Video: Mike Jones Goes From Teenage Pinner to World Cup Pro in 'Dreams'

Jan 3, 2020
by BlackVeinMedia .  
Video, photography & words: Matthew Davies / Black Vein Media

Since having a good friendship with Mike since we both started racing downhill it was about time we got together to make an edit. we set out on finding some time in between racing and training to get out and film for 2 days. A day of trail riding and a day of downhill. We decided on CwmCarn and the Risca Valley for the trail bike scenes with the help of Darrell of Cwmdown uplift services letting me hang out the side of his van filming at 25MPH and carting us around for the day. The second day we headed to the infamous Rheola downhill track, Rocky, Rooty, Fast and Loose it provides loads of variety in training and is probably one of the best tracks in the UK.

Mike Jones - Dreams

Mike Jones - Dreams
Mike Jones - Dreams

Mike Jones - Dreams

bigquotesI first met Mike at Llangollen Welsh Champs in 2010, it was wetter than an otters pocket and at that time the track was brand new and had basically become a straight line down one of the steepest hills in the country, absolute carnage. But I remember seeing Mike, fully kitted out in tracksuit, football trainers and an Alloy MX jersey pinning it on his Norco and just thinking. Man, I hope this boy in trackies doesn't beat me. I beat Mike that race but he got me in the 16 consecutively after that.Matthew Davies, Rider & the long-haired fella behind Black Vein Media

Mike Jones - Dreams
Mike Jones - Dreams

Behind the scenes:

Mike Jones - Dreams.
Adam Slade

When I was thinking about this video there was only one guy I had in mind to play the part of a teenage Mike Jones, similar in looks and build Adam is also a Pinner on a bike and tearing up the South Wales & British scene as Mike did in his Youth and Junior days. It only seemed fitting to get Adam to jump in as the teenage Mike and Adam was keen enough to jump on board and lend his hand in acting & riding for the afternoon. Adams brother Jack Slade 'Media' also came along to help shoot and get some behind the scenes footage.


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 281-330-8004 Mike Jones about to blow!
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 Damnit, you beat me to it!
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 Mike Jones, sensational talent, all the best for the season ahead.
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 Rode the gondola to the top of Fort Bill with Mike and his dad at last year's World Cup race. They were great company, happy to answer our slightly starstruck questions (I'm 42, and turn into a 12 year old fanboi in the presence of anyone mildly gnarly!). Unsurprisingly he's very, very passionate about riding, and he's got the steely eyed gaze of a pro racer. Really hope he gets himself back on top form in the coming season.
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 Is that the new Privateer?
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 Another rapid Brit, one of many. The conditions in them parts of the world are next level which can only help with bike handling skills.
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flag markcorrigan (Jan 3, 2020 at 2:22) (Below Threshold)
 hmmm...clearly someone who's never actually been to Britain
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 @JamesGTi: The weather conditions in Britain are benign enough to ride all year round, sloppy enough in winter to learn where the grip is. I'm guessing that's what @watchtower meant. We just need a better distribution of mountains.
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 @JamesGTi: born there mate.
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flag markcorrigan (Jan 3, 2020 at 6:33) (Below Threshold)
 @watchtower: @watchtower: Can you remember this place??! I'm sadly British and sadly lived there my whole life, apart from the last 18 months whilst I've been on a working holiday visa in Canada. So I'll just slightly edit your comment for you...

Another rapid Brit, one of many. The conditions in them parts of the world are constantly miserable which can only help with bike handling skills.

It was just the 'next level' bit that confused me, because there's nothing the UK has that other countries don't, but I see the point you're trying to make, the poor weather there does improve rider ability.
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 @JamesGTi: all good, I see the UK riding conditions and it looks cold, rainy and muddy, not to mention lots of roots. I live in an area dominated by rock of all sizes and normally super dry. To me the UK conditions seem next level, don't think too hard about it though as it's just an opinion based on an observation.
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 @watchtower: Fair, but I think you'd quickly change your tune after living there for a winter haha.
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 @JamesGTi: you just can’t ride in the wet can ya
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 @Sladey: hahaa touche
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 @JamesGTi: bit off track mate, not once did I mention wanting to live there, zero interest. I will put it a simpler way for you. The shitty wet miserable conditions seem to breed some OK riders. Does that make any sense?
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 This is ace, top work chaps!
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 Mike's an absolute weapon. I would love him to get on the box again at the worlds. As for the trails rheola is a monster so it's perfect for world's training.
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 cool video and concept, thanks. Love the music and voiceover, matches nicely
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 "wetter than an otters pocket" I'm so using that....
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 the benny hill bits cracked me up
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 Funny that dreams do come true, but reality still not as fun when have to find a contract to afford to race at that level & it is all DH?
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 Who Is Mike Jones?
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 good vid but blatent copy of
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