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Oct 14, 2009
by Tyler Maine  

Jason talks about the new Weirwolf Tire:
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Weirwolf 21

-Usage: All Mountain/Trail
-Conditions: Wet to Dry/Loose to firm (mixed conditions)
-Faster rolling center tread pattern over previous model
-Terraced/Staged side knobs for better cornering grip and consistent feel when on edge
-TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) -Tubeless bead and sealant compatible rubber
-2.3 version comes with Inner Peace side wall protection against pinch flats
-WeirWolf 2.1 UST (GMS: 50/53), 760 grams, 120tpi, DNA rubber compound. Aramid UST bead. $60
-WeirWolf 2.1 TCS (GMS: 50/53), 650 grams, 60tpi Dual DNA rubber compound, Aramid UST bead. $60.
-WeirWolf 2.1 Race (GMS: 50/53), 650 grams, 60tpi, DNA rubber compound. Aramid bead $50
-WeirWolf 2.1 Comp (GMS: 50/53), 780 grams, 27tpi, DNA rubber compound. Wire bead. $25!
-WeirWolf 2.3 UST (GMS: 52/56), 820 grams, 120tpi, Super Track DNA rubber compound. Aramid UST bead. $60
-WeirWolf 2.3 All Mountain TCS (GMS: 52/56), 760 grams, 60tpi with Inner Peace and Dual Compound! Aramid UST bead. $60

The traditional WeirWolf is what we call an “aggressive lean” tire. It featured a distinct channel between the crown and side knobs that allowed the tread to pierce deep into soft soils, especially at aggressive lean angles. Mark Weir and Mark Slate designed this tire so that the further you leaned over, the better the traction. The compromise with that design was a slight fall-away feeling before the tire’s large side knobs engaged. Some riders perceived this fall-away transition zone as the tire reaching its limits, and never learned to push the classic WeirWolf to its true potential.

The redesigned WeirWolf is a different animal entirely. We added an extra row of transitional tread between the crown and side knobs. This slight alteration gives the new WeirWolf a positive feel and consistent traction at any lean angle, from moderate to extreme. At this point, you might be thinking, “well, why didn’t they design it that way in the first place?” or “what’s the catch?” It’s true, mountain bike tire design is a game of compromise. No tire can excel at everything. And the new WeirWolf is no exception to this rule. Its added transitional knobs make the tread more tightly packed and less suited to muddy trails (we’d recommend the Moto Raptor or Wolverine 1.95 for these conditions). On most trails, however, the new WeirWolf offers a remarkable improvement. Weir himself says it’s the best tire he has ever ridden.

The features don’t end at the tread. The new WeirWolf will be available in UST and TCS. TCS stands for Tubeless Compatible System and couples WTB’s lightweight Race casing with a UST bead. There’s even an All Mountain TCS version, with TCS and the added protection of a nylon puncture resistant shield (what we call Inner Peace).

Weirwolf 21
Weirwolf 21

Weirwolf 21
Weirwolf 21

Weirwolf 21
Weirwolf 21

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Mark and the Weirwolf 21

Mark and the Weirwolf 21

Dain tells us all about the all new Dissent 2.5:
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Dissent 2.5 (Completely new 2.5, new compounding and casing throughout the line):

-Usage: Freeride/Downhill
-Conditions: Dry to moist (2.3 works well in the wet), mixed conditions to loose
-Dissent 2.5 Team DH (GMS: 57/62) 1380 grams. Super Duty casing (dual-ply 27tpi with Inner Peace), Super Track DNA rubber compound. Wire bead. $60
-Dissent 2.5 Race (GMS: 57/62) 1050 grams, 60tpi casing, Super Track DNA rubber compound. Folding Aramid bead. $50
-Dissent 29” Team FR (GMS: 60/65) Super Duty casing (dual-ply 27tpi with Inner Peace), Super Track DNA rubber compound. Wire bead. $60
-Dissent 2.3 Team DH (GMS: 55/60), 1217 grams, Super Duty casing (dual-ply 27tpi with Inner Peace), Super Track DNA rubber compound. Wire bead. $60
-Dissent 2.3 UST (GMS: 55/60), 1050 grams, 120tpi, Aramid UST bead, Super Track DNA rubber compound. $60
-Dissent 2.3 Race (GMS: 55/60), 838 grams, 60tpi casing, Super Track DNA rubber compound. Folding Aramid bead. $50
-Dissent 2.3 Comp (GMS: 55/60), 900 grams, 27tpi casing, Super Track DNA rubber compound. Wire bead. $25!

