Video of the Month - February

Mar 8, 2010 at 0:09
Mar 8, 2010
by Jason Peters  
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With a new month comes the top five moving pictures from February. It's time to see who took the cake with VOM. To find last month's VOM check here.

Look inside for the top five videos for February 2010!


demz starts us off with this BMX Contest video.
Views: 29,224    Faves: 729    Comments: 99

Score - 27.811


Larock finds himself in forth with his Geax edit.
(Password protected)
Views: 41,852    Faves: 1,118    Comments: 133
This video is password protected.

Score - 27.63


Fullface-productions nabs third with an urban DH race edit.
Views: 77,633    Faves: 1,808    Comments: 138

Score - 25.98


What do you do when snow's on the ground? These guys go biking!... Kind of... Nice job theslickerscrew!
Views: 52,883    Faves: 1,803    Comments: 139

Score - 24.60


This month's winning video was filmed at Rays for their odd couple contest. Nice Job vincent!
Views: 34,026    Faves: 1,102    Comments: 126

Score - 22.28

Check back next month for another installment of VOM.

- JP
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  • + 7
 Some such sick videos there.
  • + 29
 Its a weird way to word it, but i agree.
  • + 6
 haha i liked the snow bikes...
  • + 4
 POM & VOM = The Highlight of each Pinkbike month tup
  • + 5
 Haha, I really didn't make sense then!
  • + 7
 Haha that Odd Couples film is ace! Sooo true though! 3 or 4 years ago before I was really into bikes I was top of any class I was put in, top of year etc; 4 years on and biking has just taken over! Think I've passed 1 of my 4 higher prelims, failing every class, taking weeks off school 'sick' (nearly a month in total since january) just so I can ride! Every minute is spent thinking about how to corner faster, new lines to build, photo's I want to go shoot etc. I'm sure I'm not the only one either. Biking just wrecks any chance of a 'normal' life Razz

All really good vids Smile Its interesting how this months fav's are mostly street/park/jumping and no proper DH/Freeride!
  • + 2
 go back to school!! chances are you wont make any money riding downhill. get a real job and ride weekends. harsh ay.
  • + 3
 Am I the only one who noticed that "fourth" is spelt wrong?
  • + 3
 Andy: I'm still in school, sitting my highers then f*cking off to college/uni to do photography and hopefully get a job in the Forestry Commission Media Dep. After that, who knows...
  • + 1
 good luck then!
  • + 1
 Sorry I've just realised I posted a life story which nobody else would really give a f*ck about... Happy days Smile
  • + 1
 the snowbiking stuff was such a pleasure to watch, to me its number 1 among many vids I have seen.

and congrats to our fellow demz on making it to PBs top 5, you are becoming famous, Dima Smile
  • + 0
 Vid#5: More BMX retards with no helmets and girls trousers pulling retardly good tricks over and over again... - 2:01min crash = imagine if he hadn't been wearing his lid!?

#3 & 2: Both awesome vids!

#1 makes me wanna get a hardtail again!
  • + 2
 #5 should lose automatically for men wearing girls clothes and not wearing helmets...maybe them not wearing helmets is a good thing so they dont reproduce again
  • + 1
 i dont see how rays odd couple made the number 1 spot,, i thought it was pretty shit. dont get me wrong, the riding was sick, but the vid was not.
  • + 3
 the Odd Couple Vid is Deffs #1. Loving the no hander footjam
  • + 1
 I think downmall should have gotten at least second. that video was legit. nice editing and music!!
  • + 1
 its funny how your promoting yourself using other peoples videos and photos
  • + 2
 not the best order in my opinion
  • + 1
 Simpel sessions 10 just because harry main and mark webb are throwing it down big. Razz
  • + 1
 i gotta gets some of that "BR"!
  • + 0
 i have bin a heavy user of BR for over 4 years now and i just cant stop its like its taken over my life.
  • + 1
 VOM indeed, I'm feigning for some BR right now haha!
  • + 1
 i say the geax aka vidieo should of won
  • + 0
 A truly amazing collection of Videos !
  • + 1
 OOo ya Vince!!!
  • + 0
  • + 0
 Very Nice Videos here
  • + 0
 nice picks

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