Videos: Top 3 X Games Runs: Rheeder, Semenuk, Lacondeguy

Jun 30, 2013
by Karl Burkat  
Brett Rheeder wins Gold! - 97.33

Brandon Semenuk wins Silver - 96.00

Lacondeguy wins bronze with this run - 77.00


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 is it just me or the gap between 3rd and 2nd place is....
f*ckING HUGE!!!!?????
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 there is something wrong...
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 Everybody else crashed, and his run was f*cking boring, so he took third with a fairly low score.
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flag roks (Jun 30, 2013 at 14:03) (Below Threshold)
 Norbs got robbed!
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 The course seemed badly built, flowed bad, riders were having a hard time clearing jumps, that gap/operating table jump before the drop had one of the worse landings I've ever seen. The riders did amazing considering what they had to work with. It's a shame these guys weren't given a course that allowed them to perform at the best of their abilities for x-games.
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 The course was built by Markus Hampl, who also built the Berg Line course, with Berrecloth on as a consultant. So it is very surprising that the course did not flow as well as it should have. Still not bad for a debut event. It just meant that the riders had to step up to the challenge the course presented. At least it wasn't 3 or 4 big jumps in a straight line!
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 2 things ya can count on at every judged sport event....... sketchy judging and people complaining about the field of play...... suprise, suprise.
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 @todd, hard to tell from the videos I've seen, but it did rain out on saturday, maybe the mud just slowed everyone down? It's strange that two of the best course builders would screw up the flow...
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flag Icculus19425 (Jun 30, 2013 at 17:14) (Below Threshold)
 Sam Pilgrim didnt even compete. Not sure why, but he probably could have thrown down a winning run.
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 @suicidedownhiller maybe it's time to change, and more than adding jumps that are comfty they ad some technical jumps and sections that are making this sport to evolve more and more. I think the course was pretty damn right, despite the fact that all the riders gaved their soul in it... It's the survival of the finnest i guess.
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 The course is on point, or so it seemed watching the top 3 runs. Maybe it was the weather still playing a factor in their runs? I mean it makes sense seeing how they delayed the event hours in order to have the wind die down a bit. Personally I thought the course was really good compared to others but the size of the features would def. be plagued by winds. Also I don't think a bit of pedaling is bad for a slope course, just as long as the riders can easily gauge the speed needed for the hits.
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 P-p-p-pilgrim?? Frown
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 Fair play to Lacondeguy for hitting it on a hardtail!
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 HELLL YEAS ! but you could even seee he felt them landings ! He shook his head at each of them
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 screw that on a hardtail - AL is g-nar !
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 Peter Henke needs to get rid of the tight pink jeans and soccer jersey.
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 It's not just you...that was weird.
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 bearclaw was robbed of 3rd place
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 Right, Norbs got robbed!
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 Exactly, robs got nobbed
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flag VPPFREEDOM (Jun 30, 2013 at 21:53) (Below Threshold)
 The FALL of Semenuk, heck YEAH. That kid was such a bad winner i can't believe he even has sponsors still
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 "The FALL"? haha that is a joke. His run was excellent and he was 4 pts away from a perfect score, I would hardly call that
'The FALL"
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 LOL @ "The Fall" this was his first comp of the year and I think its super impressive that he can just come out and get 2nd.
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 The claw got norbed?
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 The Rawbs got clobbed
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 Thank god for the two trek boys. They saved this competition from being bad. Bit of a weird course. But semenuk and rheeder stepped it up!
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 Team Trek was in a different league than the others.
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flag barbarosza (Jul 1, 2013 at 3:59) (Below Threshold)
 Is Semenuk in the same TREK team as Rheeder ?
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 Smith Team for the win
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 @barbarosza, the C3 project is the only trek slopestyle team...
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 I wonder how bad the other runs must have been if lacondeguy came 3rd. That was not an interesting run
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 The other riders (apart from bearclaw) crashed.
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 They should have posted claws run too.
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 The Lone Ranger preview was more interesting then Lacondeguys' run...
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flag stacykohut (Jun 30, 2013 at 14:58) (Below Threshold)
 truth is ....judged event sports have always been kinda weak.
skateboarding contests, bmx contests, surf contests, gymnastics,figure skating, mtb slopestyle.....

its just all so objective.

the sports themselves are rad and full of self expression, but how the hell do ya judge it?
whos the best artist?whos the best musician? the best band?

you can't judge self expression.

racing rules, all else drools.
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 @stacykohut That was kinda hypocritical.You can't judge expression, but all else besides racing drools?
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what are ya talking about...........?

pretty plain and simple really.............

the clock does not lie......or have favorites.