The Dissent 2.5 was introduced in 2007 to moderate success. The tire excelled in hardpack conditions, but its tightly packed tread was overwhelmed in mixed, loose conditions. Throughout the 2008 season we worked with several world cup downhillers to refine the Dissent and make it a more versatile DH tire. The Dissent 2.3—with its opposing direction tread pattern—is the result. We introduced this 2.3 version last fall and it has been enormously popular. The new tread pattern works exactly the way we hoped: the deep channel between crown and side knobs and more open knob configuration pierces soft soils and holds firm in a hard lean.
So we’re booting out the old Dissent 2.5 and replacing it with the wider version of the 2.3. We’re expecting this tire to be a big hit in a wide variety of conditions from the North Shore to loose pumice slopes of Mammoth. And of course, the Dissent is the official tire of the Whistler Bike Park, so it will work damn fine there.

Dain runs us through the new Aviator saddle:
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The WTB Aviator saddle (all new shape/design):
-Usage: Freeide/Downhill
-Size: mid-width x mid-length (137mm x 272mm)
-Oversized Cromoly rails
Aviator DH Race-
Color: Tan, Weight: 315 gr., Durable canvas cover, Flex-Tuned shell, Comfort Zone, Abrasion-resistant corners, Grippy sides
Aviator Comp-
Color: black, Weight: 390 grams, Synthetic leather cover, Flex-Tuned shell, Comfort Zone

Please visit www.wtb.com to learn more about all things WTB related.


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 Read the updates and watch the videos, kids. The tires have been redesigned for a reason, and that's because of the feedback we'd received on the old models. The new Dissent 2.5 and Weirwolves are not what you've ridden before!
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 Regarding the Weirwolve 2.3 TCS or UST will these be a bit larger in volume or a little bit more true to size? I've run the race version (2.5) and liked it as a front but wanted a UST version. It also seemed small for a 2.5 but that worked in my favor. Oh and how about a true 2.5 UST or TCS in anything. Can't wait to try the new stuff!
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 The story is that Weir's been mostly riding the 2.1s because the new model is so burly...so, the 2.3 is extra-aggressive. There is no 2.5 in the Weirwolf because it's an all-mountain tire, but an aggressive one. I'm sure we'll see some 2.5 TCS etc coming out in the future, just not for 2010. We have some smart folks re-tooling the gravity side a bit.
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 Weirwolfs must work well somewhere they have been making them a long time but nowhere Ive tried em. Too heavy too close/too many knobs the casing is very tall and without 20mm or wider rims I find unstable at lower pressures. Must be a Cali thing cause they sell a million of them
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 I've used then on the east coast, and I absolutely love them. They grip awesome throughout turns and they're pretty quick rolling too.
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 Weirwolves are the WORST tire I've ever ridden. I can only hope they've listened to the boatloads of feedback they've been getting and have done something about it. The current model's cornering knobs are far too weak, the bead design is miserable, and the side walls are far too thin for anything but XC. In one ride @ 40psi I rolled a bead, tore the sidewall, and pinch flatted these tires. They market them as an AM/FR/DH tire but they are absolutely not capable of FR/DH usage.
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 did you get them with inner peace or just the standard bead? that could be your problem, as far as cornering the harder you lean the better they grip it has a floating zone before it grips just lean hard and that tire hooks up so f*cking good
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 I need to throw on my old Weirwolfs and try leaning aggresively.
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 I'd like to get a pair of the Mutano raptors. The new Weirwolves are pretty excellent. My riding demands a large profile XC tire with excellent bite. I look forward to trying these later. Have to get through my WTB Prowlers first. Wink
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 by the way, whistler blackcomb finally dropped wtb for tires. they seem to be really good for skidding off at the bottom of the bike park. thats all i see the rental bikes doing. its hilarious
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 Does this have something to do with less experienced riders using too much rear vs front brake maybe? Is it fair to blame the tires? I'm just throwing that out there and I'm not arguing that some tires really suck large. I know that WTB's Laser Disc wheelset gets rave reviews. I've never ridden their tires or wheelsets though so I can't comment really. I almost bought the Wierwolf but heard some strong suggestions not to. I would certainly give them a chance. I wish I was worried about bining tires but next to forks, shocks, wheels and drivetrains, etc. they don't get me too stressed. I love the fact that they came out with a 2.3 UST right off the hop. Kenda could learn a lot from this as it took way too long to release a UST 2.3 Nev I think.

