Video: Liv/giant Women’s A-Line Event - Crankworx Whistler 2013

Aug 12, 2013
by Pinkbike Originals  
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 This was Giant's women's ride clinic. Most of these girls were learning and/or advancing their skill. I think we, as Pinkbike users, often expect these banger videos on the main page. I think we should view these videos as an opportunity to show your female friends, sister, girlfriend, wife, mom, etc... That mountain biking is truly a sport for everyone. Perhaps these videos can inspire more women to give the sport a try and not feel like its all extreme all the time.

Lady train on A-Line... "effing" awesome! Thanks for the vid.
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 True that
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 To be fair, they somehow only managed to film the beginners. A lot of the girls are WAY better than shown.
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 Why would a guy want to cover this song?
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 because it's good
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 Shouldn't they have put the Tippie segment BEFOR they drew the raffle for the bike?
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 Haha exactly what I was thinking
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 nah would have made too much sense
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 props to the girls for getting out there and riding. i would be so stoked if my wife would ride Whistler with me, slow or not.
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 Very cool. This is how I got my daughters to jump and gain confidence downhill, showed them videos of other girls riding. And let me tell ya, there are very few of those videos out there. My older daughter said,"Oh, I look like that, right?" "Yeah, ALOT of people look like that". "Oh, well when are we going riding again?" She thought she had to ride like me to be good. She's hooked... The other one saw an old episode of the Athertons and wanted to find a double to jump after watching Rachel ride. And did one!! The ladies in the video might not have gone huge, but I'll bet a girl somewhere was just inspired to push herself. That's cool...
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 i was inspired and i'm a dude. awesome for you and your family though.
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 some serious body english going on @ 52secs
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 i'm always amazed at the number of women shredding in Vancouver/Whistler everytime I visit. Walking around the village the first day of Crankworx made me wish I would have scheduled my business trip for a longer stay. UGH!!!!

Some drunk guy followed me down A-Line and although he crashed a couple of times he made it down. A-Line and Dirt Merchant = FUUUNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!
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 Wait, you werent drunk also?
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 Not at that time ;-)
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 Man, you guys work your a$$e$ off to get these out so fast!
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 Sweet video. If you like seeing women rip check this one out too.
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 AAHH. how cute. Nice vid, but I don't think the girls where thinking that their riding was cute. I showed my daughter, and she said, why don't they show them ripping the lines w/ some gnarly tunes like they do for the guys. Girls just want to have fun, really.
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 Agree the song kills it's kind of not taking it seriously kinder makes fun of the vid and girls ridding . So come on I want to see a vid with females shredding it with good ripping tunes please . Ps the song stereotypes females in what can seem a male dominated sport . But this is not the case so again I ask please give us a better vid that shows just how they rip . Slow mo sucks to
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 There is one more difference noticeable between genders, consistency and stalibility of riding through terain that keeps bending and rocking bikes.
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 Well they are girls so ya
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 That is nothing worse. Just a difference. In some sections it may occur even better not to hold a bike so stable.
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 I feel girls are propping this here.
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 Bucket list: Ride Whistler A-line!
I live a bit far away, but screw That!
(1,500 miles away, 22 hrs. 13 mins.)
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 Do it. Fly to Seattle on Southwest take your bike ($75 each way) drive up to Vancouver (2.5hrs) stay the night. Ride North Shore (Froome, Seymour, Cypress) Drive to Whistler (2hrs) and since you brought your bike you can hit Squamish on the way back if you are not tooo tired. Flying will be cheaper than driving in your case, depending on vehicle of course.
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 The only problem is I'm 14, so I can't drive yet, but thanks for the info.! maybe i can talk my parents into it!
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 talk your parents into taking me, too.
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 For a price....
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 No Tippie! Don't lose your voice yet!
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 Thats cool,glad to See a unknown rider Took the win
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 Where can I find girls like these?
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 In your dreams :-)
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 why wont they clear it aaah
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 1:27 Downhill without a fullface... you're going to have a bad time...
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 Welp. Nothing like some hd slo-mo footage of breaking bumps being formed.
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 I wish I could ride jumps and tables like that :Frown
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