i love the self expression sports, but there is no way to determine whos best. in racing, well, the winner is the best.
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 If you can throw a front flip off a jump that most people cant even clear, Id say thats judge-able. Style, or "expression" as you put it, is definitely judgable as well, you just need the right judges. Also, there are so many things you can judge a rider on; technicality, flow etc. . Id say they do a pretty good job for the most part. Mtb will only get better as it matures.
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 @stacykohut you can style have style in racing.
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 @mike-gillespie you sure can have style, but guess what it doesn't make you faster or effect anything.. you're pretty dumb aren't you?
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 @VPPFREEDOM Easy bud, no need to be feisty. I'm saying every racer has a different style. Also it does effect "things", some styles of riding are slower. So before calling someone dumb maybe try to understand the statement first.
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 Can we see Berrecloth's run ?
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 espn sez no ...
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 he played it safe. a can, super seater, two three drops
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 Lol I love how that's^ playing it safe now adays
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 I want to see all runs, first runs, crashes, the whole bit. ESPN blows and pretty much so does the X- Games.
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 x games mtb slopestyle elimination here.........................

and finals here....................

peeps it.
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 ^ thanks stacykohut. cam zinks first crash ouch and yeah i think bear claw deserved 3rd for sure.
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 I'm so annoyed I didn't get to watch it live
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 espn keeps saying its coming up? kinda lame to watch now that I already know the results
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 i really want to watch the runs, so if somebody knows please tell me (bow)
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 96 then 77 holy shit
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 Who were the commentators? Were they from ESPN? "He spun the handlebars! Wow! He spun the handlebars!" lol Razz
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 oh man, that was sooo sick! nearly perfect runs from rheeder and semenuk! Smile x-games munich was sick! looking forward to next yearSmile
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 The line between Semenuk and Rheeder is so close, I would have given the gold the Brandon though. Backy off the first drop and a double whip? Rheeders only special thing was his bar-fronty...
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 Rheeder did everything switch...
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 But that barspin frontflip was so fast and precise!
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 Rheeder did a couple tricks that were worth a little more in points.
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 semenuk had an oppo 3 in there, but rheeder had oppo 3 and oppo whip, and the fronty bar is defs trickier than a double whip. semenuks flip drop was really clean, brandon straight flipped where rheeder flip barred, but i think judges were right putting rheeder slightly ahead.
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flag raffa (Jun 30, 2013 at 13:16) (Below Threshold)
 Brandon shoulda get gold!! His run was fuckin dialled! Poor thing for Zink! Would be sick when he get 3rd or better!!
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 Semenuk looked pissed at the end of Rheeders run while everyone else was super stoked for Brett he rode off. Not cool IMO
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 If Semenuk could be bothered to turn up to a few more events he might get a bit more practice to put in a winning run!
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 Rheeder did everything oppo with a fronty bar and backflip bar
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 just a bar fronty!!!??? thats so much harder than a doublewhip! oppo 3 is on par with flat flip drop, everything else rheeder either matched or 1 upped such as the backflip bar....
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 @skierdud89: Semenuk gave Rheeder a hug, a handshake and a congratulations right after his run.
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flag ripitforlife (Jun 30, 2013 at 16:25) (Below Threshold)
 @ScandiumRider: If you watch at the video again it looks like it almost killed Semenuk to congratulate Rheeder. I know Semenuk is super competitive but you don't have to be a total jerk when someone out rides you.
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 same situation to how Gwin react when he can't take the hot seat ... maybe the winning spirit was so high at that moment
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 @ripitforlife He just lost a big comp. He has every right to be upset and he didnt even have to give congrats to Rheeder. He could have simply left. But he showed his sportsmanship and acknowledged Rheeder. This isnt just for funsies. This is their job and lively hood. Get upset, that way you come back stronger next time.
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 @a207Freerider: That may all be true if we were talking about Baseball or Football but part of the reason companies want to sponsor these riders and why we like to watch them is because they are good ambassadors for the sport and good idols. Just think Steve Peat; How often does he end up on the podium? But many times he is more excited than the rider that just came down and stole the hot seat from him.
What we were pointing out was every other rider at the bottom of the course was super stoked for Rheeder with the exception of one rider...

@cikudh: I've noticed that too
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 Semenuk's drop in was so much better but Rheeder absolutely killed it on the step up and that step up showed why he won.
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 @johnnyWaWa: how is a backflip better than an opo-three? judging by the looks of it, that's in the eye of the beholder... but technically the opo-three is def the better trick.
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 @ripitforlife and @skierdud89

Semenuk showed good sportsmanship by congratulating Rheeder. He may not have been the first to mob him with praise, but it didnt take him long to recognize Rheeder's run was awesome and he immediately searched him out and gave him a hug. This is what Semenuk had to say, (quote on "It's tough dropping in that second-to-last run knowing there's one rider behind you. You just do what you know you can do and hope it's enough. But Brett dropped in behind me and was just going for it. He's so dialed, and he definitely put down the best run today."