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 just in case anybody's wondering about the truth and validity of these articles pinkbike features. they're definitely bought and paid for. i wrote a very true account of the quality of wtb tires and hubs.
they'll tell you its because i said the word SH!@#Y in it.
but if you look through all the other posts, theres plenty of that s!$t going on
now that whistler blackcomb doesn't use their crap. I'm sure a pinkbike WTB sponsorship is right around the corner. they've got tons of horrible tires to get rid of.
Pinkbike is ready to gobble up all those poopy products. just look at devinci. the only way anybody would ride those is if somebody unfortunately didn't know better. or if they were getting payed
Not interested in freedom of speech thats for sure
totally unbiased? not likely!
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 I'm gonna go with it got deleted as you tend to have nothing better to say than to complain, like really look at your user name - tough to take you seriously when you refer to yourself as a Tard. If you have valid issues, all we ask is that you explain them in detail or tell users the exact issue. To say things suck makes your post no better than any other uneducated poster, take the time like you did with this little rant of yours and explain to people what the issues are. You're out to lunch on a few statements made in the above post but we'll leave it for amusement sake and maybe you can retort with your properly explained "True account of the quality of WTB tires and hubs".
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 I'm not here to be taken seriously pal. This is all a bunch of crap
but i'm not interested in the wool being pulled over the eyes of the people who look to you guys for fair advice on what they should buy for their bike. this crap all costs a TON of money, except for you guys who get it all for free just so you'll say favourable things about it.
do you run WTB tires?
Have you ever gone sailing over a jump to your head because your brand new 250 dollar WTB hub blew up right before the lip?
probably not
because your too busy worrying about someone being negative on your website to ride hard enough for this stuff to matter.
I'm here for the truth. not for me because i already know it.
I'm here because the bike industry gets away with selling expensive garbage for the most part.
the other stuff?
yeah i say that for amusement.
I'm busy, i don't always have time to explain these issues.
and like i've suggested before, i could do that for you if some of the free crap got sent my way.
I'd tell the truth, and i'd be nice about it.
Maybe your readers would respect someone who obviously knows whats up.
But probably not, the last time i tried to tell the truth about the farce of the chris king headset all i got was a bunch of dumbasses telling me i was retarded because they couldn't understand how their perfectly colour matched headset that they just stupidly paid 250 for was actually total S&*T
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 I'm busy, i don't always have time to explain these issues.

Looks like you have plenty of spare time on your hands to me...
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 my friend is really close with mark and he says that the tire is awesome compared to the old one and hooks up way better.. i will definitely be buying a pair of the weir wolves
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 Only problem is Mark was saying the same things about the old version...which required a redesign because they were not so crash hot. I'd like to believe that WTB have suddenly worked out how to make a much better product - but I am finding it hard not to see this as just all the same marketing crud they used before with the added tag of 'hey, its NEW!'. I am not saying that the tire is not good - but I will be testing a pair fully before I buy, as I would hate to add another pair of Weirwolfs to my box of 'parts that were just shit'.
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 look at the side knobs
there's one on the outer edge of the tire about every 1.5 inches
that means when you lean them over your cornering on a puny flexy knob that supports you at, i don't know 30 or 40 points around the diameter of the tire. thats not a lot of support
look at a minion.when you lean it over you have a solid line of support by equally positioned knobs all the way around the edge of the tire

the weir wolf would maybe work ok in the mud with this scenario, but it doesn't because the other knobs are so close that the mud will never clear the tread
hows that for an explanation?
clear enough?
the other problem is WTB uses input from fat slow bike park employees to help design their tires

Maybe mark weir only rides in loose dry loam that doesn't pack the tread full of dirt
I don't know?

on the dissent at least they've got a solid line of side knobs
but the profile of the tire is all weird, and the pinch flat resistance is crap

Buy Maxxis, you can't go wrong
does Sam hill run wtb tires?
no, he runs the seats. because the tires are crap
you couldn't pay a top 30 world cup rider enough money to sabotage his career with wtb tires
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 You really don't know when to stop your biased comments don't you?
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 but somehow the minions slide out a lot easier than a weirwolf... at least in desert terrain. The minion side knobs (from my experience)were too hard and had a lot of grip up to a certain point, but they slid out hopelessly if you put too much pressure on them... the weirwolves are kind of like blue grooves: they don't really have a point where they suddenly break traction but they drift very predictably and tend to want to grip more the more aggressive you get.
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 the saddles looks cool, but the dissent, i ride it short time this session and it really sucks...
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 +1 on the Lopes tee
  • 1 0
 what is it about?
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 what Lopes wants to sue you too.if you didn't already know
  • 2 0
 i heard there is a possibility they arent making the prowler ss anymore?
if thats true i need to stock pile some haha
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 Yup, rumor is true. Get some while you can!
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 treads. impressive. seat. so so.
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 does anybody know why they are going to stop making the prowlers
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 dissent and the saddle are mint
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 i have never had a wtb tire that hasnt given me problems
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 does Brian Lopes really want to sue Mark Weir??
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 Good stuff!
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 hope theyve improved the grip of the dissent and dropped the weight...because i had the old models and man, i could tell many long bad story about it...
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 these could be used for downhill, at least i think they'd handle it
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 ... and I want to sue Brian Lopes. For anyone who doesn't get it watch the Weir video again.
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 i still dont get it...
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 It's ok Razz Here's a clue, the words are written at an angle.
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 i still dont get it. haha. when does it come out? like how many seconds elapsed?
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  • 1 0
 fr112358 (Oct 14, 2009 at 16:2Cool
... and I want to sue Brian Lopes.
For anyone who doesn't get it watch the Weir video again.

Hahaaha I get him xD
i think.
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 liking the saddle
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 yer it looks nice aye
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 Agreed! In the video he said the seat has a weight penalty (315g), but actually that's pretty light considering how strong it is.
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 i want the seat

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