Video: Tim Kemple Shoots with Kyle Strait and Tyler McCaul

Jan 27, 2014
by Scott Secco  


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 Wow, those tailwhips on double croun forks! They imresing my ewery time i see it.
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 Only the best 2 riders in the world could do tailwhips with double crown forks.
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flag enduro530 (Jan 27, 2014 at 15:39) (Below Threshold)
 @khndsasre if you like whips on dual crowns check this out
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 No doubt. Haha 'tailwhips' almost hitting the camera
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flag fabdemaere (Jan 28, 2014 at 10:46) (Below Threshold)
 Wait, what's the difference between tailwhips and "just whips (as in Crankworx whip off)"???
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 For those of you who missed it, a tailwhip is when the bike spins round the steerer tube and a whip is getting sideways then pulling it back in. The joke is that the photographer doesn't know the difference.
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 Thanks, I was like "whuuuut, is that a tailwhip?"
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flag enduro530 (Jan 28, 2014 at 22:54) (Below Threshold)
 Why I got neg propped I'll never know..
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 This was the most overdramatic video I've ever seen.
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 That's because were not it's target market. Gotta play it up. TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR. *Light drizzle.* WE PERSEVERED. *well were already paid to be out here... may as well hang out*
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 WE HAD A CHANGE OF PLANS AND HAD TO BRING OUT PLAN B!!!!! THE LADDER!!! THEN THE WORST HAPPENED.... haha that cracked me up! but that camera is producing unreal images !
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 He got a bloody lip... we were all super worried... did he have to go to the hospital? DID HE NEED AN AMBULANCE?! WE JUST DIDN'T KNOW!!!
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 Suddenly we ran out rhetorical questions
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 but than, he rides on,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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 That camera better produce unreal images for costing $34,000 just for the digital back..
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 Photoshop produces unreal images from any camera.
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 loved Kyle's face when he said 'they were psyched'
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 That Octocoptor crash crushed my soul. (The IQ 250 costs $34,990 and that's the cheap one of the group..)
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 Plus that aint no cheap gopro heli neither... Some serious dough tied up in that set up for sure. What people arent realizing is when you google this camera, all you see is pictures of Kyle and T-mac. How freaking cool is that? They are the poster child(s) of this camera and will be associated with it for a long time to come. Yeah Bikes!
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 Gotta be a sweet camera if I can tell those are Kenda tires... So, some funny things I noticed in this video:
2:40 "Clipped a branch"??? That's what you call crashing into a "TREE."
3:08 So that's what Kyle looks like when he's psyched??? Calm down dude.
3:44 I always wondered what an "inch" was...
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 I loved the tailwhips
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 Well you can't deny it's a whip done whith the tail of the bike...yet it was a lame mistake...but sick shots!
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 "I'm always pushing myself to capture images that are truly unique"..... over a shot of a rake
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 Sorry what camera was that again !!
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 One you have to sell a house to afford.
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flag freeride-forever (Jan 27, 2014 at 15:12) (Below Threshold)
 Haha rewob if that's true then you could also say "one you'd have to be a dumb ass shit turd fart for brain f*cketard to buy".
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 Why are you posting such stupid comments?
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 Only for a small fee of $35,000
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 ...Sometimes mother nature changes your plans regardless of how much you try to fight it. But instead of it being a down day, it's just a unique opportunity for success. Like here, this day seemingly sucked in one aspect, but ended with some of the most natural awesome shots that really capture the unique grace and freedom of mountain biking!
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 This is PV, where i grew up, how did i miss this? I guess i'm not surprised since Griz and strait are buddies and this is home of the Griz.

Also, it hasn't rained here in forever so how old is this?
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 Better then tailwhips on DC forks is tailwhips on DC forks & clipless pedals.
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 it's not all about the camera ;-)
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 "Hey these guys ride awesome - now buy this camera!" For a minute there they almost tricked me thinking I was not watching a camera commercial!
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 This guys is an amazing photographer, he was also an amazing rock climber in his own right:
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 Someone please make it my job to use that camera.
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 The moment I realised this camera cost 35000$............. and I thought bikes were overpriced!
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 I met Kyle at Mt. Snow many years ago when he was a teen... kid is getting thick these days.
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 Well watching that was a waste of 4:10 seconds of my life...
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 Sick camera.... probably overkill for most things. Sure those lenses are not cheap either.
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 So sad that the helicopter crashed....but amazing pictures anyway!
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 those pictures were sick
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 Fuckin A! I thought that was a bloke on a bike whipping into the tree 'til I saw it was the helicopter on the re run!!!
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 Chutney clowns on bikes chasing each other, RAD.
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 When do we get those pictures? They looked fantastic!
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 Its not a helicopter you muppets.
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 Those pics are awesome, where can I see more of those?
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 Rain in California? Hallelujah!
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 name the song 1:00 pls ??? Smile
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 Google the camera prices start at $34995 HOW MCUH!!!
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 How to be a Mtn Biker:
1. Have a bike that costs more than your car.
2. Have a camera that costs more than your bike.
3. etc....
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 How much is that camera
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 It is offered for those who prefer shooting over riding.
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 sometimes the simple solution is the best one lol
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 Quite the story
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 Tyler... the REAL McCaul!
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 Shall somebody catch some print screens with the whips, so I can fave them instead of posting them?
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