Now explain to us again why Semenuk is a total jerk whose actions were not cool? Smith Optics is proud to have these two guys on its roster and if it werent for them, this whole event would have been subpar. Well done boys!
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 @manuesi: I find the backflip off a flat drop in so good because I have only seen two people do it in competition. Semenuk and Pilgrim(2012 Claymore Challenge) I'm sure others probably have, but I haven't seen it.
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 Rheeder and Semenuk both had great runs. But I do think that Brett just edged him out (and I am a Semenuk fan). I think the reason Rheeder won was because he had the the final run. The runs were identical for half of the hits (not saying that Rheeder copied Semenuk's run necessarily) and the main differences balance out (Backflip on the flat drop slightly better than oppo 3 but barspin frontflip definitely better than double whip). The subtle differences like Rheeder's barspin on the backflip are what gave him the slight edge. I've never seen top qualifying spot make such a noticeable difference in a persons run. He could basically put down a similar run with a few nuances and knew it should win Rheeder is clearly very smart and knows exactly what he needs to do to pull off a win. Congratulations to both riders on throwing down incredible runs.
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 Brett's run definitely deserved the win
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 @p3jeenyus: you are totally right! Rheeder earned the win and had a better run. But if Semenuk had the last run, he would have probably won. Like you said, because Rheeder went after Semenuk he was able to add just small things. Either way, both riders did amazing
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 @JonnyWaWa: fair point, didn't think of it this way. and it's quite a huge drop.
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 Good guy Darren gets robbed yet still puts the sponsor hat on Rheeder for his interview... such a class act
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 claw is the man, he knows rheeeder's a good kid too!
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 Semenuk and Rheeder run looks pretty much the same but I prefer the flat backflio of Semenuk.
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 Yeah that flat backflip was the gnarliest move of the day!
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 Front flips are the new pop sensation - judges went accordingly. It doesn't make Rheeder better and it doesn't make Semenuk worse. I personally preferred Semenuk's run but it lacked the passion of his usual style. I think he is too focused on winning instead of riding. I agree with Freeridedub though, the competition seemed rather tame. And what happened to Lacondeguy? Is he injured? That run was unbefitting of his abilities.
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 Just heard about the wind... that explains a lot.
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 Well said^
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 oh the guy was not even Lacondeguy not participate in the x games because of his finger I said respect
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 He has a broken bone in his hand
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 The whole event was a let down. The bmx announcer was talking trash the whole time. The course was awkward. No other way to put it. Then only 6 out of 16 riders were in the final and two of whom didnt make it to the bottem. ... doubt x games will have us next year and im glad.... they seem to be the uci equivalent
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 considering its an x games event i would have expected the course to be much better and have much more flow than what it did considering the amount of crashes that happened in the event.
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 Ha. X games consistently has tighter features for courses in every sport. Ski slopestyle always has complaints about features being too close and not allowing for flow. Premiere bike events where the focus is more on biking is where you will find your best courses. X Games tries to fit what they can into made for TV venues. What do you expect. All in all, I still think it was exciting and am glad that I got done with my mid-day ride in time to catch it live.
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 So true, it's only in the last couple of x-games that they have started to actually have bmx and skate "street"... that resembles street. In about 10 years time, they'll have a slopestyle course that matches crankworx or something similar. The course for this one was awful, barely any of the riders could show off their true potential and it didn't resemble any mountain bike slopestyle course I can remember.
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 if you want to watch the complete final there it is
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 Called a slope style course most of the guys on hard tails couldn't clear the big step up cuz they couldn't get enough speed on a hard tail i like the look of the course looked fun just need a slope style bike for slope style......
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 Semenuk is a robot and never ceases to amaze me. Rheeder has the front flip dialed these days and with the bar spin thrown in on a not so good hit I gotta say he had the best run. I think the biggest issue would be with the venue. Not enough vertical to get all the lines set the way they should be. Speed is your friend and there was little room to gain any there. Maybe next year
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 What a sad introduction to slopestyle for the X Games, so many riders dropped out and so many more crashed on the 2nd jump.Final jump sinking in the lake. I'm not sure what secret sauce was missing hopefully they find it for next year.
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 It was cool to actually see some type of representation of our sport on tv, shirt of the signature series NBC ran a while ago...but after DVR'ing 6 1/2 HOURS of the xgames over the weekend I fast forwarded through 6 HOURS AND 15 min in order to see ESPN/X-GAMES televise 15 f-ckin minutes of slopestyle, and on top of that is was the LAST run of TWO! Your telling me that we can sit there and watch 6 rounds of 3 heats of Rallycross for 3 mind numbing hours but you can't even show 2 runs of 6 slopestyle riders!!??? They better devote more attention to those that deserve it next time!!!!!
