Video: Kilian Bron Chases Volcanoes in his First Edit with Commencal

Jan 27, 2020
by COMMENCAL bicycles  

Was it real?

The wind whistles continuously in my ears.
The scent of sulfur attack my nostrils.
Vertigo twists my guts.
I think it was real.
The rashes still heat my skin.
The waves rock me.
These landscapes, my eyes remember them.
Yes, it had to be real.

Let Kilian and his crew guide you in search of volcanoes!

Rider: Kilian BRON
Directed by: Léon PERRIN
Film: Léon PERRIN & Gaetan CLARY
Edit: Léon PERRIN
Still Photography: Jb LIAUTARD
Music & Sound Edit: Léo LUNEL
Drone FPV: Pierre DUPONT
Skippers: Lucas FRIGOUT & Adrien DESU

Special thanks: OHLINS & KS

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 Can we all agree that Commencal puts out some of the best riding content?
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 prob not bc there's always that one guy....
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 Came here expecting a backie over a lava pit... disappointed.
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 F@ck yes bro!
  • 9 0
 Just amazing film, editing, locations, riding, FPV, omg, sound design. No more words left...
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 next level
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 Thanks to all of you for the great feedbacks! Means a lot to us! Some more pictures will be uploaded next week or so!
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 So good!!
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 The drone footage on this was absolutely mesmerizing!!! Phenomenal filming guys! I'm surprised this isn't getting a lot more comments and praise on here
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 I totally agree.
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 commencal just look so good right now. i still have a mint 2013 meta sl1 26" bike in my stable of bikes and even though i love my new rocky mountain instinct c50 the meta still looks damn nice next to it and is still so nice to ride i cant bring myself to sell it. honestly if they made a new 29er version of that bike with weight around close to 13.5 kg i would have purchased one of those instead of my rocky mountain.
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 Meta TR bro
  • 1 1
 @Vandermouten: sadly not. the lightest one they do is the race at 14.8kg but the top of the line meta signature which is the one i prefer is 15kg with the cheaper offering meta origin at 16kg. +all these bike weights exclude pedals so add on ~350grams there

i know the meta tr 29's get great reviews but as my old meta sl1 weighs in at a litle over 13.2kg with a dropper (as it didnt originally come fitted with one) and full invisiframe kit and mucky-nutz front guard its too big a jump to the newer meta tr29 in weight. my rocky mountain instinct c50 has more rear wheel travel (+10mm) and weighs 13.88kg with full invisframe kit and mudguard and pedals fitted. (although the meta tr does have more front travel)
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 The Love Goat!!!

Well done! A Kilian Bron video is always a pure moment of delight, even better now with the Commençal`s art of making excellent films. Congrats to all the technicians!
The place is surreal, the riding sublime, the edit somptuous, and the soundtrack kills.
What else???

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 Wibmer does it! Bron does it! Is the sailboat the new Pick-up?
...wouldn't be the worst development.
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 Vulcano et Lipari ! pas commun comme destination !! j'ai hâte d'aller rouler sur l'etna : on a les mêmes goûts pour les volcans Kilian !!
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 Pierre Dupont has a good career ahead of him. Amazing Drone action on this edit.
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 That is a goooood looking bike
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 Oh SHT guys! This is best epic Free edit, what i saw in last 3 years! Pumped me to update my sailing licence and book some yacht for next september in Italy!
  • 2 0
 Commencal & Kilian always comes through with their videos.
  • 2 0
 I wonder if there will be an Ohilns OEM or A La Carte options now.
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 Hi bro!
How is life in Canada?
We are missing you in Andorra!
For OHLINS, we are working on it ????
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 Can we all take note of that very subtle and very creepy vocals in the backing music of the vid?
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 more specifically in the first 4 mins of the video before the second track comes on
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 Hey PINKBIKE...this movie as to be a ''MUST WATCH''!!!
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 I mis-read as "chased by volcanoes" that would make for an exciting edit!
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 My entire bucket list on a video!
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 Badass! I got the same Bike! Rad Af!
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 love that Ölins build, just got my second Meta a few weeks ago :-)
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 that was soooooooooooo sick!
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 I’m a sucker for the drone shots!! So fricking sick.
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 Music List pls??
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 Top draw

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