope course with his Hyper DJ bike.

Team manager EC and Bas having a laugh bench racing about their runs after the Air DH finals.
Team manager Eric Carter and Bas have a few laughs while discussing their respective race runs down The Joker for the Air DH.

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  • + 23
 Remember that one time Hyper was gonna make a DH bike and then literally took 10 years to release it. That was awesome.
  • + 29
 Pepperidge Farm remembers
  • + 8
 I remember this weird company that advertised perfectly polished bikes that was owned by a true legend of sport and riders doing things in videos of their own creation on the estate property of the rider's wealthy appearing family.

Then I remember all the world shouting "let me buy such a thing"...and the world did forget about such madness & folly in all due time. As memory of such polished things did fade into ancient memories to be all but forgotten save for the anals of the net to keep their memory...alas.
  • + 1
 They made more money selling kid bikes. Pro sponsorship for brand presents.
  • + 11
 @bizutch: As much as I love your Tolkien-esque prose, let it be known you made the Freudian slip of saying “anals” instead of “annals”, LOL!
  • + 2
 @DirtbagMatt: which was unintentional, but now I deem applicable, given the context. Big Grin
  • + 3
 @bizutch: anals of the net

Ha! don't google that!
  • + 1
 @plyawn: The ancient scroll of the Anals of 2 Girls and 1 Cuppeth...
  • + 5
 i wonder if all those hyper athletes will get their contracts paid out.....
  • + 4
 Raymond George is a beast! Also a super nice guy. Always stoked to see what he's been up to!
  • + 5
 Walmart has a pretty good team!
  • + 3
 How about selling the bike......?
  • + 2
 Yew EC!!
  • + 1
 Hyper sucks, they Can just take out a logo and put theirs
  • + 1
 Haven't seen Ray in awhile. Glad he's still keeping it rolling pro level.

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