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 haters haters haters.. this course is what MTB needs if it wants to stay in the XGames. if it looks to much like BMX people are gonna get bored with or small tricks. go big or go home. and for the judging, good enough. Rheeder and Semenuk's run were unreal but Rheeder and more tricks. end of story. and for my opinion the judging was way better than the last Rampage. haters haters haters. start appreciating instead of hating. they spend millions to entertain us and we still hate.... idiots
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 How can we see the claw??? Someone please advise?
  • 7 2
 wow these commentators suck!
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 the course looked like the tops of the landings were too high along with the wind and the definitely need better comentators those guys were so bland i wish tippy would have done it
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 I think the riders did a great job with the course they were given. Would have liked to see it be a little longer though. Also, does anyone know what the material black material they used on some of the jumps was? It looked like it was really slippery and they were having some trouble keeping their wheels under them on the landings.
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 When it come down to it can we leave Mtb where it belongs in the backcountry and through the trees. espen, NBC any Tv network is never gonna understand what its really about. Building something epic that all your buds will be stoked on and wanna shred from sun-up to sun-down. I love events like claws where you here all the riders talking up the course and how gnarly but fun it is to shred. I think it was killer to have MTB slope in xgames, will we get another one who knows big money grubbing comps are always worried about events like that and the uncontrollable variables. looking forward to Joy Ride and Bearclaw Invitational and like Dane Searls said "keep it dirt, stay true to your roots and keep it real"
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 For all those saying the course had too much pedalling, watch Reeders run, he made all of two pedal strokes during his run and they were mainly to reposition his pedals, the wind also did not look too bad and the course seemed to flow just fine. The fact that Reeder and Semenuk are the only riders who made mentionable runs on the course really points towards them just having far more skill than the rest of the competitors and landing their tricks smoothly, the other guys simply weren't good enough, the standard in bmx and mx is just so high, especially at x-games, this event just showed up mtb riders more than anything. Take for example when Chad Kagy competed in an mtb event, for his first time ever, on a borrowed bike... and won... there are much more and better bmx riders competing in bmx events and so the level is simply higher, we might not like to admit it but its true! Reeder and Semenuk are the only guys who stepped up to the skill level required of x-games competitors on this occasion.
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 Such dialed runs by semenuk and rheeder!! How can the crowd be anything but pumped! All in all mtb slopestyle in xgames was a sucess!!
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 Commentators were Jimmy Coleman and Dennis McCoy who normally commentate BMX. I've been big a big fan of McCoy for probably 20 years but I wasn't impressed the way he was basically saying BMX is so much better and MTB is a lesser sport
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 yeah Rheeder!! Front Flip bar!
  • 4 1
 Yesss Rheeder and Semenuk repping Canada, feels good.
  • 4 0
 Rheeder FMB#1!!!
  • 4 0
 f**k yeah Rheeder!!!!!!!
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 cam mccaul should commentate all fmb events. with someone to take his spot while he rides.
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 Next time they should just have a 50ft drop with a 4ft landing with hurricane speed winds and see who survives. Seriously what a terrible and dangerous contest that was.
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 By the way...semenuk should have won!!
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 No, Semenuk's run was amazing and if he had gone after Rheeder I bet he would have made an even more amazing run. However, Rheeder definitely won it with that step up. I love watching Semenuk ride and he is my favorite but I do believe the judges got this one right.
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 i thought semenuk had a better run than rheeder, neg prob but thats what i thought
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 what a Bullshit Event ! I was there, trust me. 30 Minutes and only 6 Riders ? The Big Air Skaters had no Problem with the Wind. Now Slopestyle MTB looks like a bunch of Gays
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 Shity red bull player just for iShity products. If you think I will buy an iShityphone to wach this video you are crazy. And you should stop sucking aplle dick!
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 I like the other commentators better... they should get the guys from the DH world cup circuit
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 semenuk merecia el oro ! sigue siendo el mejor del mundo, rheeder solo le supero en el frontflip
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 Its Rheeder time, good job Bro was rootin for ya.
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 Of course they are all friends... Thats the mountain bike community!!!
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 That was a dumb landing... they all had trouble stopping
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 yeah, the course didn't look well seems it was hard for the riders to carry speed....
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 Can't wait what Semenuk will do to step up. He doesn't like that 2nd place ! Smile
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 please someone tell me where can i watch their all runs...PLEASE (bow)
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 Where can I see the complete contest????
  • 3 3
 Lacondeguys run was pretty tame
  • 6 6
 X Games makes slopestyle look bad. The course is crap.
  • 2 1
  • 2 2
 anyone else find the whole event boring?
  • 6 9
 shit i coulda made podium with a 3rd place run like that...
  • 11 0
 Your couldn't even hit the course puss
  • 5 0
 Haha, Austin you so silly!
  • 1 2
 John, u prob could have too haha, and look at this kid neg prop-ing tryin to start shit lol
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